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Fort Pike State Historic Site, Louisiana

Entry Sign...
I was at Fort Pike in 2002, right before Katrina beared down right on top of the Fort. I understand it's only open by appointment now, so you should check their web site before attempting a visit.

This was another fort build to protect the coastline after the War of 1812, completed in 1826. Like most of the Southern Forts, it was seized by the Confederacy in 1861, before being retaken by the Union in 1962. The fort was officially abandoned between 1880 and 1890.

It wasn't in the best of shape in 2002, though you could walk though the entire fort. It's right on Lake St. Catherine, which is pretty much right on the Gulf of Mexico, zero feet above sea level, and Katrina's path took it right over the fort...

Fort Pike State Park Map
Full size map from the park's website.
Fort Pike State Historic Site
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Trip Report: Sep 2002.

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