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U.S.S. Albacore
200106ECT_030s040T04145 200106ECT_031s042T04145

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No pics of Maryland .

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No pics of Massachusetts.

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No pics of Michigan.

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The Middle Spunk Rest Area...

Minnesota Arrowhead / Boundary Water Canoe Area
BWCA Link I used to take a yearly fishing trip up to the Boundary Water Canoe Area, or more specifically, around the Gunflint Trail from Grand Marais.

I was there 9 times, each time for a week or more, fishin' and relaxin', always during the late fall after the mosquitoes disappeared. It's not a vacation destination for everyone. You won't find any 5-star hotels (or 4-star for that matter), but if you like nature and are self-sufficient, then it's a paradise.

Northeast Minnesota / 720 Images. Visited Various.
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Along I-94
199609MNW_059F0231MN 199609MNW_060F0232MN 199609MNW_061F0233MN 199609MNW_062F0234MN 199609MNW_063F0235MN 199609MNW_438F1216I94 199609MNW_439F1217I94 200109Wst_001T04125 200109Wst_002T04125 200109Wst_005T04125 200109Wst_008F04xxx 200109Wst_009F04xxx

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Misc Mississippi Pics:

Natchez Trace Parkway
NTP Link I've actually driven all 443 miles of the Natchez Trace Parkway, who's history goes back hundreds of years before the industrial revolution.

Once one of the most important roads in young America, today it's preserved as a monument to its past history, with dozens of historic and scenic sites along its length. If you're travelling to a destination somewhere along the Trace, it'd be worth the extra half-day or so to drive a portion of it...

Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee / 94 Images. Visited Jun 1998, Mar 2000, Nov 2011.

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The Gateway Arch...

Hannibal, Missouri
Hannibal Link I was breaking in my new car in 1996, so I did a road trip down a part of the River Road in Illinois and Missouri, and stopped in at Hannibal.
Hannibal, Missouri / 15 Images. Visited Jun 1996.
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Mammoth National Park

200809SW_3184P26140 200809SW_3185P26140 200809SW_3186P26140 200809SW_3191P26181
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Bass Pro Shops, Springfield Missouri
199806SA_001F0102MO 199806SA_002F0103MO 199806SA_003F0104MO 199806SA_004F0105MO

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Welcome to Montana...
Ah, Montana. I first went to Montana, just to drive the Montanabahn. Shortly after, the Montana Legislature decided that a speed limit of "Reasonable and Prudent" meant too many things to too many people, and assigned a fixed state speed limit of 75mph. sigh.

Speed Limit Signs
199609MNW_223F0623mo 199609MNW_224F0622mo 96Montana_BasicRule 200109Wst_113F05xxx
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The premier park in Montana is Glacier National Park. (Okay, the premier park in Montana is actually Yellowstone, but like Idaho, most of Yellowstone resides in Wyoming.) As an added bonus to the majestic scenery, is one of the most scenic roads in America, the 50 mile long Going To The Sun road,

Glacier National Park
Glacier Link Glacier National Park is one of the premier parks in America, named after the carved valleys the glaciers in the last Ice Age dug out. It's a majestic mountain park, complete with one of the best drives in North America, the Going To The Sun Road.

It's in my list of must visit parks, but it is one of those parks far enough out of the way that you really have to want to go there. But it's worth the trip...

Near Kalispell, Montana / 263 Images. Visited Sep 2001, Jul 2006.
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Lewis and Clark actually travelled across Montana the long way, and in Montana, that's a looong way. The two main Lewis and Clark sites I documented was Pompeys Pillar along the Yellowstone River, and Great Falls of the Missouri, one of the banes of their trip...

Pompeys Pillar National Monument
Pompeys Pillar Link Pompeys Pillar National Monument holds the only physical evidence of the Lewis and Clark's trek across America. On July 25 in 1806, William Clark climbed this rock and scratched his name onto the side of the limestone formation.

I was there 200 years to the day after the deed.

Near Pompeys Pillar, Montana / 20 Images. Visited Jul 2006.

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center (Great Falls, Montana)
Lewis And Clark GF Link The area around Great Falls on the Missouri River was the first serious obstacle the Corps of Discovery had underestimated about the West. Mile after mile of un-navigatable rapids and waterfalls, where they had to portage hundreds of pounds of canoes and supplies by foot.

The Missouri River's been long tamed now, even more so during the fall when I was there, months after the mountain snowpacks had melted. But even 200 years later, it was easy to see how this area of the Missouri would be hell by canoe...

Near Great Falls, Montana / 15 Images. Visited Jul 2006.
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Also included in this group is Makoshika State Park (along I-94), a badlands park where they've dug up a number of different types of dinosaurs.

Makoshika State Park, Montana
Makoshika Link Makoshika State Park is right off of I-94 in Glendive, Montana, not to far from the North Dakota border. Makoshika is a variant of the Lakota phrase meaning "Land of Bad Spirits." I wonder if that was because of the hostile environment, or whether the Lakota found some of the dinosaur fossils in these badlands.

Dinosaur fossils have been unearthed here, from Triceratops to Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Glendive, Montana / 26 Images. Visited Sep 2001.

Along I-94
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Along I-15
200607PNW_0208D25144 200607PNW_0259C26090 200607PNW_0260C26091
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Misc Montana Pics:
200109Wst_120F06xxx 200109Wst_122F06xxx 200109Wst_123F06xxx 200607PNW_0426C26181

The next three links are here for completeness. For instance, I've been to Bighorn Canyon, but not on the Montana side, but because the NRA lies within Wyoming and Montana, it's included here.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area
Bighorn Canyon Link Bighorn Canyon NRA spans both Wyoming and Montana, but I've unfortunately only seen the park as a throughway from Yellowstone to I-90.

Thus, I only have pictures through the NRA (and the Bighorn National Forest) along US-14A. (I was told at one time US-14A was the more scenic route.)

Wyoming, Montana / 39 Images. Visited Sep 1998, Jul 2006.
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I said the major park in Montana is Glacier, but Yellowstone is partly in Montana. Very partly. It shares the West two miles of the park with Idaho, and the entire 3 to 5 miles of the North side of the park resides within Montana's boundaries. The West and both North Entrances are in Montana, as are the supporting tourist towns. The Beartooth Highway is also mostly in Wyoming.

But links are provided here because they are partially in Montana.

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Link Yellowstone National Park tops my list of favorite parks. It doesn't matter if you want waterfalls, lakes, geysers, hot springs, river canyons, glacial valleys, mountain scenery, abundant wildlife, or interesting roads to drive, Yellowstone has all if it.

Its world famous icons, such as Old Faithful, the Lower Falls and Mammoth Hot Springs, all point to a very angry Earth below the surface, a super volcano which has the potential to wipe out much of America. So enjoy the park while you can!

Northwest Wyoming, Idaho, Montana / 555 Images. Visited Sep 1998, Sep 2001, Jul 2006.

US-212, The Beartooth Scenic Highway
Beartooth Highway Link The Beartooth Scenic Highway is one of those magnificent mountain drives, this one crossing the Beartooth Mountains. It's a spectacular way to leave (or enter) Yellowstone from the East.

I do list it as one of my must do drives.

Montana, Wyoming / 40 Images. Visited Sep 2001.

US-89 Link US-89 is a remarkable road that follows some of the most scenic areas of the West from Canada to Arizona, and along the way passes through (or comes within a few miles of) over a half dozen major Western Parks. Glacier to Yellowstone to Grand Teton, Bryce, Zion, Glen Canyon and Grand Canyon.

I've actually frequented this road quite a bit, but in a disjointed, non-continuous fashion.

Visited Various

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