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Tombstone, Arizona

Stupid Tourist Photo...
To me, there are two views of the West. The first, is the magnificent panoramics from the Mountains, to the Deserts, to the exquisitely carved river canyons.

The other view of the West is the Wild West, the time of the mining boom towns and the cruft that went with them, to the gunfighters and gamblers who were glorified and vilified and made overly violent by the tabloids and paperback books of the time, and later by Hollywood and Television.

At least in my mind, the most iconic of all the Western Boom Towns is Tombstone, further made famous by the iconic characters of the Earp Brothers, John Holliday, Bat Masterson and others made famous by their trade at the time.

Not surprisingly, the town has tried to retain some of it's late 1800's image, keeping Allen Street in mostly period dress. I just doubt Bank of America was around in those days, but hey... Various fires have destroyed most of original buildings, but the Birdcage Theater (now a "museum"), is supposed to be original, and was a very cool walkthrough.

Of course, the OK Corral is here, but I didn't bother seeing the reenactment. I can only take my love for tourist traps so far. But, well, yes, I went to see Boot Hill. I mean, it was Tombstone... Back to Top

Best Western Lookout Lodge
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Allen Street
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Birdcage Theater
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Cochise County Courthouse
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Boot Hill
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Glenwood Springs, Colorado / 7 Images. Visited Sep 2008.
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Trip Report: Sep 2005.

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