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Inn at the Beach, Venice, Florida

Inn At The Beach hotel, across the street from Venice Beach...
The room I had at Inn at the Beach in Venice, might have been the smallest room I've ever paid to sleep in. Even smaller than an All-Stars room at Walt Disney World. Maybe even smaller than a Canyon Cabin at Yellowstone.

It probably doubles as another bedroom that can be accessed from the suite next door via connecting room doors, but they do rent it out as a room.

It might have been small, but it was well laid out, and had all the amenities you'd want. Coffee maker, fridge, microwave, TV, a small area to set up a laptop with free wifi, and trust me, you'll use the small storage area because there's little free room in the room... If I ever go back to Venice, I'd stay there again. Of course, having the Gulf of Mexico right across the street from your balcony probably doesn't hurt. As they say, it's all about location...

(Oh, let me add, this is not a typical room there. It is actually a room that's not even listed on their website. Or at least it wasn't when I was there. You have to call 'em for availability and reservations.) Back to Top

Inn at the Beach, Venice, Florida
200912FL_1297P10164 200912FL_1301P11083 200912FL_1302P11083
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Room Interior
200912FL_1227P10123 200912FL_1202P10123 200912FL_1226P10123 200912FL_1196P10123 200912FL_1198P10123 200912FL_1200P10123 200912FL_1197P10123 200912FL_1214P10123 200912FL_1225P10123 200912FL_1213P10123 200912FL_1203P10123 200912FL_1195P10123 200912FL_1212P10123 200912FL_1206P10123 200912FL_1207P10123 200912FL_1210P10123
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Balcony Views
200912FL_1216P10123 200912FL_1403P11154 200912FL_1405P11155 200912FL_1217P10123 200912FL_12181221P10123 200912FL_1222P10123 200912FL_1223P10123 200912FL_1224P10123 200912FL_15411546P12062 200912FL_1547P12062
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Room Exterior
200912FL_1237P10154 200912FL_1238P10154 200912FL_1240P10154
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Night Pics
200912FL_1519P11180 200912FL_1525P11180 200912FL_1538P11180
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Venice, Florida
Venice Link Venice is a nice, quiet little tourist town that's probably a madhouse during the Summer season, but I was there in December. Stayed in a room that overlooked the Gulf. Can't beat that...

Images include Casey's Pass, Venice Pier and Caspersen Beach.

Venice, Florida / 90 Images. Visited Dec 2009.
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Trip Report: Dec 2009.

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