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Rocky Mountain National Park

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Rocky Mountain may not be my favorite park, but it is the park I've been to most often. That's probably because of its proximity to I-70 and Denver. In this park is the first time I got above 10,000 feet, if you don't count those pressurized cigar tubes that fly over at 35K. It also has two fantastic roads to drive.

This park is the definition of Purple Mountain Majesty, and even though the Rocky Mountains range from New Mexico to Canada, it seems fitting that the namesake's national park be located here. Colorado is home to 56 fourteeners, or mountains that reach a peak height of 14,000 feet or more. Just within the 415 square miles of park, there are 76 peaks that are 12,000 feet or higher. Back to Top

Rocky Mountain National Park Map
This is a useless reduction of the full size park map. Click on the map for a larger view.
Dam/Estes Park
200809SW_0010P13170 200809SW_0012P13173 199709Wst_048F0211 199709Wst_049F0212 199709Wst_050F0213 199709Wst_051F0214 199709Wst_052F0215 200809SW_0013P13174 200809SW_0044P13201 200809SW_0045P13201 200809SW_00460049P14092
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Stupid Tourist Pic...
Fall River Entrance
200809SW_0050P14095 200809SW_0052P14095 200809SW_0053P14095 200809SW_0222P14140 200809SW_00150020P13181 200809SW_0054P14101 200809SW_00550064P14101 199709Wst_053F0216 199709Wst_054F0217 199709Wst_055F0218 199709Wst_056F0219
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200809SW_0021P13182 200809SW_0024P13182 200809SW_0026P13182 200809SW_0030P13183 200809SW_0065P14102 200809SW_0066P14102 200809SW_00670074P14102 200809SW_0078P14102 200809SW_0079D14102 200809SW_0080D14102 200809SW_0082D14102
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Old Fall River Road
199709Wst_057F0220 199709Wst_058F0221 199709Wst_059F0222 199709Wst_060F0223 199709Wst_061F0224 199709Wst_062F0225 199709Wst_063F0226 199709Wst_064P0102 199709Wst_065F0227 199709Wst_066F0228 199709Wst_067P0103 199709Wst_068F0229 199709Wst_069F0230 199709Wst_071F0232 199709Wst_072P0105 199709Wst_074F0234 199709Wst_075F0235 199709Wst_076F0236 199709Wst_077F0237 199709Wst_079F0302 200508CO_001007C01133 200508CO_008020C01133 200508CO_022026C01134 200508CO_036C01134 200508CO_037C01134 199709Wst_080F0303 200508CO_027035C01134 200508CO_038051C01134 199709Wst_081F0304 199709Wst_082F0305 199709Wst_083F0306 199709Wst_084F0307 199709Wst_085F0308 199709Wst_086F0309 199709Wst_087F0310 199709Wst_088F0311 199709Wst_089F0312 199709Wst_090F0313 199709Wst_091F0314 199709Wst_093F0316 199709Wst_094F0317 199709Wst_095F0318 199709Wst_096F0319 200508CO_052059C01135 200508CO_060064C01135 200508CO_065C01135 200809SW_0041P13190 200809SW_0028P13182
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Trail Ridge Road
200508CO_118C01153 200508CO_117C01153 199709Wst_866F2209 199709Wst_865F2208 199709Wst_864F2207 199709Wst_863J0809 200809SW_0031P13183 200809SW_0032P13184 200809SW_00330036P13184 200809SW_0037P13184 200809SW_0040P13184
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Many Parks Curve
200508CO_115116C01153 200508CO_109114C01153 199709Wst_862F2206 199709Wst_861F2205 200809SW_00880094P14104 200809SW_0096P14104 200809SW_0097P14104 200809SW_0098P14104 200809SW_0099P14104 200809SW_0101P14105 200809SW_0102P14105 200809SW_0103P14105 200809SW_0105P14105 199709Wst_860F2204 199709Wst_859F2203 200508CO_103108C01151 199709Wst_858F2202 200809SW_0106P14105 200809SW_01070118P14110 200809SW_0119P14111 200809SW_0122D14111 200809SW_01230130P14115 200809SW_0131P14115
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Forest Canyon
200508CO_102C01150 200508CO_097101C01150 200809SW_0132P14115 200809SW_0134P14120 200809SW_01350140P14120 200809SW_0141P14120 200809SW_0142P14120 200809SW_01430153P14120 200809SW_0154P14120 200809SW_0155P14121 200809SW_0156P14121 200809SW_0157P14121
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Rock Cut
200508CO_091096C01145 200508CO_090C01145 199709Wst_857F2201 199709Wst_856F2125
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Lava Cliffs
199709Wst_855F2124 199709Wst_854J0808 199709Wst_853F2123 200809SW_0159P14122 200809SW_0160P14122 200809SW_0161P14122 200809SW_01630168P14122
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Gore Range
200508CO_084089C01144 199709Wst_852F2122 199709Wst_851F2121 199709Wst_098F0321 199709Wst_097F0320
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Fall River Pass
200508CO_066071C01141 200508CO_073D01141 200809SW_0169P14123 200809SW_01700177P14123 199709Wst_850F2120 199709Wst_849F2119 199709Wst_848F2118 199709Wst_847F2117 200809SW_01780187P14124
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Stupid Tourist Photo...
Milner Pass
200809SW_0198P14130 200809SW_0201P14130 199709Wst_845F2116 199709Wst_844F2115 200809SW_01890194P14125 200809SW_0196P14125
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West Side of the Park
199709Wst_843F2114 200809SW_02040209P14131 200809SW_0210P14131 199709Wst_842F2113 200809SW_0202P14131 200809SW_0211P14131 200809SW_0212P14132 200809SW_0213P14133 200809SW_0214P14133 200809SW_0215P14133 200809SW_0219P14134 199709Wst_841F2112
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Lake Grandby
199709Wst_839840F2110 199709Wst_838J0806 200809SW_0223P14144 200809SW_0225P14144 200809SW_02260232P14144 200809SW_0233P14154 200809SW_02340238P14154
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Colorado River
Colo River Link The Colorado River starts as a small stream in Rocky Mountain National Park, and gathers hundreds of other streams and rivers along the way to become the lifeline of the Southwest, providing water, electricity and recreation to millions in the five states the river flows through or touches.

I've actually followed the river in one form or another, from Rocky Mountain National Park to Grand Canyon. I've also done more river miles on the Colorado than any other river...

Colorado, Utah and Arizona / 55 Images. Visited Sep 2005, Sep 2008.
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Trip Report: Sep 1997(1), Sep 1997(2), Jul 2005, Sep 2008.

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