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Olympic National Park
That's me overlooking the Pacific in Olympic National Park...
An obvious way to index into the Place Pages is by the Type of place. As a matter of fact, that's how the Place pages are ordered by default, so all Place Pages will have the "By Type" navigational bar (on the left). (Exceptions are pages in other sections of this site, like the Theme Parks and my Minnesota Fishing Trips.)

Most Places are easily classified by the title someone else put on it, like National Parks, National Monuments, State Parks, etc. Some are classified because of what they are, for example cities, roads and rivers. Some can be singularly classified as unique, like EBR-1 (a nuclear reactor), so there's a Miscellaneous group. Back to Top

The Type groupings in the Navigational Menu to the left is pretty much the hierarchy of groups in By Type index. The first five groups (National Parks through Navajo Tribal Parks) are pretty much unique and easily grouped.

From Historic Sites and below is where that hierarchy starts to filter out some pages. For instance, Mesa Verde National Park is definitely a historic site, but its status as a National Park puts it in that grouping. Most of the Resorts listed do not have their own page, since the resort lies within the boundaries of a higher grouping. The The Going to the Sun Road, arguably one of the premier drives in America, is under Glacier National Park since it's such an integral part of that park, but only gets a mention on the Road Page.

That doesn't mean, however, that the pages in the bottom group is inferior to any of the other pages. Some of the more interesting Places on this site are in the Roads I've driven.

Like "By State", the index on this page is just a text list of "Types" or groupings, with an alphabetical list of links within that Type. Clicking on a "Type" (or on the navigation menu on the left), will take you to a more detailed page for that group.

My top picks on those pages are the top 20% (or so). These picks are personal preference only, and not based on anything but my personal bias. :-)

Note: The links in italics are links to other place pages. For instance, the Meriwether Lewis Burial Site is on the Natchez Trace Parkway page, because the burial site is on, and part of, the Natchez Road. Back to Top

Places by Type

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