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Great Sand Dunes National Monument (now a National Park)

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GreatSandDunes Map
Cropped map of Great Sand Dunes National Park. Click on the map for a larger view.
This place was a National Monument when I was there, so it's still a National Monument here. But it's been promoted by Congress to a National Park. One that's supposedly haunted, but I digress...

Along Colorado-150
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Great Sand Dunes National Monument
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US-160 (Colorado, Wolf Creek Pass)
US-160 Link I drove US-160 from I-25 to the Four Corners. It's a nice drive, with several major attractions along the way, such as Great Sand Dunes and Mesa Verde National Parks, and a place you can stand on four states at one time.

This page only has images from Colorado.

Colorado / 29 Images. Visited Sep 1997.
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Trip Report: Sep 1997.

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