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Frontier Village, North Dakota

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Frontier Village (near Jamestown, North Dakota) is one of those places I tend to call a "Western Interstate Tourist Attraction", one of those places that is almost never a destination, but someplace you stop on the way to someplace else. (I have long ago stopped calling them tourist traps, since I'm the one voluntarily visiting the place.)

I'm not exactly sure who put this place together, but there are several buildings relocated here from the North Dakota frontier, dating back to the 1800's, including a church and schoolhouse. And a gift shop. Can't forget the Gift Shop.

However, its biggest claim to fame, and plainly visible from I-94, is the World's Largest Buffalo. Anatomically correct, too.

Anyway, it's a good place to be able to park your car for an hour and stretch your legs.

I mean, hey, it's the World's Largest Buffalo!

Frontier Village Map
This map was copied from the Frontier Village website.
Frontier Village
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The National Buffalo Museum (not associated with any federal agency) wasn't there in 1996, but was 10 years later. At the time, they had an albino bison named "White Cloud", but there's currently no mention of it on their website.

National Buffalo Museum
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Trip Report: Visited Sep 1996, Jul 2006.

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