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Badlands National Park

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Badlands Map
Click on the map for a larger view. This map was downloaded from the NPS site.
Buffalo Gap National Grassland
199809NW_750J0804 199809NW_751J0805 199809NW_752F1925 199809NW_753F1926 199809NW_754F1927 199809NW_755J0806
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Entrance / Sage Creek Rim Road
199809NW_756F1936 199809NW_757F1928 199809NW_758J0807 199809NW_759P0301 199809NW_760P0302 199809NW_761P0303 199809NW_762J0808 199609MNW_359J0406BLNP
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Normal Entrance Sign
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Pinnacles Overlook
199609MNW_361J0407BLNP 199609MNW_363P0205BLNP 199609MNW_364J0408BLNP 199609MNW_366P0206BLNP 199609MNW_368P0207BLNP 200608PNW_2233C09134 200608PNW_2234C09134 200608PNW_22352246C09135
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Ancient Hunters Overlook
199609MNW_370J0410BLNP 199609MNW_371F1025BLNP
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Yellow Mounds Overlook (nee Seabed Jungle Overlook)
199609MNW_372J0412BLNP 200608PNW_2247D09135 200608PNW_2248D09135 199609MNW_374F1102BLNP 199609MNW_375J0411BLNP 199809NW_763J0809 199809NW_764J0810 200608PNW_2249C09140 200608PNW_2250C09140 200608PNW_2251C09140 200608PNW_22522262C09140
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Changing Scenes Overlook (nee Conata Basin Overlook)
199609MNW_377F1103BLNP 199609MNW_378P0208BLNP 199809NW_765F1929 199809NW_766F1930 199809NW_767P0304 200608PNW_22632273C09141 200608PNW_2274C09141 200608PNW_2276C09141
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Homesteads and Ranches Overlook
199609MNW_379F1104BLNP 199609MNW_380F1105BLNP 199809NW_768P0305 199809NW_769J0811
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Burns Basin Overlook
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Prairie Winds Overlook
199609MNW_381P0209BLNP 199609MNW_382F1106BLNP 199609MNW_383P0210BLNP
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Panorama Point
199609MNW_385J0414BLNP 199609MNW_386F1108BLNP 199609MNW_387F1109BLNP 199609MNW_388P0211BLNP 199809NW_771P0306 200608PNW_22852294C09143
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Journey to Wounded Knee (Bigfoot Pass) Overlook
199609MNW_389F1112BLNP 199609MNW_390F1110BLNP 199609MNW_391F1111BLNP 199609MNW_392J0415BLNP 199609MNW_393F1113BLNP 199609MNW_394P0212BLNP
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White River Valley Overlook
199609MNW_395F1114BLNP 199609MNW_396F1115BLNP 199609MNW_397aJ0416BLNP 199609MNW_397F1116BLNP 199609MNW_398P0213BLNP
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Along Fossil Trail
199609MNW_399F1117BLNP 199609MNW_400F1118BLNP 199609MNW_401F1119BLNP 199609MNW_402F1120BLNP
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Along SD-240
199609MNW_404J0417BLNP 199609MNW_405F1121BLNP 199609MNW_406F1122BLNP 199609MNW_407P0214BLNP 199809NW_772F1931 199809NW_773F1932 199809NW_774J0813 199809NW_775J0814 200608PNW_2295D09144 200608PNW_2297D09144 200608PNW_2299D09144 200608PNW_2301D09144 200608PNW_2302D09144 200608PNW_2303D09144 200608PNW_2304D09144 200608PNW_2305D09144 200608PNW_2306D09144 200608PNW_2307D09144 200608PNW_2308D09144 200608PNW_2309D09145 200608PNW_2310D09145 200608PNW_2311D09145
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Cedar Pass
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Cliff Shelf Nature Trail
199609MNW_409F1124BLNP 199609MNW_410J0418BLNP 199609MNW_411F1125BLNP 199609MNW_412F1201BLNP 199609MNW_413F1202BLNP 199809NW_776J0815 200608PNW_2326C09152 200608PNW_2328C09153 200608PNW_2329C09153 199809NW_777J0816 200608PNW_23162324C09152 199809NW_778F1933 199809NW_779F1934 199809NW_780F1935 199809NW_781J0817 200608PNW_23432347C09154 200608PNW_23312342C09153
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Big Badlands Overlook
199609MNW_415F1203BLNP 199609MNW_416F1204BLNP 199609MNW_418J0420BLNP 199609MNW_419J0421BLNP 199609MNW_420F1206BLNP 199609MNW_421P0215BLNP 199609MNW_422F1207BLNP 199609MNW_423FJ0422BLNP 199609MNW_424F1208BLNP 199609MNW_425F1209BLNP 199609MNW_426J0423BLNP 199609MNW_427F1210BLNP
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Prairie Dogs
199809NW_782F1937 200608PNW_2348C09155 200608PNW_2350C09155 200608PNW_2355D09155 200608PNW_2358C09155 200608PNW_2362C09160 200608PNW_2365C09160 200608PNW_2366D09160 200608PNW_2368D09160
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Trip Report: Sep 1996, Sep 1998, Jul 2006.

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