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Peaceful Pastures Farm Trip, Part 2


Peaceful Pastures Farm
Three kids, The white one is 1 day old, the other two 2 days old...


There is no chicken coop here. As a matter of fact, the chickens are free to roam where ever they like, and eat whatever they want. Usually grain and insects, with the occasional mouse thrown in. One time I was walking to the barns to help Jenny (this, of course after she assured me she wouldn't need my help) and had 50 chickens follow me. I was careful not to trip and fall.

Where do they go at night? They roost in the trees. They can fly, but stay on the farm. During egg laying season, Jenny will find eggs all over, some in trees. She uses golf balls in strategic places so the chickens will think that's where they should lay their eggs.

Okay, so maybe chickens aren't the smartest animals on the farm. But if it's you against 50 chickens, you're probably in their food chain. There's video.

Farm Animals - Fowl
201111PP_120P04094 201111PP_121P04094 201111PP_122P04094 201111PP_123P04094 201111PP_130P04100 201111PP_131P04100 201111PP_135P04100 201111PP_137P04100 201111PP_138P04100 201111PP_141P04101 201111PP_145P04102 201111PP_146P04102 201111PP_446P06121 201111PP_149P04134 201111PP_150P04134 201111PP_151P04135 201111PP_308P05155 201111PP_360P05161 201111PP_361P05161 201111PP_362P05161 201111PP_280P05153 201111PP_364P05161 201111PP_370P05161 201111PP_374P05161 201111PP_573P07174 201111PP_575P07174 201111PP_577P07174
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There are several horses around, if you know where to find 'em. The one hanging around the main part of the farm at this time was Sutton, a horse being boarded here. He had a little medical condition, so he has to have some special feed. He's fed in a trough, and half his food would go to the chickens if you don't stick around to fend them off... [Nov 2012 update: Sutton has passed...]

Farm Animals - Horses
201111PP_098P04093 201111PP_282P05153 201111PP_285P05153 201111PP_287P05153 201111PP_351P05161 201111PP_353P05161 201111PP_354P05161
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Peaceful Pastures Farm
I don't know why Jenny hates me. I'm not sure what I did to her. The blue lines is the path up the hill...

Sunday Morning. 7:45am. I get a text from Jenny. Breakfast in 30 minutes. I'm still drinking my coffee. I quickly get my act together. It's really 8:45, but we lost an hour overnight. Because a majority of the goats have their kids during the first hour after daylight, she's operating on sunrise time, which doesn't respect daylight savings time.

It's going to be a beautiful day. Sunny, almost cloudless skies, and the warmest day so far. The drive from Edgar Evins to Peaceful Pastures is uneventful. I have all the navigation landmarks memorized by now, so the drive feels much shorter.

Breakfast is the best. Eggs, bacon, scratch made biscuits and berry pie. Perhaps I should have suspected something.

We go out to the barns to check on the kids. One doesn't know where to get food. Honest. So Jenny bottle feeds it to get it some food. More later.

We get done with the goats, and Jenny gets a couple of halters and we're going to go for a walk to get a couple of horses. Something she's been threatening me with for a couple of days.

"You mean we're going to walk up there?"

"That's where the horses are."

And so we start up the hill. Not just any hill. This is an almost 400' tall hill. I am comforted by one fact, once were up on the ridge, cell reception might be good enough to call an ambulance for me...

About 3/4 of the way up, which I later find was only about 2/3 of the way up, I stop and rest for the first time. I take some pictures, and watch the dogs running up and down the hill. Maybe that's it. I need two more legs. When we get to the real 3/4 way mark, all the dogs are trying to get something out of a hollow log. Hmmm... I should mention when I left on Tuesday, Arwen had been skunked...

About the time I think we're at the end of the trail, I find out I'm wrong. When we do get to the gate to the pasture, the pasture is empty. No, there are two horses at the far end of the pasture, but soon disappear.

We cross the pasture, and it has more manure per square foot than Disney has gift shops. We look into the tree line, and nope, no horses. Maybe someone rustled them all. No, they're not in the trees, they're at the bottom of the hill. The other side of the hill. The other side of the hill where Jenny specifically pointed out that it was the steepest grade on property...

We have a choice. Go back the way we came and go around, or just go down the hill. I don't want to go back, and it's darned steep going down. Let's call for a helicopter. There's room here to land... We go down the hill. This is how people win darwin awards.

Jenny sez there used to be a path down. Jenny lies. Well, the horses made it, right? I half slide/half fall down the hill from tree to tree and get to the tree line. Gee, look at the horses down there. They look so small. Ah, the irony that we could have walked a quarter-mile around the hill instead of up and over it. We might have walked just as much as getting up the hill via the switchback.

We eventually sorta parallel the slope for a while, and eventually go straight down the slope. At the bottom, Jenny can get Tess, but the others walk away. Nice. We walk Tess down to the next gate, and Jenny gets a horse named "Murphy". These are the two she wants to take to another pasture, but a third horse just comes out the gate and wants to go along.

We walk the horses across the farm to a holding pen outside the house. Walking Murphy wasn't different than walking a dog, only horses don't stop at every tree and lift a leg.

Still, the stairs at the room at Edgar Evins would remind me of this trip... Did I mention you had to go up stairs just to go to the bathroom at night? I looked it up when I got home. It's about a 390 foot elevation. (That's 39 stories for us city-folk.) No, I'm not complaining. I knew this job was dangerous when I took it.

Farm Animals - Horses
201111PP_422P06105 201111PP_423P06105 201111PP_424P06105 201111PP_425P06110 201111PP_427P06112 201111PP_428P06112 201111PP_429P06113 201111PP_430P06113 201111PP_432P06113 201111PP_433P06113 201111PP_434P06113 201111PP_435P06113 201111PP_438P06114 201111PP_439P06114 201111PP_440P06114 201111PP_441P06114 201111PP_443P06114 201111PP_444P06115 201111PP_445P06115
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Swine and Cattle

Pigs never used to scare me until I saw Deadwood. When they sit there and stare at you, I never thought of the 'looking at you as food' aspect. Then there are those wild boar stories in Louisiana and Florida...

Cattle was actually a rare sight on the farm. I saw two cows. We would have to go to another farm they lease to see cows... :-)

Farm Animals - Swine and Cattle
201111PP_051P04090 201111PP_068P04091 201111PP_070P04091 201111PP_072P04091 201111PP_437P06114 201111PP_449P06141 201111PP_450P06141 201111PP_451P06142 201111PP_454P06142
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Sheep, goats and the guard dogs

During the evening of my first full day at Peaceful Pastures, Jenny was going to go to the barn. I think I was working on taking the software off of one machine that was going to be decommissioned and given away. I asked if I should come along.

"I don't think so. I probably won't need any help."

10 minutes later, the FRS radio goes off. It's Jenny. She needs my help. sigh. She sez I can drive there, but I'm not running over any of her animals.

I walk to the barn, and pass through the chicken area. Uh-oh. I soon have some 50 chickens following me. They're waiting for me to trip and fall down, then I'm going to be a future component of an egg. I wonder shortly what it would be like to be pecked to death. I don't trip.

I get to the South Barn. "Jenny?" No answer. I go to the North Barn, and Jenny is holding two just born kids, and is trying to get through the gate to the barn without 20 other goats following. So we get the new kids in the barn with Mom and a guard dog that won't leave the kids. We then attempt to to segregate a bunch of non-pregnant goats from the really pregnant ones. Remember the puppet scene in The Sound Of Music? It was nothing like that.

I don't think I was cut out to be a goat herder.

Jenny keeps look up at the North slope. There's a pregnant ewe, and she's lagging behind the rest of the flock. She worried something's wrong, like she's miscarrying a lamb. So, we get to go up the North Slope! As soon as we approach the wretched creature moves away, so Jenny determines we have to go *above* the sheep, the try to drive it back to a lower elevation.

I suspect all of this was concocted to get some pictures of the farm. :-)

Two days later, we're in the barn, and we've segregated the mom and two kids born, because one of the kids don't know where it's food is supposed to come from. Really. We have them in a isolated stall. She's bottle fed the kid, but doesn't want the kid to imprint on her. So, she will give the kid lessons on how to get milk from the mother. I end up helping. She corners the mother so it can't move, and has me put one knee in front of mom, and the other knee on the side, and while mom is trapped like that, show the kid where milk comes from.

Had someone taken a picture from the door, I could have been the "Pervert of the Week" for months...


Farm Animals - Sheep, Goats and the guard dogs
201111PP_015P04084 201111PP_016P04084 201111PP_017P04084 201111PP_028P04085 201111PP_029P04085 201111PP_030P04085 201111PP_031P04085 201111PP_032P04085 201111PP_033P04085 201111PP_038P04085 201111PP_074P04092 201111PP_075P04092 201111PP_152P04140 201111PP_178P04143 201111PP_186P04145 201111PP_188P04145 201111PP_190P04145 201111PP_192P04145 201111PP_195P04145 201111PP_198P04145 201111PP_199P04145 201111PP_293P05154 201111PP_294P05154 201111PP_296P05154 201111PP_299P05154 201111PP_313P05155 201111PP_317P05160 201111PP_318P05160 201111PP_323P05160 201111PP_325P05160 201111PP_328P05160 201111PP_330P05160 201111PP_331P05160 201111PP_338P05160 201111PP_339P05160 201111PP_396P06101 201111PP_397P06101 201111PP_400P06101 201111PP_403P06102 201111PP_405P06102 201111PP_406P06102 201111PP_407P06102
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Peaceful Pastures pictures from my DragonCon trip. It was technically my first trip there, but I only stopped for a few minutes...

Pictures from Sept. 2011
201109DRA_001P02070 201109DRA_002P02070 201109DRA_009P02071 201109DRA_010P02071 201109DRA_011P02072 201109DRA_012P02072 201109DRA_013P02072 201109DRA_014P02072
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Just a couple of miscellaneous pictures. One is of a house I passed on the way to Edgar Evins. The other is a...uh...rubber band used to...uh...make male animals into non-male animals, and I don't mean females.

Miscellaneous stuff
201111PP_447P06140 201111PP_207P04153
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Peaceful Pasture Video
Peaceful Pastures video
103.9MB, Length: 9:02, Bitrate: 1.5mb/s
34.9MB, Length: 9:02, Bitrate: 512kb/s
This is a 9 minute video of my trip to Peaceful Pastures (low), taken with my Canon G12.
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West Nashville Market

I accompanied Jenny to the West Nashville Market on Saturday morning.

West Nashville Market (Nov 5, 2011)
201111PP_237240P05085 201111PP_241P05085 201111PP_243P05085 201111PP_247P05092 201111PP_248263P05092
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On the way back from my Sept/Oct 2012 Disney World trip, I stopped by to say hello, and got stuck helping Jenny set up. But I digress. So long as I was there, I took some pictures.

West Nashville Market (Oct 6, 2012)
201210WDW_2111X06090 201210WDW_2112X06090 201210WDW_2113X06090 201210WDW_2114X06090 201210WDW_2115X06090 201210WDW_2116X06090 201210WDW_2117X06090 201210WDW_2118X06090 201210WDW_2119X06090 201210WDW_2120X06090 201210WDW_2121X06090 201210WDW_2122X06090 201210WDW_2123X06090 201210WDW_2124X06090 201210WDW_2125X06090 201210WDW_2126X06090 201210WDW_2127X06090 201210WDW_2128X06090 201210WDW_2129X06090 201210WDW_2130X06090 201210WDW_2131X06090
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End Peaceful Pastures Trip - Part 2.

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