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Georgia is the only state on this page.


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Sunrise along I-75...
Unless you're due West of the Panhandle of Florida, you're probably going to go through Georgia to get to Florida. Not that there isn't anything interesting in Georgia, but during the winter, the 30-40 degree differential in temperature does sort of keep you on the road...

That doesn't mean I don't stop in Georgia. I've got friends in Atlanta I try to stop in and visit when I'm down South.

Still, if I actually sit down and figure it out, I'll bet I've stayed in Georgia more nights than any other state other than Illinois (not counting business trips.) That's because most of my overnight stays while travelling to Florida are in Georgia.

From the pictures below, it's pretty evident that my main road through Georgia is I-75. In 2011, a few tornados blew through Georgia, both North and South of Atlanta.

Tornado damage along I-75 both North and South of Atlanta, 2011
201108WDW_001P15155 201108WDW_004P15173 201108WDW_006P15173 201108WDW_007P15173 201112WDW_1855P13091 201112WDW_1856P13091 201112WDW_1858P13091 201112WDW_1859P13091
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I do have a thing about hot dogs. I actually routed one trip through New York, just to eat at Nathans. The Varsity is visible from I-75, and finally stopped in. Good stuff. You can tell when you feel the need for that cholesterol med when you walk through the door...

The Varsity (Atlanta's Finest along I-75... :-))
200912FL_0026P03134 200912FL_0021P03124 200912FL_0022P03124
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Once you leave Atlanta Southbound on I-75, you enter what I term the "Pecan, Peach and Peanut corridor, which stretches all the way to the Florida border. If you're ever down that way, you should stop in one just to see it...

Sunrise (South of Atlanta along I-75)
201209WDW_0017X28061 201209WDW_0020X28061 201209WDW_0021X28061

Macon Rest Area along I-75, including the local wildlife...
201203WDW_0052P04070 201209WDW_0023P28063 201209WDW_0024P28063 201209WDW_0025P28063 201209WDW_0026P28063
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Dragon*Con really isn't a place, it's an event, but there are pictures of Atlanta.

2011 Dragon*Con
Dragoncon Link When I was but a child, I was at gaming conferences like Gencon and Origins, and even more modern day events like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, but nothing prepared me for the level of cosplay at Dragon*Con. I was there in 2011, and stayed at the W, which is also reviewed.

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Atlanta, Georgia / 316 Images. Visited Sep 2011.

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