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US-12 - Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, Idaho

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Lolo Pass Rest Area and Visitors Center
Northwest Passage Scenic Byway. (US-12 through the Bitterroot Mountains.)
Lewis and Clark Route
Cropped map of the route the Corps of Discovery took to and from the Pacific coast.
US-12 / Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, Idaho, Washington
200607PNW_0428C27090 200607PNW_0430C27093 200607PNW_0431C27093
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Lolo Pass Visitors Center
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Lochsa River
200607PNW_04490454C27104 200607PNW_0456C27104 200607PNW_0458C27105 200607PNW_0461C27105 200607PNW_0459C27105 200607PNW_0462C27105 200607PNW_0460C27105 200607PNW_0457C27105 200607PNW_0463C27105 200607PNW_0471C27105 200607PNW_04640469C27105 200607PNW_0472C27110 200607PNW_0473C27110 200607PNW_0476C27112 200607PNW_0477C27112 200607PNW_0478C27113 200607PNW_0479C27113 200607PNW_0480C27113 200607PNW_0481C27113 200607PNW_0483C27113
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Clearwater River
200607PNW_0484D27115 200607PNW_0485D27120 200607PNW_0486D27120 200607PNW_0487D27120
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The Heart of the Monster, the birthplace of the Nez Perce is here.
According to American Indian folklore, during the prehuman animal years a great monster was devouring all the animals. Coyote, the legendary chief animal of this age, slew the monster, cut him into many pieces and scattered these bits to the four winds. Legend has it that where each piece of the monster landed, a new Indian tribe arose. The Nez Perce tribe arose from drops of blood from the monster's heart.

Nez Perce National Historical Park / Heart of the Monster
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Clearwater River (Long Camp)
200607PNW_0502C27125 200607PNW_0503C27125 200607PNW_0504C27125 200607PNW_0505C27125 200607PNW_0507D27125 200607PNW_0509D27125 200607PNW_0511D27125 200607PNW_0513D27131 200607PNW_0515D27131 200607PNW_0515D27131_cropped 200607PNW_0517D27131 200607PNW_0518C27132 200607PNW_0521C27133 200607PNW_0522C27133 200607PNW_0523C27134 200607PNW_0525C27134 200607PNW_0526C27134
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Lewiston, Idaho
200607PNW_05280536C27144 200607PNW_0537s0546C27144 200607PNW_0541C27144 200607PNW_0543C27144 200607PNW_0545C27144
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Lewis And Clark
Lewis And Clark Link I've visited a few Lewis And Clark sites, from Philadelphia to the Pacific Northwest.
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Trip Report: Jul 2006.

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