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1979 Yes Concert, Drama Tour - June 8, 1979

Steve Howe
Steve Howe (back when he had hair)
I'm not sure what possessed me to take the Nikon to a Yes concert. I had no credentials, I just had a ticket and a 35mm camera around my neck, and walked in. No one stopped me, and back then, no one cared.

This was from their Drama tour. (I've been corrected on that by a couple of people. I probably looked at the date, even though there were tunes from Drama on the song list, I mistakenly identified it as the Going For The One tour. (My excuse is I was at the Going For The One concert the year before. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it... :-) ) They were 'In the Round'. (A rotating stage in the middle of the Amphitheater.) I had pretty close seats (row 5), and there you are.

ticket stub
Uh, yes, I was able to find this. Total price, $10.50. Totally outrageous. That was a 23% increase ($8.50 in 1975) over my first Yes concert... ;-)
The concert was at the Chicago Amphitheater (previously mistakenly identified as the Stadium), about as acoustic as the inside of a pinball machine. So to compensate, they'd just turn up the volume... Still, it was a great concert, one of the last tours where the original group (post Yes Album) was together. Back when there were only three versions of Roundabout.

I know I used my Nikon F3, and looking at the zoom range, it was probably the 70-210mm Vivitar Series I. Film was an Ektachrome 400 pushed to ASA 1000.

1979 Yes Concert, Drama Tour - June 8, 1979
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