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Wind Cave National Park

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WCNP_Map_400 Map
Click on the map for a larger view. This map was downloaded from the NPS site.

Wind Cave National Park
200608PNW_2072C08163 199609MNW_268F0800WCNP 199609MNW_269P0202wcnp 199609MNW_270aJ0306WCNP 199609MNW_270bJ0308WCNP 199609MNW_270cJ0307WCNP 199609MNW_270dJ0309WCNP 199609MNW_270F0801WCNP 199609MNW_271F0802WCNP 199609MNW_272F0803WCNP 200608PNW_2079C08164 200608PNW_2080D08164 200608PNW_2084D08164 200608PNW_2086C08164 200608PNW_2087C08164 200608PNW_2115D08183 200608PNW_2117D08183 200608PNW_2118s2124C09081 200608PNW_2119D09081 200608PNW_2120D09081 200608PNW_2123D09081
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Cave Tour

WCNP_CaveMap Map
Cropped map of the Grand Loop to show waypoints which define road segments. Click on the map for a larger view. This map was downloaded from the NPS site.

Cave Tour
200608PNW_2089D08165 200608PNW_2090C08172 200608PNW_2091C08172 200608PNW_2092C08172 200608PNW_2094C08172 200608PNW_2095C08172 200608PNW_2096D08174 200608PNW_2097D08174 200608PNW_2099D08174 200608PNW_2100C08174 200608PNW_2101D08174 200608PNW_2102C08175 200608PNW_2103C08175 200608PNW_2104C08175 200608PNW_2105C08175 200608PNW_2106C08175 200608PNW_2107C08175 200608PNW_2108C08180 200608PNW_2109C08180
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Black Hills
Black Hills Link The Black Hills, long a sacred area for the local tribes, is now more a tourist destination. You can easily plan a weeklong vacation in the area, with attractions like Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave, Custer State Park, and the Western Towns such as Deadwood.

Just don't go there during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, unless you're specifically going for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally...

Western South Dakota / 11 Images.

Custer State Park, South Dakota
Custer SP Link Custer State Park is my favorite state park, located right in the middle of the Black Hills.

It is a large and scenic park with accessible wildlife on one end and mountain roads on the other. One of the attractions to this park, is the close proximity of Mount Rushmore to the North and Wind Cave National Park to the South, in addition to all the other things to see and do in the area.

Near Custer, South Dakota / 146 Images Visited Sep 1996, Sep 1998, Jul 2006.
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Trip Report: Sep 1996, Jul 2006.

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