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Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Park, Utah

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View from the room I had. Best view from a hotel room, ever.
I'll bet if you surveyed the public for the most instantly recognizable natural formations in the West, I'd have to say the West and East Mittens in Monument Valley would be in the top 5. (Along with Old Faithful, Delicate Arch, Grand Canyon and Half-Dome (or El Capitan, I can't decide.))

This tribal park is a truly magnificent place. Many places here have been captured on film, from the classic John Wayne/John Ford movies, to any number of modern day films. When you have backgrounds this amazing, it would be foolish not to use them.

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Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Park Map
This is actually a crop from the Glen Canyon NRA map. Click for a the full map. This map was downloaded from the NPS site.
US-163 from Kayenta to Goulding's
200809SW_2234P22124 200809SW_2235P22124 200809SW_2236P22124 200809SW_2240P22125 200809SW_2241P22125 200809SW_2242P22125 200809SW_2243P22125 200809SW_2245P22131 200809SW_2246P22131 200809SW_2247P22131 200809SW_2248P22131 200809SW_2249P22131
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From outside the museum
Goulding's Lodge
200809SW_2250P22132 200809SW_2251P22132 200809SW_22522257P22132 200809SW_2258P22132 200809SW_2259P22135 200809SW_2261P22135 200809SW_2262P22144 200809SW_2280P22163 200809SW_2275P22150 200809SW_2278P22154 200809SW_2279P22154
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Goulding's Lodge Museum
200809SW_2263P22145 200809SW_2276P22150 200809SW_2277P22150 200809SW_2264P22150 200809SW_2265P22150 200809SW_2266P22150 200809SW_2267P22150 200809SW_2268P22150 200809SW_2269P22150 200809SW_2270P22150 200809SW_2271P22150 200809SW_2272P22150 200809SW_2273P22150 200809SW_2274P22150
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Navajo Monument Valley Tour
200809SW_2283P22173 200809SW_2284P22173 200809SW_2285P22173 200809SW_2286P22173 200809SW_2287P22173 200809SW_2288P22174 200809SW_2289P22174 200809SW_2290P22174 200809SW_2291P22174 200809SW_2292P22174 200809SW_22932304P22174 200809SW_23052312P22174 200809SW_2313P22175 200809SW_2314P22175 200809SW_2315P22175 200809SW_2316P22180 200809SW_2319P22180 200809SW_23202331P22180 200809SW_2332P22181 200809SW_2335P22181 200809SW_2337P22181 200809SW_2339P22182 200809SW_2341P22182 200809SW_2342P22182 200809SW_2343P22183 200809SW_2344P22183 200809SW_2345P22183
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Navajo Monument Valley Tour 2
200809SW_2346P22183 200809SW_2347P22183 200809SW_2348P22183 200809SW_2349P22183 200809SW_2352P22183 200809SW_2353P22183 200809SW_2355P22184 200809SW_2360P22184 200809SW_2361P22184 200809SW_2363D22184 200809SW_23662368P22184 200809SW_2369P22184 200809SW_2370P22184 200809SW_2371P22184 200809SW_2372P22184 200809SW_2373P22184 200809SW_2374P22185 200809SW_23752378P22185 200809SW_2379P22185 200809SW_2380P22185 200809SW_2381P22185 200809SW_2384P22185 200809SW_2385P22185 200809SW_2386P22185 200809SW_2387P22190 200809SW_2388P22190 200809SW_2390P22190 200809SW_2392P22190 200809SW_2393P22190 200809SW_2394P22190 200809SW_2395P22190 200809SW_2396P22190
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Navajo Monument Valley Tour 3
200809SW_2397P22191 200809SW_2398P22191 200809SW_2399P22191 200809SW_2402P22191 200809SW_24032407P22191 200809SW_2408P22191 200809SW_2409P22191 200809SW_2410P22191 200809SW_2411P22191 200809SW_2412P22191 200809SW_2413P22191 200809SW_2414P22191 200809SW_2415P22191 200809SW_2416P22191 200809SW_2417P22192 200809SW_2418P22192 200809SW_2419P22192 200809SW_2420P22192 200809SW_2421P22192 200809SW_2424P22192 200809SW_2426P22193 200809SW_2427P22193 200809SW_24282433P22193
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Navajo Monument Valley Tour 4
200809SW_2435P22193 200809SW_2436P22193 200809SW_2437P22193 200809SW_2438P22193 200809SW_2440P22193 200809SW_2441P22193 200809SW_2443P22194 200809SW_2444P22194 200809SW_2446P22194 200809SW_2447P22194 200809SW_2448P22194 200809SW_2449P22194 200809SW_2451P22194 200809SW_2452P22194 200809SW_24532457P22194 200809SW_24582464P22194 200809SW_2466P22194 200809SW_2467P22194 200809SW_2469P22194 200809SW_2470P22195 200809SW_2471P22195 200809SW_2472P22195 200809SW_2475P22195 200809SW_2478P22200 200809SW_2479P22200 200809SW_2480P22200 200809SW_2481P22200 200809SW_2484P22200 200809SW_2486P22200 200809SW_2487P22200 200809SW_2497P22202
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The North-side of Monument Valley
200809SW_2498P23105 200809SW_2500P23105 200809SW_2501P23105 200809SW_2502P23105 200809SW_2503P23105 200809SW_2504P23105 200809SW_2506P23105 200809SW_2508P23110 200809SW_25092514P23110 200809SW_2515P23110
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Navajo Indian Reservation
Navajo Indian Reservation Link The images I have of the Navajo Indian Reservation (other than the Tribal Parks I've visited) are mostly along US-89 and US-89A, from Marble Canyon/Navajo Bridge and Page, Arizona through Antelope Pass to Grand Canyon.

There are also images along US-160 from Four Corners to US-89.

Arizona, Utah / 61 Images. Visited Sep 1997, Sep 2008.

Utah State Route 261, The Moki Dugway
Moki Dugway Link When I planning my 2008 trip, I was going to leave Monument Valley and go North to Natural Bridges National Monument via Utah-261. On every map the road took this tiny little squiggle, like a knot in a string. I actually had a detour ready in case the road was too... shoddy.

It turned out to be a fantastic road. I did some research on it when I got back, and it turns out it actually had a name and some history...

Utah / 29 Images. Visited Sep 2008.
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Trip Report: Sep 2008.

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