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Lewis and Clark SHP/NHP / Fort Clatsop, Oregon

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Lewis and Clark SHP/NHP Overview Map
Cropped map of the area showing the various L&C sites. Click on the map for a larger view.
Lewis and Clark Route
Cropped map of the Corps of Discovery's route. Click on the map for a larger view.

Lewis and Clark SHP/NHP Fort Clatsop
Map of the Historic Site.td>
Lewis and Clark State and National Historic Park / Fort Clatsop
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Salt Works...
Lewis and Clark SHP/NHP / Salt Works
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Lewis And Clark
Lewis And Clark Link I've visited a few Lewis And Clark sites, from Philadelphia to the Pacific Northwest.
Visited Various.

Columbia River
Columbia River Gorge Link In 2006, I was doing a Lewis and Clark thing, and you can't do Lewis and Clark without seeing the Columbia River Gorge. It's an impressive river, the only river route through the Cascades.

I encountered the river twice, once in Washington where I-90 crosses the Columbia, and the other was following the Columbia River Gorge from Portland to I-82 where I-84 turns to the Southwest as the river turns to the North.

Oregon, Washington / 50 Images. Visited Jul 2006 (Oregon), Jul 2006 (Washington).

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center (ND, Fort Mandan)
Lewis And Clark ND Link Fort Mandan was where the Corps spent their first winter. Or at least someplace around where the replica fort is today, it's true location is unknown.

The interpretive center is new and a couple miles from the Fort, which has it's own visitor's center. I purposely avoided a bus tour, and got me a private tour of the Fort. It was actually a pretty cool tour.

Near Washburn, North Dakota / 20 Images. Visited Jul 2006.
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Trip Report: Jul 2006.

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