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San Antonio Trips - June 5 to 14, 1992 & June 12 to 21, 1998, Part 1 of 2


My 1992/98 San Antonio Trips. 1992: 10 days, 3100 miles. 1998: 10 days, 3050 miles. The black arrows represent my 1992 route to San Antonio, the white arrows are my 1998 route.

Background and On The Road pics

In June of both 1992 and 1998, I was in San Antonio for the same conference for the same company. So, I'm going to combine them on the same web page.

In San Antonio, the only sightseeing I did (other than walking around Riverwalk for dinner) was to the Missions. It was interesting to visit a place in America, that's older than America. Try and imagine a world without any modern convenience we know.

My trip to San Antonio in 1992 was to follow the Great River Road from Southern Illinois to I-20, then over to Texas, pass by the Sam Rayburn Reservoir, down the Gulf coast and through Galveston, and then to San Antonio.

On The Road to San Antonio (1992)
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In 1998, I had already determined that I was going to take the Natchez Trace Parkway back home, so I drove Arkansas Route 7 on my way there. I then took the back roads down South to the Gulf, and I-10 into San Antonio.

Scenic Route 7 in Arkansas is one of my top 10 favorite roads, but they're slowly rebuilding it to modern standards and ruining one of those classic iconic country roads. sigh. Not only did I drive the road in 1992 (on the next page) but I also drove the road in Feb 1986, Sept 2002 and Sept 2005.

On The Road to San Antonio (1998)
199806SA_001F0102MO 199806SA_002F0103MO 199806SA_003F0104MO 199806SA_004F0105MO 199806SA_005006F0106AR 199806SA_007F0108AR 199806SA_008F0109AR 199806SA_009F0110AR 199806SA_010F0111AR 199806SA_011F0112AR 199806SA_012F0113AR 199806SA_013F0115AR 199806SA_014F0116AR 199806SA_016F0118LA 199806SA_017F0120LA 199806SA_018F0121LA 199806SA_019F0122LA 199806SA_020F0123LA 199806SA_021F0124LA 199806SA_022F0125LA 199806SA_025F0202LA 199806SA_026F0203LA 199806SA_027F0204LA
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San Antonio, Hotels and The Riverwalk

San Antonio
199206SA_042F0211 199206SA_043F0212 199206SA_048F0217
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In 1992 we were in the Marriot, in 1998 we were in the Hyatt.

From the Conference hotel (1992)
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From the Conference hotel (1998)
199806SA_038F0217SA 199806SA_039F0218SA 199806SA_040F0219SA 199806SA_090F0420SA 199806SA_091F0421SA
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Riverwalk is the tourist area in San Antonio that takes advantage of the San Antonio river. From the Riverwalk, you have access to the Alamo, a large mall, restaurants and hotels. If you wander a little South, you'll find a prison. So stay by the river. :-)

199206SA_035F0203 199206SA_040F0209 199206SA_045F0214 199206SA_046F0215 199206SA_047F0216
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The Alamo

Alamo Pic
Mission San Antonio de Valero, aka The Alamo, nicknamed after the missions resident's home town in Mexico.
If you know the place you're at is indefensible, and you stay anyway, well... But it was a must visit, it's probably one of the most recognizable landmarks in America. I respected the fact they didn't want you to take pictures in the church, but the rest of the place is fair game.

Anyway, the place was finished sometime in the 1720's, but it didn't become famous until March 6, 1836. But it was probably the morale booster Sam Houston needed to defeat Santa Ana. The Republic of Texas after all, was an important addition to the West.

Mission San Antonio de Valero
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San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is built around 4 of the 6 San Antonio Missions, built between 1718 and 1731. It's mostly original, with the necessary restorations for safety and esthetics. All four missions in the park are still used by practicing Catholics.

Mission Concepcion, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
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End 1992 & 1998 San Antonio Trip - Part 1 of 2.

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