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240px Map 240px Map
All the Rest Areas along I-80 in Nebraska has sculptures...

Scotts Bluff National Monument
Scotts Bluff Link Scotts Bluff National Monument was one of the landmarks along the Oregon Trail that pioneers used to use to mark how far they've traveled.

It was known as the Nebraska Gibraltar. Also included in this set are Courthouse and Jail Rocks and the Chimney Rock National Historic Site. All of these landmarks were well documented by those travelling the trail.

Near Scottsbluff, Nebraska / 31 Images. Visited Sep 1998.

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Misc Nebraska Pics:

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Along I-80
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A Ranger told us it was the Ragweed of the West. This was after Jo stuffed it up her nose...
Along US-6
200509DSW_0889C19101 200509DSW_0890C19101

Great Basin National Park
Great Basin Link I visited Great Basin National Park only because I was on my way back from Yosemite and driving The Loneliest Road In America. (US-50 in Nevada.)

The Great Basin Desert stretches from the Sierra Nevada mountains to halfway across Utah. Great Basin National Park is actually a small island of life in the middle of the desert, whose plant life became captive at higher elevations on a mountain when the surrounding area changed from a sub-tropical sea to an almost lifeless, arid desert.

Near Ely, Nevada / 10 Images. Visited Sep 2005.

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New Hampshire

This picture is all I have, and it's a picture of a sign...


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New Jersey

No pics of New Jersey. Well, that might not be true, I could have some pics filed under New York, since I didn't know where exactly I was during my trip in the 1980's...

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New Mexico

240px Map 240px Map
The Northwest corner of New Mexico.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Carlsbad Caverns Link Carlsbad Caverns National Park was my first visit to a major cave, and it was impressive, indeed.

We could have walked down the 75 stories to the main part of the cave, but we were just starting a major vacation, and would need our legs for the next two weeks. :-) The best thing next to the cave here are the elevators. Heh.

Near Carlsbad, New Mexico / 67 Images. Visited Sep 2005.

White Sands National Monument
White Sands Link White Sands National Monument is wholly contained within the White Sand Air Force Base, one of those top secret bases where they don't even allow cameras.

It's called White Sands because of the specific conditions in the Tularosa Basin that allows Calcium Carbonate to concentrate and crystallize out into a blinding white sand dunes in the sun...

Near Alamogordo, New Mexico / 18 Images. Visited Sep 2005.
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Four Corners Monument, Navajo Tribal Park
Four Corners Link Four Corners Monument is the only place in the U.S. where four States meet, perhaps the ultimate place for a stupid tourist photo in the Southwest. I should know, I've been there twice! If I ever go back, I'm taking my GPS to see if it's really in the right spot. :-)

In addition to the monument (there is an entrance fee), there are stalls around run by (rented by?) the locals selling locally produced merchandise. Oh, try the fry bread. Mmmmmm...

Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado / 28 Images. Visited Sep 1997, Sep 2008.

Along I-10
200509DSW_0250I10163 200509DSW_0251I10163 200509DSW_0252I10163 200509DSW_0253I10163

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New York

240px Map 240px Map
Manhattan, 1988

Niagara Falls State Park, New York
Niagara Falls Link Niagara Falls State Park is on the US side of the Niagara River, and showcases... Niagara Falls! Tourist destination and Honeymoon spot of Western New York, the place where alternating current was invented by some guy named Tesla.

They've built some other attractions on site, so the experience is more than just watching falling water if you so desire. Since I needed a stop for the night in the near vicinity, a stop to see the falls was a no-brainer.

Niagara Falls, New York / 27 Images. Visited Jun 2001.
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New York, New York
198800NCR_059X104NYNY 198800NCR_060X105NYNY 198800NCR_061X106NYNY 198800NCR_062X107NYNY 198800NCR_063X108NYNY 198800NCR_064X109NYNY

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North Carolina

240px Map 240px Map
Grandfather Mountain along the Blue Ridge Parkway...
Misc North Carolina Pics:

Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Great Smoky Mountain Link Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited park in America due to its location in the East. It's a scenic park, with the tourist towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge just outside the entrance on one side, and the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of my favorite roads in America on the other.

It is a hugely popular park for fall colors.

North Carolina, Tennessee / 67 Images. Visited Mar 2000, Oct 2007, Sep 2011.

Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Link The Blue Ridge Parkway can be a spectacularly beautiful drive as it follows the crest of the Blue Ridge mountain chain, but that very fact can change low hanging clouds into fog on the parkway. A very common occurrence. Ugh.

I have been on the parkway three times, but never North of the North Carolina border.

North Carolina, Virginia / 91 Images. Visited Mar 2000, Oct 2007, Sep 2011.

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North Dakota

240px Map 240px Map
Sunrise along I-94...

Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Theodore Roosevelt NP Link Theodore Roosevelt National Park preserves parts of the Little Missouri Badlands, but it's named after TR because TR actually lived and ranched here early in his life. You can even visit the cabin he lived in, which was relocated to the South Unit of the park.

The South Unit is right off of I-94, which makes it very easy to stop in and take a look around. The North Unit takes a little more effort (it's 50 miles to the North), but it has its own history and geology.

Near Medora, North Dakota / 143 Images. Visited Sep 1996, Sep 2001, Jul 2006.

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center (ND, Fort Mandan)
Lewis And Clark ND Link Fort Mandan was where the Corps spent their first winter. Or at least someplace around where the replica fort is today, it's true location is unknown.

The interpretive center is new and a couple miles from the Fort, which has it's own visitor's center. I purposely avoided a bus tour, and got me a private tour of the Fort. It was actually a pretty cool tour.

Near Washburn, North Dakota / 20 Images. Visited Jul 2006.

Frontier Village
Frontier Village Link I affectionately describe places like Frontier Village as one of those "Western Interstate Tourist Attractions", something I see less of in the East, probably due to infrastructure and environmental demands.

Frontier Village's claim to fame is The World's Largest Buffalo. Well, that's not exactly true, it's a bison, and it's an anatomically correct male, which means it also has the world's largest... uh... And the National Buffalo Museum is here, too.

Near Jamestown, North Dakota / 14 Images. Visited Sep 1996, Jul 2006.
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Along I-94
199609MNW_064F0236fargo 199609MNW_065F0237fargo 199609MNW_076F0308fv 199609MNW_077F0309fv 199609MNW_078F0310ND 200109Wst_010F04xxx 200109Wst_011T05061 200109Wst_013F05xxx 200109Wst_014F05xxx 200109Wst_016F05xxx 200109Wst_017J05xxx 200109Wst_018J05xxx 200109Wst_020F05xxx 200109Wst_021F05xxx 200109Wst_022T05064 200109Wst_024T05064 200109Wst_025J05xxx 200607PNW_00250031C24093
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Should you drive down I-94, you will not only encounter the world’s largest buffalo in Frontier Village, but the world's largest Holstein cow. I passed this udderly fascinating (or just plain scary) monument twice before I finally got off the interstate to see it.

I had an interesting experience here. As I was just about to leave, three girls drove up, and wanted me to take a picture of them with the cow with their camera. I did, and as I gave her back her camera, she thanked me for not stealing it.

Hmmmm... I was driving a better car than they were, and the camera I was using was a better camera than hers. Maybe I just look like a criminal.

Salem Sue, North Dakota
200607PNW_0087s0089C24140 200607PNW_0090C24140 200607PNW_0092C24140 200607PNW_01030104C24140 200607PNW_00930102C24140

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