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US-550 / Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

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Mining District Sign...
US-550 roughly follows the Anias River, which empties into the San Juan River, which eventually empties into the Colorado in Glen Canyon NRA. But I digress.

US-550 is one of the premier mountain scenic roads in Colorado. It's also known as the Million Dollar Highway. It's unknown if it refers to the cost of the highway when it was first built, or that it refers to the gold and other minerals that were mined out of the mountains along this valley.

Durango, Colorado
200809SW_2759P23183 200809SW_2761P23201 200809SW_27662771P23201
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US-550 / Million Dollar Highway, Durango to Idarado Mine
200809SW_2772P24094 200809SW_2775P24095 200809SW_2776P24100 200809SW_2780P24100 200809SW_2787P24101 200809SW_2790P24101 200809SW_2792P24102 200809SW_2794P24102 200809SW_2795P24103 200809SW_2796P24103 200809SW_2798P24104 200809SW_2799P24104 200809SW_2800P24104 200809SW_2802P24104 200809SW_2806P24105 200809SW_2807P24105 200809SW_2808P24105 200809SW_28092813P24105 200809SW_2817P24110
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Stupid Tourist Photo...

Idarado Mine Site
200809SW_2818P24110 200809SW_2822P24110 200809SW_28232829P24110 200809SW_2830P24111 200809SW_2831P24111 200809SW_2832P24111 200809SW_2833P24111 200809SW_2834P24111 200809SW_2835P24111 200809SW_2836P24111 200809SW_2838P24111 200809SW_2840P24111 200809SW_2841P24111
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US-550 / Million Dollar Highway, Idarado Mine to Montrose
200809SW_2843P24112 200809SW_2845P24112 200809SW_2846P24112 200809SW_2848P24112 200809SW_2849P24112 200809SW_2850P24112 200809SW_2852P24112 200809SW_2853P24112 200809SW_2854P24113 200809SW_2855P24113 200809SW_2856P24113 200809SW_2857P24113 200809SW_2859P24113 200809SW_2861P24113 200809SW_2862P24113 200809SW_2864P24113 200809SW_2865P24113 200809SW_2866P24113 200809SW_2867P24113 200809SW_2869P24113
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Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Black Canyon Link Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park was a surprise, a narrow, deep river canyon with two thousand foot drop-offs just beyond the railing.

There is also a steep drive down to the Gunnison River, where you can see the East Portal of the Gunnison Tunnel that was dug through the mountain to supply the city of Montrose with water.
Near Montrose, CO / 44 Images. Visited Sep 2008.

US-50 (Colorado)
US-50 Link I drove US-50 (in Colorado) from Montrose to Salida, where I stayed for the night.

Along the way is the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, which was much more stunning than I expected, then through the Curecanti National Recreation Area, and over the remarkable Monarch Pass in the San Isabel National Forest.

Colorado / 27 Images. Visited Sep 2008.
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Trip Report: Sep 2008.

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