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Fountain Square
Baby if you ever wondered, wondered whatever happened to me, I'm living on the air in Cincinnati, Cincinnati WKRP... Fountain Square, Porkopolis, Ohio.
Cities are, well, cities. I suppose I have these broken out because I have more than a couple of images. For instance, the New York City pictures I have are on the New York State Page because there are so few of them. Back to Top

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Link Cincinnati (aka Porkopolis) is an okay place. I was there for a class one week in downtown Cincinnati in the Hilton, right across the street from Fountain Square.
Cincinnati, Ohio / 25 Images. Visited Jul 2008.

Dayton, Ohio
Dayton Link I have bad memories of Dayton, mostly due to the fact I spent months there on a job. Actually, a couple of jobs, plus a bunch of side trips since the place was the headquarters for the corporation.

I was there once for 30 days, and the sun only came out once. Remember that character in Lil' Abner that always had a rain cloud over his head? That's Dayton.

Surprisingly, I have few pictures for the amount of time I was there. The link will take you to the Ohio State Page.

Dayton, Ohio / 7 Images. Visited 1986-1988.
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Galveston, Texas
Galveston Link I was following the Gulf Coast on my way to San Antonio, and took a drive through Galveston. It was the first barrier island I had driven, and I can see how a hurricane could impact the island. You can tell the place still hasn't fully recovered.

This link will take you to the Texas State Page.

Galveston, Texas / 10 Images. Visited Jun 1992.

Linwood Cemetery, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Docs Grave Link If you're in Glenwood Springs and you want to pay your respects to one of the quasi-legendary gunfighters of the Wild West, prepare to walk up a few switchbacks. But hey, a visit to Doc Holliday's resting place in the Linwood Cemetery was pretty cool.

This link will take you to the Colorado State Page.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado / 7 Images. Visited Sep 2008.
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Hannibal, Missouri
Hannibal Link I was breaking in my new car in 1996, so I did a road trip down a part of the River Road in Illinois and Missouri, and stopped in at Hannibal.
Hannibal, Missouri / 15 Images. Visited Jun 1996.

Key West, Florida
Key West Link I was only in Key West for a night. Entertaining performance artists and great Cuban food told me I should have spent more time there.

One of these days I should go back...

Key West, Florida / 20 Images. Visited Oct 2003.
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Marco Island, Florida
Marco Island Link We stayed on Marco Island for the night, when we went to Everglades National Park. It was just another gorgeous Gulf Beach, white sands, warm temperatures (it was mid-October), beautiful sunset...

The next day, we'd visit the East end of Everglades National Park and Key West.

Marco Island, Florida / 25 Images. Visited Oct 2003.

Mexican Hat, Utah
Mexican Hat Link Mexican Hat is just outside of the Navajo Indian Reservation, it's named for a local rock formation. It exists because of the bridge across the San Juan River.

This link will take you to the Utah State Page.

Mexican Hat, Utah / 5 Images. Visited Sep 2008.
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Moab, Utah
Moab, Utah Link Moab is mostly a tourist town. It's a very handy base-camp for day-trips into Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point, trips on the Colorado, red-rock jeep tours, and is the start (or end) point for two outstanding Colorado River Roads, Utah-128 and Utah-279. It's also an excellent place to wander around after dinner, winding down from the day's activities.

This link will take you to the Utah State Page.

Moab, Utah / 8 Images. Visited Sep 1997, Sep 2005, Sep 2008.

Nauvoo, Illinois
Nauvoo Link I actually stumbled across Nauvoo on the same trip I stumbled across Hannibal, breaking in my new car when driving across Illinois to the Mississippi River. I found it an interesting place to visit.

This link will take you to the Illinois State Page.

Nauvoo, Illinois / 9 Images. Visited Jun 1996.
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New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans Link I went to New Orleans in 2002 to make sure I saw the city before the inevitable catastrophe occurred.

I did all sorts of tourist things, a steam-paddleboat tour, a swamp tour, rode the trolleys, visited the site of a pre-civil war fort, toured the grounds of the Battle of New Orleans...

New Orleans, Louisiana / 67 Images. Visited Sep 2002.

San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio Link I was in San Antonio twice, both times for a computer security conference. One time it was in the Marriot, the other time in the Hyatt, both off the Riverwalk Area.

But I probably spent more of my free time visiting the San Antonio Missions than I did in San Antonio...

San Antonio, Texas / 25 Images. Visited Jun 1992, Jun 1998.
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Siesta Key, Florida
Siesta Key Link I was only in Siesta Key for a few hours, when we took a trip up from Venice to see the beach.

It's a long barrier island. There is a main road up the center of it, with hotels and condos on both sides of that main road for every square foot of the island. I'll bet it's insane during the tourist season.

Siesta Key, Florida / 26 Images. Visited Dec 2009.

Tombstone, Arizona
Tombstone Link Tombstone has some real cred as a Wild West town, and they've tried to keep some of that reputation alive.

I didn't bother with the OK Corral reenactment, but I did visit the courthouse and the Birdcage Theater...

Tombstone, Arizona / 37 Images. Visited Sep 2005.
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Venice, Florida
Venice Link Venice is a nice, quiet little tourist town that's probably a madhouse during the Summer season, but I was there in December. Stayed in a room that overlooked the Gulf. Can't beat that...

Images include Casey's Pass, Venice Pier and Caspersen Beach.

Venice, Florida / 90 Images. Visited Dec 2009.
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