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Buffalo National River, Arkansas

River access near Jasper (Along Arkansas Route 7).
Declared a national river in 1972, the park service has been developing campgrounds, trails and picnic areas. I stopped in at an access point I'd never been to, and was surprised at the steepness of the roads. Nice country, though.

Cropped map of Buffalo National River (around AR-7). Click on the map for a larger view.
Buffalo National River, Arkansas
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Pritt Landing
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Buffalo River Valley
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Arkansas Scenic 7
AR7 Link Arkansas Scenic 7 might be the first road I actively went out of my way to drive, while looking for an interesting way to get to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Since that time, I've driven it every time I had to go through that part of the country. Unfortunately, as repairs are made with federal funds, the road is being brought up to federal highway standards, which generally ruins the character of the drive.

Arkansas / 49 Images. Visited Feb 1986, Jun 1992, Jun 1998, Sep 2002, Sep 2005.

Trip Report: Jun 1998, Sep 2002, Sep 2005.

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