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Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

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Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument Map
Cropped map of Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Click for a larger view.

Edge of Blast Zone, WA-504
200607PNW_09200922C30165 200607PNW_0923C30174 200607PNW_0924D30175 200607PNW_0927D30175 200607PNW_0930D30180 200607PNW_0928D30175 200607PNW_0931C30180
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Forest Learning Center
200607PNW_0932D30181 200607PNW_09330937C30181 200607PNW_09380957C30184 200607PNW_0952D30184 200607PNW_0958D30184
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Loowit Viewpoint
200607PNW_0959C30185 200607PNW_0960D30191 200607PNW_09610965C30191 200607PNW_0966I30191 200607PNW_0969I30191 200607PNW_0970C30192 200607PNW_09710979C30192 200607PNW_0974C30192 200607PNW_09800988C30192
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Johnston Ridge Observatory
200607PNW_0996C30200 200607PNW_0989D30194 200607PNW_0990D30194 200607PNW_0991D30194 200607PNW_0994C30195 200607PNW_0995C30195
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Along WA-504
200607PNW_0998C30202 200607PNW_0999C30204 200607PNW_1000C30204
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Olympic National Park
Olympic NP Link Olympic National Park's centerpiece is Mount Olympus, home of the Thunderbird. Its peak is an honest 8000 feet (well almost), and by honest I mean the base of Mt. Olympus is at sea level. Even better, the Western edge of the park is the Pacific Ocean, so there are true rain forests which gets more than 12 feet of rain per year.

With postcard worthy scenery that can be found anywhere in the park, it belongs in my must visit park list.

Northwest Washington / 85 Images. Visited Jul 2006.

Mount Rainier National Park
Mount Rainier Link Mount Rainier National Park probably would have been much more majestic had it not been hidden by clouds while I was there. I mean, it was nice the day before, but not on the day I could visit the park.

As a matter of fact, I saw the volcano only once, when entering a rest area in Washington on I-94. But never again the entire trip...

Near Ashford, WA / 72 Images. Visited Jul 2006.
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Trip Report: Jul 2006.

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