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1986 - 1988 Business Trips


Some of the places I went in 1986-1988.
Note: The re-scan project of 2011 (now 2013) was 25 years after some of these pictures were taken, and it shows. Between the consumer negative film and in some cases, improper storage, some images haven't survived well...

I worked at a three letter company from 1986 to 1988, one of the worst experiences of my life. (It probably would have been better if acid blockers were non-prescription back then, but there you are.) That they've lost so much market share in just about every aspect of their business, is a testament to why you'll fail if you run innovation out of the company.

Anyway, I travelled a lot in that job. It's the job where I learned to hate flying, and started driving, so I suppose it was the genesis of my road trips roots. (Hey, I could sometimes get back to Chicago from Southern Ohio before others, since I didn't have to wait for a particular flight. And I got door to door service. Heh. I also made a few bucks on mileage, but it was still generally cheaper than a plane ticket.

Arkansas & Oklahoma

When I first got to Oklahoma, I thought it was a menu. (I hated the 55 MPH speed limit...)
During this time is the first time I'd drive through the Ozark Mountains, those legendary mountains of moonshiners and Lil' Abner fame. Dogpatch was once here, and I've always kicked myself for not stopping in before it closed. I always wanted a Daisy Mae t-shirt...

Now since they didn't want to pay for a flight home during the weekend, and they'd pay for a hotel room anyway, I got them to agree to let me travel around and they'd pay for different hotels Friday and Saturday night. Add in that I had a friend that worked for United (and used to work for said three letter company) could fly out to where ever I was for just a few bucks, and it made for some interesting visits to different parts of the country.

Arkansas & Oklahoma
198600NCR_001X101 198600NCR_002X102 198600NCR_003X103 198600NCR_004X104 198600NCR_005X105 198600NCR_006X106 198600NCR_007X107AR 198600NCR_008X108AR 198600NCR_009X109AR 198600NCR_010X110AR 198600NCR_011X111AR 198600NCR_012X112AR 198600NCR_013X113OK 198600NCR_014X115 198600NCR_015X116 198600NCR_016X117 198600NCR_017X118 198600NCR_018X119 198600NCR_019X120 198600NCR_020X121 198600NCR_021X122 198600NCR_022X123 198600NCR_023X124 198600NCR_024XP03 198600NCR_025XP05 198600NCR_026XP06 198600NCR_027XP07 198600NCR_028XP08 198800NCR_055X100 198800NCR_056X101ToFtSmtih 198800NCR_065X110FtSmith 198800NCR_066X112FtSmith 198800NCR_067X200 198800NCR_068X201 198802NCR_087X400Oklahoma 198802NCR_088X401Oklahoma 198802NCR_089X402Oklahoma 198802NCR_090X403Oklahoma 198802NCR_091X404Oklahoma 198802NCR_092X405Oklahoma 198802NCR_098X411Oklahoma 198802NCR_099X412Oklahoma 198802NCR_100X413Oklahoma 198802NCR_101X414Oklahoma 198802NCR_102X415FtSmith 198802NCR_103X416FtSmith 198802NCR_106X419OnTheRoad 198802NCR_108X423OnTheRoad
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Dayton, OH

Dayton, Ohio is world headquarters for said 3 letter marketing company, and I must have made the commute between Dayton and Chicago a dozen or more times. Once, was during a snowstorm...

To & From Dayton, OH
198601NCR_029X101snow 198601NCR_030X102snow 198601NCR_031X103snow 198601NCR_033X105indy 198601NCR_034X106snow 198601NCR_035X107snow 198601NCR_035aX108snow 198601NCR_036X109snow 198601NCR_037X111 198601NCR_037aX111a 198601NCR_038X112 198601NCR_039X113 198601NCR_040X115 198601NCR_041X116 198601NCR_043aX119
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Fort Lauderdale, FL

On the other hand, for a reward on a project, I was sent down to Fort Lauderdale for a week for "training" in January. Wow, that was a tough one, wasn't it?

Now, please understand that the tree wasn't photoshopped. I'm going to have to put together a "Nature exposes her(him)self" page...

Fort Lauderdale, FL
198601NCR_053aXL09a 198601NCR_052bXL08b 198601NCR_048XL05 198601NCR_053XL09 198601NCR_045XL02 198601NCR_047XL04 198601NCR_049XL06 198601NCR_044XL01 198601NCR_046XL03 198601NCR_050XL06tree 198601NCR_051XL07tree 198601NCR_052XL08 198601NCR_054XL10
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New Jersey, New York, Washington DC

I was in New Jersey and New York a couple of times as a technical consultant, which means most of the time I sat there with my thumb up... Anyway, I was also in Washington DC (actually Gaithersburg, Maryland) for a project for a couple of weeks. This was the end of the road with this company. This job was the last straw before I quit and went elsewhere...

New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C.
198800NCR_057X102NJ 198800NCR_058X103NJ 198800NCR_059X104NYNY 198800NCR_060X105NYNY 198800NCR_061X106NYNY 198800NCR_062X107NYNY 198800NCR_063X108NYNY 198800NCR_064X109NYNY 198800NCR_069X202 198800NCR_070X203 198800NCR_071X204 198800NCR_072X204a 198800NCR_073X204b 198800NCR_074X204c 198800NCR_075X204d 198800NCR_076X205 198800NCR_077X206 198800NCR_078X207 198800NCR_079X208 198800NCR_081X211 198800NCR_082aX213 198800NCR_082X212 198800NCR_083X214
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