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1992 Chicago Air Show (staging out of Glenview NAS)

Blue Angels
The Blue Angels make a pass at Glenview NAS
I was listening to the radio, and heard that the Blue Angels were staging the Chicago Air and Water Show out of Glenview Navel Air Station. Not only that, but the public was invited to go there.

So instead of fighting the crowds around Oak Street Beach (which I'll admit I wouldn't do anyway,) I decided to go up to Glenview. Who wanted to see the water portion of the show, anyway?

Not only was it less crowded than the lakefront, but you were about 100 yards from the runway. The aerobatic teams may not have done a full show, but they did a partial low-show, and the high speed passes were awe inspiring.

It was an overcast day and I used a high speed film so I could use a high shutter speed and still have some depth of field, since focusing is pretty hard when your subject is going past at a few hundred miles per hour.

I thought I was pretty successful, but there's a lot of graininess in the negative scans, and consumer film in 1992 was either miserable, or they just haven't held up well over time. I've had color shifts I've had to correct.

All pictures were taken with the F3, and probably my 70-210 Vivitar Series One lens.

199208xxCAS_01F0101-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_02F0102-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_03F0103-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_04F0104-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_05F0105-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_06F0106-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_07F0107-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_08F0108-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_09F0109-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_10F0111-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_11F0112-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_12F0113-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_13F0114-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_14F0115-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_15F0116-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_16F0118-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_17F0119-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_18F0120-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_19F0121-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_20F0122-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_21F0123-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_22F0124-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_23F0201-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_24F0202-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_25F0203-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_26F0204-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_27F0205-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_27aF0205-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_28F0207-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_29F0208-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_30F0209-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_31F0210-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_32F0211-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_33F0212-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_34F0213-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_35F0214-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_36F0215-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_37F0216-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_38F0217-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_39F0218-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_40F0219-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_41F0220-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_42F0221-92ChgoAS 199208xxCAS_43F0222-92ChgoAS
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