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NOTE: Places isn't completely done, but it's done enough to be put out for testing. All the links, linked lists and other sundry infrastructure is in place, but in many cases verbiage is missing and formatting may be off. In some cases, duplicate images still exist. These will be fixed over time. An example of a near finished state is Utah...

Places I've Been... Introduction and Alphabetical Index


Tetons sunrise
A segment of a panoramic of the sunrise in Grand Teton National Park
Welcome to the Places I've Been. Or at least I have pictures of.

Places covers a wide range of locations, from majestic National Parks down to the kitschy tourist tra... uh, attractions that dot the countryside. There are only two criteria needed to be a "Place": I was there and I took a picture. Usually more than ten pictures to have its own page, with smaller groups of images usually placed on a State's page. But that's more a guideline than a rule.

Some background is needed.

When this site was first established, it was split into three main sections, Theme Parks, Other Stuff and Road Trips. At the time, it was the ideal way to split the images up, since this site was to be nothing more than a place to post my vacation pictures, eliminating paper photo albums (remember those?) and later slideshows on CD's.

While Theme Parks and Other Stuff were location based, road trips were event based. They were linear trip reports of a vacation. So while new images of Disney World would just get added to their location within my Disney World pages, a new Road Trip would add another trip report/timeline. This started to cause fragmentation of the images. For example, I've visited Yellowstone three times, so my Yellowstone pictures were in three separate locations.

Clearly, a reorganization was needed, to transform all the event based road trips into a location based model, much like Theme Parks. However, Theme Park organization is easy, there's a natural flow, because they're all Theme Parks: Brand -> Resort -> Park -> Area within a park.

As I started to recollate the 7000+ images, I realized there was no natural flow to organizing my road trip pictures. There was hardly an unnatural flow. The real problem was that I've been to a lot of Places, from majestic National Parks to a nuclear reactor to an Air Force museum to a 38 foot high Holstein Cow. Back to Top

Spruce Tree House
Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde National Park
Many of the images did fall into natural groupings or types, such as National Parks, Monuments and Recreation Areas, State Parks, Historic Sites, etc. But many didn't. When all the images were finally sorted by Place, there were several dozen under the heading of Miscellaneous, most of which had a small number of images. Not what I'd call ideal.

The best solution I could come up with, was to create entries for every state in the union, and put the Places with a small number of images on those pages. That way, I could also create maps with the routes I took through the state. It would also provide another way to index the pages.

In addition to the complete reorganization of my Road Trip images, was the complete reorganization of the website itself, from the user interface to how it works internally. I'll have more detail at some point in my notes section.

Ironically, all the Theme Parks and some of the "Other Stuff" pages, are Places. So they are included here in Places, but their links will just take you to where they originally resided. Back to Top

Places are indexed three ways. While each index is quite different from another, they will all lead to the same Place Pages.

So here are some rules. Or at least some guidelines.

And finally, I did try to make an effort to be a bit coherent. Let me know if I failed someplace... Back to Top

Places By Name

I'm not sure what else to say about this index, other than it includes links to some pages in Other Stuff, and even the Theme Parks. They are, after all, Places. A state name will take you to that state's page.

Abbreviations commonly used:

NP:National Park, NM:Nat'l Monument, NRA:Nat'l Recreational Area, NHS:Nat'l Historic Site, SP:State Park, xOS:In Other Stuff, xTP:In Theme Parks, xST:On State Page Back to Top NP:National Park, NM:Nat'l Monument, NRA:Nat'l Recreational Area, NHS:Nat'l Historic Site, SP:State Park, xOS:In Other Stuff, xTP:In Theme Parks, xST:On State Page Back to Top Back to Top

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