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The best military aircraft museum in the world is just outside of Dayton...
It's not that I hate Ohio, I just have unpleasant memories of Ohio, like a person named Dick (who was named Dick for a reason), and a two month stay there that only had the sun come out twice when I was working on a job. Altogether, I've probably spent 8 months or more in Southwestern Ohio...

Misc Ohio Pics:

Dayton, Ohio
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But they do have a premier aircraft museum that I'd recommend to anyone.

National Museum of the US Air Force
Museum of the USAF Link The National Museum of the US Air Force is on the Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton, Ohio. It is a must see for any aviation fan. They have static displays of most of the USAF aircraft from the Wright Flyer (okay, not a USAF aircraft) to the X-planes to the F-22. They even have a Trabant. (Also not a USAF aircraft.) What more could you ask for?

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Near Kettering, Ohio / 160 Images.
Visited Mar 2000, Jul 2003, Jul 2008.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Link Cincinnati (aka Porkopolis) is an okay place. I was there for a class one week in downtown Cincinnati in the Hilton, right across the street from Fountain Square.
Cincinnati, Ohio / 25 Images. Visited Jul 2008.
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They all came to say, "Hi!"
When you're stuck in Fort Smith, Arkansas for the weekend, and have a buddy who works for an airline, what do you do? You go fishing in Oklahoma!

Tulsa Area
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Along I-35

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Plain, but it's to the point...
Oregon was all about Lewis and Clark when I visited in 2006.

If you're coming into Oregon at the mouth of the Columbia River, you're crossing the Astoria Bridge, the only bridge for some 25 miles.

Astoria Bridge
200607PNW_1043D31152 200607PNW_1046D31152 200607PNW_1047D31152
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Fort Clatsop, Lewis and Clark State and National Historic Park
Lewis And Clark Link My 2005 Pacific Northwest Vacation had me to a bunch of Lewis and Clark sites, including Fort Clatsop, where the Corps of Discover stayed their second winter. Of course, the fort burned down a few months before I was there, so the images I have are of a bare fort with no furnishings.

There are also images of the Salt Works (near Seaside), where the Corps boiled down sea water for salt. The site is literally in someone's back yard...

Near Warrenton, Oregon / 22 Images. Visited Jul 2006.
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Seaside, Oregon
200607PNW_1087D31175 200607PNW_10881093C31180 200607PNW_1094C31181 200607PNW_1095D31182
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Columbia River
Columbia River Gorge Link In 2006, I was doing a Lewis and Clark thing, and you can't do Lewis and Clark without seeing the Columbia River Gorge. It's an impressive river, the only river route through the Cascades.

I encountered the river twice, once in Washington where I-90 crosses the Columbia, and the other was following the Columbia River Gorge from Portland to I-82 where I-84 turns to the Southwest as the river turns to the North.

Oregon, Washington / 50 Images. Visited Jul 2006 (Oregon), Jul 2006 (Washington).
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Along I-84

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