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Louisiana is the only state on this page.


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I-10 through the Louisiana swamps...
NOLA. New Orleans, Louisiana. Bring antacids.

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans Link I went to New Orleans in 2002 to make sure I saw the city before the inevitable catastrophe occurred.

I did all sorts of tourist things, a steam-paddleboat tour, a swamp tour, rode the trolleys, visited the site of a pre-civil war fort, toured the grounds of the Battle of New Orleans...

New Orleans, Louisiana / 67 Images. Visited Sep 2002.

Chalmette National Battlefield and Cemetery (Jean Lafitte NHP)
Chalmette Link The Jean Lafitte National Historic Park covers several sites around New Orleans, but I was only at the Chalmette National Battlefield and Cemetery

Didja ever hear the song, "Battle of New Orleans"? The final battle between the Brits and the Americans was fought here, with catastrophic results for England.

New Orleans, Louisiana / 39 Images. Visited Sep 2002.

Fort Pike State Historic Site
Fort Pike Link Fort Pike was one of many defensive structures built in response to the War of 1812 by the government to protect the coastline of the United States. They were completely obsolete by the middle of the Civil War, with the invention of the rifled canon.

I was at the Fort. In 2005, the Fort took the brunt of Hurricane Katrina. I'm not sure how badly it was damaged, but it's only open by appointment now.

Near Slidell, Louisiana / 34 Images. Visited Sep 2002.

Honey Island Swamp Tours
Honey Island Swamp Link I took one of the Honey Island Swamp Tours in 2002, a few years before Katrina worked the place over, and it's close enough to the Gulf to have seen the storm surge.

I'm sure the swamp tours still exist, just perhaps a little different.

Near Slidell, Louisiana / 25 Images. Visited Sep 2002.
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Avery Island, Louisiana

Tabasco Visitors Center
Avery Island, Louisiana
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Gulf coast pictures, Sabine NWR
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