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Grand Canyon National Park

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Grand Canyon National Park...
Grand Canyon National Park might be considered the premier National Park in America. I would contend it's Yellowstone, but I didn't name Grand Canyon as one of the Seven Wonders Of The World. But do notice it's not in my list of favorite National Parks.

I think Grand Canyon suffers from two main problems. The biggest problem, like many of the National Parks, is it is a victim of its own success. The crowds routinely overflow the parking lots at the major view points, and even if they had a decent shuttle system, it would be impractical for many driving through the park. (Let me add that crowds are insane at sunset, but almost non-existent at sunrise. The last time we arrived there, we just bypassed the last few viewpoints before the Village because of the crowds (about 4PM local time), but when leaving the next morning, those same overcrowded viewpoints were deserted. Of course, the canyon looks quite different at sunrise than at sunset...)

By the same token, facilities like food service is both overwhelmed and underwhelming at the same time. We weren't hungry when we passed through Cameron, but we spent a couple hours at the Little Colorado River Gorge and by the time we entered the park, we decided to eat. The only place available for miles was at Desert View. Not only did the lines go out the door, but the food was abysmal, both in selection and taste. We had dinner at the Arizona Room on the rim in the Village, and couldn't give it any rating above just okay. Back to Top

Grand Canyon Map
Full map of Grand Canyon National Park, from Lake Powell to Lake Mead. Click on the map for a larger view. (A map from the East Entrance to Grand Canyon Village is below.)
The other... issue I have with the park is the same as I had with the Tetons. The canyon is enormous. However, once you get comfortable with that fact, the first 1/2 mile of your view may change from viewpoint to viewpoint, but the background begins to look alike. In addition, the actual drive along the canyon's South Rim, and the access to the North Rim, only shows you a small area of the actual park, thus you're only exposed to a fraction of the Colorado River and the canyon it carved here.

Now that I've said that, I'm sure my experience there would be completely different if I hiked into the canyon (like having that heart attack trying to climb back out), or if I invested the time and rode a raft down the Colorado. But I haven't, and have learned my lesson as a sea-level flatlander that heavy exertion at a mile above sea level isn't my thing. It's a nice place to visit, but I do like my oxygen...

While there are other places higher on my list to visit than Grand Canyon, everyone should probably see it. It is, after all The Grand Canyon. If you're a casual tourist and plan no serious hiking down into the canyon, then I'd suggest one night in the park, if you can get a room. Coming from where ever you're coming from, a full afternoon (and sunset) on day one and a full second day will probably cover the South Rim, including the museums and other side attractions in the park.

This does not include a visit to the other rim of the canyon. (See the North Rim below.) Back to Top

Grand Canyon - South Rim

Grand Canyon Map
Perspective map from the East Entrance to Grand Canyon Village. Click on the map for a larger view. (A map of Grand Canyon Village is below.)
200809SW_2000P21142 200809SW_2222P22104 200809SW_2001P21143
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Desert View
200809SW_2002P21144 199709Wst_378F0921 200809SW_2003P21144 200809SW_2012P21145 200809SW_2023P21145 200809SW_2024P21150 200809SW_2025P21150 200809SW_2026P21150 200809SW_2029P21150 200809SW_2030P21150 200809SW_20322037P21150 200809SW_20132022P21145 199709Wst_379F0922
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Navajo Point
199709Wst_321J0325 199709Wst_322F0822 200809SW_20382044P21154 199709Wst_313F0820 199709Wst_315F0821 199709Wst_316J0322 199709Wst_318J0324 199709Wst_320P0205
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Lipan Point
199709Wst_369J0412 199709Wst_370F0918 199709Wst_371F0919 199709Wst_373P0211 199709Wst_374F0920 199709Wst_375J0413 199709Wst_376J0414 199709Wst_377P0210 200809SW_20462052P21155 200809SW_20532054P21160
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Tusayan Museum
200809SW_2055P21161 200809SW_2056P21161 200809SW_2057P21161 200809SW_2058P21161 200809SW_2059P21161 200809SW_2060P21161 200809SW_2061P21161 200809SW_2062P21161 200809SW_2063P21162 200809SW_2064P21162 200809SW_2065P21162 200809SW_2067P21162 200809SW_2068P21162
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Moran Point
199709Wst_363F0913 199709Wst_364F0914 199709Wst_365F0915 199709Wst_366F0916 199709Wst_367P0209 199709Wst_368F0917 200809SW_20702076P21163 200809SW_2077P21163 200809SW_2078P21164
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Grandview Point
199709Wst_358F0909 199709Wst_359F0910 199709Wst_360J0411 199709Wst_361F0911 199709Wst_362F0912 200809SW_20802086P21165 200809SW_2087P21165 200809SW_2088P21165 200809SW_2089P21165 200809SW_2090P21170 200809SW_2091P21170
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Unnamed Pullout
199709Wst_336F0830 199709Wst_337F0831 199709Wst_338J0404 199709Wst_339F0832 199709Wst_341F0834 199709Wst_342J0405 199709Wst_343J0406 199709Wst_344J0407 199709Wst_345F0835 199709Wst_346F0836 199709Wst_347J0408 199709Wst_348F0901 199709Wst_349F0902 199709Wst_350J0409 199709Wst_352F0904 199709Wst_353F0905 199709Wst_355F0907 199709Wst_357F0908 200809SW_2195P22094 200809SW_21962205P22094 200809SW_22062208P22094 200809SW_2209P22094 200809SW_22152218P22094 200809SW_2220P22094
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Yaki Point
199709Wst_332F0826 199709Wst_333F0827
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Mather Point
199709Wst_323J0400 199709Wst_324J0401 199709Wst_325J0402 199709Wst_326J0403 200809SW_20942105P21172 200809SW_2101P21172 200809SW_2106P21173 200809SW_21072110P21173 200809SW_2112P21173 200809SW_2115P21173 200809SW_2116P21173 200809SW_2117P21173
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Yavapai Point
199709Wst_334F0828 199709Wst_335F0829 199709Wst_327F0823 199709Wst_328F0824 199709Wst_329P0206 199709Wst_330P0208 199709Wst_331F0825 200809SW_21722174P22091 200809SW_21772182P22092 200809SW_21832190P22092 200809SW_2192P22092 200809SW_2193P22092
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Grand Canyon Village

Grand Canyon Map
Grand Canyon Village map. Click on the map for a larger view.
Grand Canyon Village is where the main Visitor's Center is located, as well as other facilities like hotels, restaurants, museums, stores and the post office. This is also where the rail station is, should you come by train.

It is also the meeting of the Desert View Drive and the South Entrance road, which leads to Tusayan, the overflow town should you not be able to get a room in the Village.

It's a good place for sunset photos if you're staying locally. Just turn off the flash on your camera...

Grand Canyon Village
200809SW_2118P21191 200809SW_21192121P21191 200809SW_2122P21192 200809SW_2123P21192 200809SW_21242127P21201 200809SW_2128P21201 200809SW_2129P21201 200809SW_2130P21201 200809SW_2131P21201 200809SW_21322134P21201 200809SW_2136P21203 200809SW_2138P21203 200809SW_2139P21203 200809SW_2141P21203 200809SW_2142P21203 200809SW_2144P21203 200809SW_2146P21203 200809SW_2151P21204 200809SW_2155P21204 200809SW_2158P21204
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Maswik Lodge

A word about the rooms at Maswik Lodge. (Well, as of 2008, things may have changed, check someplace like Trip Advisor.)

There are two types of rooms. Newer rooms with air conditioning, and older rooms without. (I only mention the air conditioning, since that seems to differentiate the old rooms from the new.)

If you check the ratings for the hotel on any travel site, some reviews will be glowing, some will be... less favorable. The glowing reviews are the new rooms. Get one of the new rooms.

Maswik Lodge Room Interior
200809SW_2162P21211 200809SW_2163P21211 200809SW_2164P21211 200809SW_2166P21211 200809SW_2167P21211 200809SW_2168P21211 200809SW_2169P21211 200809SW_2170P21211 200809SW_2171P21211
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North Rim

It's less than 10 miles from the South Rim to the North Rim as the crow flies (and there are a lot of crows at Grand Canyon), but if you drive, it's over 200 miles.

Should you drive there, a visit to the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area might be in order. You could easily spend a day or two there, should you want to visit Rainbow Bridge NM and the Glen Canyon Dam.

On the way to Glen Canyon is Page, Arizona, the only city between the North Rim and South Rim large enough to have a Wal-Mart and other major businesses should you need one.

At the very least, a stop at Marble Canyon and Lees Ferry is a must.

North Rim
199709Wst_466J0520 199709Wst_467F1101 199709Wst_468F1103 199709Wst_469J0522 199709Wst_470F1105 199709Wst_471F1108 199709Wst_472P0303 199709Wst_473P0305 199709Wst_474J0523 199709Wst_475F1107 199709Wst_476F1112 199709Wst_477F1111 199709Wst_478F1106 199709Wst_480J0521 199709Wst_481F1109 199709Wst_482P0304 199709Wst_483F1104
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Final Thoughts

Yes, you should see the Grand Canyon. But if you're driving and planning a vacation around the park, keep in mind that less than a half day's drive from the South Rim is Monument Valley, a must see on the list of things you should really see, along with a stay at Goulding's Lodge. Zion is a couple hours from the North Rim, with Cedar Breaks and Bryce another couple hours beyond that. It wouldn't be hard to spend a week just visiting the general area... Back to Top

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I've actually followed the river in one form or another, from Rocky Mountain National Park to Grand Canyon. I've also done more river miles on the Colorado than any other river...

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This area is a Navajo Tribal Park, and is part of the Navajo Indian Reservation. An entrance fee is required.

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