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US-61, The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Gunflint Trail, Minnesota, Part 3


Hungry Jake Lake
Coming back home after a long day fishin'...

Hungry Jack Lodge and Resort

I stayed at Hungry Jack Lodge 7 times. It's a nice place, with several housekeeping cabins and a campground. One of these days I plan to go back there, and it could look quite different. One cabin I stayed in burned down, and they do make improvements over the years.

Hungry Jack Lodge
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Around the Resort

Around the Resort
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Hungry Jack Lake

Hungry Jack Lake is a smallmouth lake. My favorite sports fish. At some point, the DNR put an experimental limit on the lake, where you could only keep fish under 11 inches. This resulted in some monster smallmouth in the area.

It's a smallmouth lake, but I've also caught walleye, perch and sunfish. I've pretty much memorized all the structure in this lake, and could almost guarantee anyone I take there that they'd catch a fish.

Hungry Jack Lake (1989)
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Hungry Jack Lake (1991)
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Hungry Jack Lake (1994)
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Hungry Jack Lake (1995)
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Hungry Jack Lake (1996)
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Hungry Jack Lake (1998)
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End Minnesota Arrowhead - Part 3.

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