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Cape Disappointment State Park

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Cape Disappointment State Park Map
Cropped map of Cape Disappointment State Park. Click for a larger view.
Cape Disappointment is a Washington State Park.

North Head Lighthouse
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Lewis and  Clark Route
Cropped map of the Corps of Discovery's route. Click on the map for a larger view.
Cape Disappointment
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Columbia River Gorge Link In 2006, I was doing a Lewis and Clark thing, and you can't do Lewis and Clark without seeing the Columbia River Gorge. It's an impressive river, the only river route through the Cascades.

I encountered the river twice, once in Washington where I-90 crosses the Columbia, and the other was following the Columbia River Gorge from Portland to I-82 where I-84 turns to the Southwest as the river turns to the North.

Oregon, Washington / 50 Images. Visited Jul 2006 (Oregon), Jul 2006 (Washington).

Lewis And Clark
Lewis And Clark Link I've visited a few Lewis And Clark sites, from Philadelphia to the Pacific Northwest.
Visited Various.
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Trip Report: Jul 2006.

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