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Columbia River

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Columbia River Gorge, Oregon/Washington

Columbia River Gorge
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Portland Women's Forum
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Crown Point Vista House
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Latourell Falls
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Bridal Veil Falls
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Multnomah Falls
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Samhill Memorial Bridge
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Columbia River, Washington

Wanapum Lake, near Vantage, Washington
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Lewis And Clark
Lewis And Clark Link I've visited a few Lewis And Clark sites, from Philadelphia to the Pacific Northwest.
Visited Various.

Cape Disappointment State Park, Washington
Cape Disappointment Link If you like lighthouses, Cape Disappointment State Park has two of 'em. The original lighthouse on Cape Disappointment, and it's replacement, the North Head Lighthouse.

It's also the overlook that the Corp of Discovery camped at, hoping to flag down a passing ship. Lewis and Clark didn't name it, but they were disappointed. An interpretive center overlooks the lighthouse. I also have an image of the sign where Station Camp was located on the Pacific Coast.

Near Ilwaco, Washington / 28 Images. Visited Jul 2006.
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Trip Report: Jul 2006 (Oregon), Jul 2006 (Washington).

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