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240px Map 240px Map
Another great sunset from a strip mall parking lot, near Chattanooga/I-24...

Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Great Smoky Mountain Link Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited park in America due to its location in the East. It's a scenic park, with the tourist towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge just outside the entrance on one side, and the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of my favorite roads in America on the other.

It is a hugely popular park for fall colors.

North Carolina, Tennessee / 67 Images. Visited Mar 2000, Oct 2007, Sep 2011.

Natchez Trace Parkway
NTP Link I've actually driven all 443 miles of the Natchez Trace Parkway, who's history goes back hundreds of years before the industrial revolution.

Once one of the most important roads in young America, today it's preserved as a monument to its past history, with dozens of historic and scenic sites along its length. If you're travelling to a destination somewhere along the Trace, it'd be worth the extra half-day or so to drive a portion of it...

Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee / 94 Images. Visited Jun 1998, Mar 2000, Nov 2011.

Meriwether Lewis Burial Site (Natchez Trace Parkway)
Meriwether Lewis Burial Site Link I was first at the Meriwether Lewis Burial Site on the Natchez Trace Parkway in 2000, but it wasn't until closer to the bi-centennial of his trip to the West that I did a lot more research into the Corps of Discovery. I went back in 2011, when I found myself about a hundred miles away from the site.

This link will take you to the Natchez Trace Parkway Page.

Near Hohenwald, Tennessee / 22 Images. Visited Mar 2000, Nov 2011.
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Loveless Cafe, Pasquo, Tennessee
201111PP_568P07151 201111PP_569P07151 201111PP_570P07151 201111PP_571P07151
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Jack Daniels Distillery
Jack Daniels Link Jack Daniels Distillery has one of the best factory tours around. You just have to find your way to Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Do try to visit on a weekday when the town (Historic Lynchburg) is open. Avoid Sunday's, because the distillery doesn't distill on Sunday. Ironically, Lynchburg is in a dry county, so you can't even sample the product, except for "souvenir bottles" of Jack in the White Rabbit Saloon.

Lynchburg, Tennessee / 63 Images. Visited Jun 2001, Mar 2002.
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Lynchburg, Tennessee to I-24
200203FL_039N10113 200203FL_041N10113 200203FL_044N10114 200203FL_047055N10122 200203FL_057N10122 200203FL_060N10122 200203FL_062N10122
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Peaceful Pastures Farm
Peaceful Pastures Farm Link Peaceful Pastures is a farm in Tennessee that a friend of mine owns. It's not a traditional farm that raises crops, unless you consider sheep, goats and cattle to be crops. Well, okay, you might... It's a tale of city boy meets rural life for a week. And sometimes, it's not very pretty. Also included is a side trip to the Natchez Trace Parkway, and Edgar Evins State Park.

This link will take you to the "Other Stuff" section of this website.

Near Gordonsville, Tennessee / 348 Images. Visited Nov 2011.

Edgar Evins State Park, Tennessee
Edgar Evins SP Link I actually used the "cabins" in Edgar Evins State Park as a hotel when doing some stuff for Jenny during my Peaceful Pastures Farm Trip. These are mostly cabin interiors, plus a tale of my first introduction to the place.

These images live on the Peaceful Pastures page in Otherstuff.

Near Gordonsville, Tennessee / 26 Images. Visited Nov 2011.
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Someplace in TN
201109DRA_015P02074 201109DRA_016P02074 201109DRA_017P02091 201109DRA_018P02091 201109DRA_019P02092
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TN109 / TN-111
201112WDW_1874P13133 201112WDW_1875P13133 201203WDW_0030P03165 201203WDW_0033P03170 201203WDW_00340043P03170 201203WDW_0044P03171 201203WDW_0045P03171 201203WDW_0046P03171
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201203WDW_0024P03123 201203WDW_0026P03132 201203WDW_0028P03154
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Smoke House / Best Western
201209WDW_0009X27170 201209WDW_0010X27170 201209WDW_0012X27173 201209WDW_0014X27174 201209WDW_0015X27180 201209WDW_0016X27180
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Along I-24
200304FL_001C27145 200304FL_002C27145 201112WDW_1862P13102 201112WDW_1865P13103 201112WDW_1867P13103 201012WDW_839P13141 201012WDW_843P13141 201012WDW_845P13141 201012WDW_846P13141 201012WDW_848P13141 201012WDW_849P13141 201012WDW_852P13141 201012WDW_854P13142 200310FL_302C31180 200310FL_303305C31180 200311FL_306C01072 200311FL_307C01073 200311FL_308C01074

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240px Map 240px Map
The Alamo. Probably one of the most recognizable icons in America.

San Antonio Missions National Historic Park / The Alamo
San Antonio Missions Link The San Antonio Missions was a very cool place to visit, allowing one to visualize what it was like before any sort of modern convenience.

Also include here are images of the Alamo, which is not part of the park. It's a Daughters of the Republic of Texas site, and does not allow photography inside of the church. So I only have exteriors.

San Antonio, Texas / 103 Images. Visited Jun 1992, Jun 1998.

San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio Link I was in San Antonio twice, both times for a computer security conference. One time it was in the Marriot, the other time in the Hyatt, both off the Riverwalk Area.

But I probably spent more of my free time visiting the San Antonio Missions than I did in San Antonio...

San Antonio, Texas / 25 Images. Visited Jun 1992, Jun 1998.
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Misc Texas Pics
199206SA_023F0125 199206SA_024F0126 199206SA_025F0127

199206SA_026F0128 200509DSW_0027C09101 199206SA_006F0105 199206SA_007F0107 199206SA_008F0108I10 199206SA_009F0109I10 199206SA_010F0111I10 199206SA_011F0113I10 199206SA_012F0114
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Galveston, Texas
199206SA_013F0115GalTX 199206SA_014F0116GalTX 199206SA_015F0117GalTX 199206SA_016F0118GalTX 199206SA_017F0119GalTX 199206SA_018F0120GalTX 199206SA_019F0121GalTX 199206SA_020F0122GalTX 199206SA_021F0123GalTX 199206SA_022F0124TX3005

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