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US-61, The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Gunflint Trail, Minnesota, Part 5


Keane's Fish
She was fun! (I love smallmouth.)


Various sundry critters, some close to domesticated, but mostly not so much. I never had anything close to a telephoto with me, so it sorta limits you on wildlife photography...

Warning! Fish story ahead!

The first three photos are interesting. We kept a few fish and had them in a bucket to keep them alive until I could get them to the fish house. I took some stuff inside the cabin and got the Nikon for some pictures of the soon to be dinner, only to catch a rodent with one of my fish in his mouth. It was dark, and when the flash went off the guys I was with said the thing jump 3 feet in the air. Never let go of the bass, though. Anyway, it goes and hides UP UNDER THE SEAT. See, the seats are just shaped sheet metal, and there's an open area on the bottom. The mink just jumps up into the seat. With my fish.

Well, dammit, I want my fish back. It's not like I can go to the store and buy another one. (The closest store that even sells fish is 30 miles away.) I start banging on the seat trying to scare the thing out while rocking the boat. Nope. The thief isn't budging. We try a different strategy, being quiet and still. After a couple minutes, the rat (I think it's actually is a mink) reappears (with my fish) and when it realizes it's not going to get clearance down the pier, jumps off the other side of the boat, into the water, and swims to shore and disappears into the brush. With my fish.

All in all, the little SOB got three of the four fish we had. It's obvious this guy had lots of practice and knew to search the boat and where to hide. That he (she?) had gotten two of the fish before we even realized it was there pretty much says it all...

That was in 1992. Never made that mistake again. And in hindsight, the pictures were probably worth a fish each...

199209Min_26K0132hjl 199209Min_27K0133hjl 199209Min_28K0134hjl 199109Min_042Ks105hjl 199109Min_043Ks106hjl 199109Min_044Ks107hjl 199408Min_32K0206hjl 199408Min_47K0225hjl 199408Min_48K0226hjl 199408Min_49K0227hjl 199509Min_088J0210hjl 199509Min_089J0211hjl 199509Min_094J0214hjl 199509Min_143F0418hjl 199509Min_145F0420hjl 199609MNW_034F0203HJL 199609MNW_035F0204HJL 199808Min_118F0500 199808Min_121F0503 199808Min_135F0517 199808Min_136F0518 199808Min_137F0519 199808Min_047K0105 199808Min_143K0205 199808Min_144K0206
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Some of the best fish pictures. I mean, these were fishing trips, right? From the first to the smallest to the largest. I was even charitable and threw other people's catches!

Trolling Rappalas worked best for the walleye, but a small rattling crank bait would be enough for the smallmouth to get all worked up and strike it. I mean, you'd sometimes get smallmouth on that were only twice the size of the lure.

198806Min_13K118 198909Min_27K216hjl 198909Min_35K224hjl 198909Min_62K403hjl 198909Min_65K407hjl 198909Min_81K500hjl 198909Min_83K502hjl 198909Min_84K503hjl 199009Min_131K0425Seagull 199109Min_007K0121hjl 199109Min_024K0215hjl 199109Min_034K0304hjl 199109Min_037K0308hjl 199109Min_046Ks111hjl 199109Min_086Ks218hjl 199209Min_31K0137hjl 199509Min_105K0129HJL 199509Min_112aK0134HJL 199609MNW_018F0114HJL 199609MNW_028K0114 199609MNW_037K0116 199609MNW_038K0117 199609MNW_024K0110 199609MNW_039K0118 199808Min_064K0119 199808Min_109K0124 199808Min_142K0204 199808Min_146K0208 199808Min_148K0210 199808Min_149K0211 199808Min_151K0213 199808Min_152K0214 199808Min_153K0215 199808Min_155K0217 199808Min_156K0218 199808Min_157K0219 199808Min_158K0220
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Sunrises and Sunsets

Due to the sometimes odd weather patterns off of Lake Superior and Canada, as well as the more oblique angle of the sun to the Northern latitude, you get some pretty spectacular sunsets.

Sunrises, too, when the stillness of the morning dawn turns the lake into a mirror. At that time before local human activity starts (boats, other guests departing and arriving by car, etc.) is when you really hear the different. Or not hear it. No automobile noises, no distant trains, nothing but a distant bird and the sound of the water lapping up on the shore.

It's odd for someone from a major metropolitan area where there are distant mechanical sounds all the time, 24/7.

Sunrises and Sunsets
198909Min_07K118hjl 198909Min_33K222hjl 198909Min_70K412hjl 198909Min_71K414hjl 198909Min_72K415hjl 199109Min_020K0211hjl 199109Min_027K0219hjl 199109Min_028K0221hjl 199109Min_029K0222hjl 199408Min_30K0203hjl 199509Min_064F0222hjl 199509Min_065F0223hjl 199509Min_067J0206hjl 199509Min_068J0207hjl 199509Min_122F0323hjl 199509Min_123F0324hjl 199509Min_125F0400hjl 199509Min_126F0401hjl 199509Min_129F0402hjl 199509Min_130F0403hjl 199509Min_131FJ0218hjl 199509Min_132F0404hjl 199509Min_135F0407hjl 199509Min_136F0408hjl 199509Min_136aJ0219hjl 199609MNW_015K0104 199609MNW_016K0105 199609MNW_025K0111 199609MNW_026P0101HJL 199609MNW_027P0102HJL 199808Min_033F0213 199808Min_057K0112 199808Min_059K0114 199808Min_060K0115 199808Min_122F0504 199808Min_123F0505 199808Min_124F0506 199808Min_125F0507 199808Min_126F0508 199808Min_127F0509 199808Min_128F0510 199808Min_130F0512 199808Min_132F0514 199808Min_138K0200 199808Min_139K0201 199808Min_140K0202
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End Minnesota Arrowhead - Part 5.

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