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Mesa Verde National Park

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Spruce Tree House...
Mesa Verde National Park Map
Cropped map of the park. Click on the map for a larger view. This map was downloaded from the NPS site.
Montezuma Valley Overlook
199709Wst_176F0610 199709Wst_177J0201 199709Wst_178F0611 199709Wst_179F0613 199709Wst_180F0612 199709Wst_181F0615 199709Wst_182F0614 199709Wst_183F0616
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Park Point
199709Wst_184F0623 199709Wst_185F0624 199709Wst_186P0113 199709Wst_187F0617 199709Wst_188F0618 199709Wst_189F0619 199709Wst_191J0202 199709Wst_192F0621 199709Wst_193P0111 199709Wst_194J0203 199709Wst_195F0622 199709Wst_196P0112
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Spruce Tree House
199709Wst_197F0625 199709Wst_198F0626 199709Wst_199F0627 199709Wst_200F0628 199709Wst_202F0630 199709Wst_203J0204 199709Wst_204F0631 199709Wst_205P0114 199709Wst_206J0205 199709Wst_207J0206 199709Wst_208J0207 199709Wst_209J0208 199709Wst_210F0632 199709Wst_211F0634 199709Wst_212F0636 199709Wst_213J0210 199709Wst_214J0214 199709Wst_215F0635 199709Wst_216J0209 199709Wst_217J0211 199709Wst_218J0212 199709Wst_219J0213 199709Wst_220F0637 199709Wst_221P0115 199709Wst_222F0633 199709Wst_223J0215 199709Wst_225F0701 199709Wst_226F0702 199709Wst_226aF0703 199709Wst_227J0216
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Spruce Canyon
199709Wst_228F0704 199709Wst_229P0201 199709Wst_230F0705 199709Wst_231P0202 199709Wst_233F0706 199709Wst_234J0218
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Square Tower House
199709Wst_235F0707 199709Wst_236J0219 199709Wst_237F0708 199709Wst_238F0709 199709Wst_239F0710 199709Wst_240J0220 199709Wst_241J0221 199709Wst_242F0711
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Pit House Ruins (700-950AD)
199709Wst_243F0712 199709Wst_244F0713 199709Wst_245F0714 199709Wst_247J0223 199709Wst_248F0715 199709Wst_249F0716 199709Wst_250F0717 199709Wst_251F0718 199709Wst_252F0719 199709Wst_253F0720 199709Wst_254F0721 199709Wst_255F0722 199709Wst_256J0224 199709Wst_257F0723 199709Wst_258F0724
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Sunset House (From Sun Point)
199709Wst_260P0203 199709Wst_261J0302 199709Wst_262J0303 199709Wst_263F0726
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Cliff Palace
199709Wst_264F0728 199709Wst_265F0729 199709Wst_266J0304 199709Wst_267J0305 199709Wst_268F0725 199709Wst_271J0307 199709Wst_272F0731 199709Wst_273F0732 199709Wst_274J0306
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US-160 Link I drove US-160 from I-25 to the Four Corners. It's a nice drive, with several major attractions along the way, such as Great Sand Dunes and Mesa Verde National Parks, and a place you can stand on four states at one time.

This page only has images from Colorado.

Colorado / 29 Images. Visited Sep 1997.
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Trip Report: Sep 1997.

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