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1996 West Vacation -- September 7 to September 13, Part 2


My 1996 Minnesota / Black Hills Vacation - 14 days, 3,450 miles.
Part 2 - Black Hills to Home.

Day 4, September 10. Holy Smoke Resort, Keystone, South Dakota

Of the four times I've passed by the Black Hills, I've stopped in three times. (Also see 1998 and 2006.) The only time I didn't stop was on September 14, 2001, and we just didn't feel like vacationing anymore.

Iron Mountain Road is the scenic route if you're coming from Rapid City to Custer State Park or Mount Rushmore. It goes up into the Black Hills via switchbacks and "pigtail" bridges. (Think something like circular ramps in an urban parking garage.) You'll probably also find a pack (bunch? herd?) of burros on the road. Literally. Watch your speed.

There are a number of single car tunnels along the road that have been engineered so the tunnel frames Mount Rushmore in the distance...

Iron Mountain Road, Black Hills National Forest
199609MNW_226F0624CSP 199609MNW_227J0224CSPMRNM 199609MNW_228F0625CSP 199609MNW_230F0701CSP 199609MNW_232J0225CSP
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Custer State Park, South Dakota

Custer State Park is probably my favorite State Park. It's a rather large park, from meadows and low hills where the buffalo roam to the spires and pinnacles of the Black Hills. It's also neighbors to Mount Rushmore National Memorial to the North, and Wind Cave National Park to the South. 50 miles East, is Wall Drug and Badlands National Park, and 30 miles to the West is Devils Tower. Just don't come during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, unless you're going to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Really. I'm not kidding.

Be prepared to stop for a Buffalo Jam, and bring a bag of carrots for the Burros. Just make sure they DON'T SEE the bag, or you're done. They'll pester you and won't leave you alone. There are two groups of Burros, one on the Wildlife loop road, and one on Iron Mountain Road. In either case, be prepared to stop, 'cause both the Buffalo and Burros could just be standing around on the road...

Oh, if you were reading above when I was talking about the grasshoppers, check out the front of the car...

Custer State Park
199609MNW_233F0703CSP 199609MNW_234J0302CSP 199609MNW_235F0704CSP 199609MNW_236F0705CSP 199609MNW_237F0706CSP 199609MNW_238F0707CSP 199609MNW_239J0303CSP 199609MNW_241J0305CSP 199609MNW_242F0708CSP 199609MNW_244P0114CSP 199609MNW_248F0709CSP 199609MNW_249P0115CSP 199609MNW_250F0710CSP 199609MNW_251F0711CSP 199609MNW_253F0712CSP 199609MNW_254F0713CSP 199609MNW_255F0714CSP 199609MNW_256F0715CSP 199609MNW_257F0716CSP 199609MNW_258F0717CSP 199609MNW_259F0718CSP 199609MNW_260F0719CSP 199609MNW_261F0720CSP 199609MNW_262F0721CSP 199609MNW_263F0722CSP 199609MNW_264F0723CSP 199609MNW_265F0724CSP 199609MNW_266F0725CSP 199609MNW_267P0201CSP 199609MNW_273F0804CSP 199609MNW_279F0811CSP 199609MNW_281J0310CSP 199609MNW_282F0814CSP 199609MNW_283F0815CSP 199609MNW_284J0311CSP 199609MNW_285F0816CSP
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Custer State Park, Needles Highway

Go on Needles Highway if you want pictures of Big Horn Sheep. In 1996, I got the pictures below and thought "How often do you get pictures like that?" Well, the answer is, pretty much anytime you go there. Not only have I seen them every time I took Needles, but I also saw them on a Travel Channel program about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Also on Needles Highway, are truly phallic rock formations, and their centerpiece, The Needles Eye. It's a nice drive.

Needles Highway, Custer State Park
199609MNW_286F0817CSP 199609MNW_287F0818CSP 199609MNW_288F0819CSP 199609MNW_289F0820CSP 199609MNW_290F0821CSP 199609MNW_292F0822CSP 199609MNW_293J0313CSP 199609MNW_294F0823CSP 199609MNW_296J0314CSP 199609MNW_297J0315CSP 199609MNW_298J0316CSP 199609MNW_299F0825CSP 199609MNW_300F0900CSP 199609MNW_301F0901CSP 199609MNW_302F0903CSP 199609MNW_303F0904CSP 199609MNW_304J0317CSP 199609MNW_305F0905CSP 199609MNW_306F0906CSP 199609MNW_307F0907CSP 199609MNW_308P0204CSP 199609MNW_309F0908CSP 199609MNW_310F0909CSP 199609MNW_311J0318CSP 199609MNW_312F0910CSP 199609MNW_313F0911CSP 199609MNW_314F0912CSP 199609MNW_343F1012CSP 199609MNW_344F1013CSP 199609MNW_345F1014CSP 199609MNW_346J0324CSP 199609MNW_347F1015CSP 199609MNW_349F1016CSP 199609MNW_350F1017CSP 199609MNW_351F1018CSP 199609MNW_352F1019CSP 199609MNW_353F1020CSP 199609MNW_354J0401CSP 199609MNW_356J0403CSP 199609MNW_358J0405CSP
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Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota

Wind Cave was so named for the breeze by the entrance caused by the change in barometric pressure inside and outside the cave.

We went to the park, but not in time to get on any of the cave tours. I finally did that in 2006. So our visit was just a nice drive through some prairie dog towns and another herd of buffalo...

Wind Cave National Park
199609MNW_268F0800WCNP 199609MNW_269P0202wcnp 199609MNW_270aJ0306WCNP 199609MNW_270bJ0308WCNP 199609MNW_270cJ0307WCNP 199609MNW_270dJ0309WCNP 199609MNW_270F0801WCNP 199609MNW_271F0802WCNP 199609MNW_272F0803WCNP
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Custer, SD
199609MNW_274F0805Custer 199609MNW_275F0806Custer 199609MNW_276F0807Custer 199609MNW_278F0810CH 199609MNW_280F0813CH
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Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore National Memorial, in the morning.
Like any gunfight, you want the sun at your back...

It's a good rule to remember. The first time we got to Mount Rushmore, it was late afternoon, and you literally had to shade the front of your lens with your hand to prevent lens flare from the sun. Bad for pictures. So we went back the next morning, and with the sun at our backs, and the faces fully lit, and it was the difference between a great picture and a lousy one.

Yes, that's a recommendation you get there in the morning. :-)

Jo claims the pictures didn't look real. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the sky was a uniform blue. I was back in 2006, and there were *too* many clouds. Life's rough...

Mt. Rushmore National Memorial
199609MNW_316F0915MRNM 199609MNW_334J0323mrnm 199609MNW_335F1005MRNM 199609MNW_315342F0913MRNM 199609MNW_326F0923MRNM 199609MNW_336F1004MRNM 199609MNW_324F0921MRNM 199609MNW_338F1007MRNM 199609MNW_322F0918MRNM 199609MNW_339F1008MRNM 199609MNW_323F0919MRNM 199609MNW_340F1009MRNM 199609MNW_330F1002MRNM 199609MNW_331F1003MRNM 199609MNW_332J0321mrnm 199609MNW_333J0322Keystone
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Day 5, September 11. Comfort Inn, Oacoma, South Dakota

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

I've seen badlands in North Dakota, Montana and even Arizona, but they aren't as striking or vivid as those in Badlands National Park. There are places you can stand and look in one direction and see flat grasslands as far as you can see, then turn around and see a drop-off revealing layers of different colored deposits to another plain below.

I was also here in 1998 and 2006. If you're coming in from either direction, stop in at Wall Drug for lunch. It's not out of your way, and it's one of the most interesting Interstate Tourist Traps around...

Badlands National Park
199609MNW_359J0406BLNP 199609MNW_361J0407BLNP 199609MNW_362F1022BLNP 199609MNW_363P0205BLNP 199609MNW_364J0408BLNP 199609MNW_366P0206BLNP 199609MNW_367J0409BLNP 199609MNW_368P0207BLNP 199609MNW_370J0410BLNP 199609MNW_371F1025BLNP 199609MNW_372J0412BLNP 199609MNW_374F1102BLNP 199609MNW_375J0411BLNP 199609MNW_377F1103BLNP 199609MNW_378P0208BLNP 199609MNW_379F1104BLNP 199609MNW_380F1105BLNP 199609MNW_381P0209BLNP 199609MNW_382F1106BLNP 199609MNW_383P0210BLNP 199609MNW_385J0414BLNP 199609MNW_386F1108BLNP 199609MNW_387F1109BLNP 199609MNW_388P0211BLNP 199609MNW_389F1112BLNP 199609MNW_390F1110BLNP 199609MNW_391F1111BLNP 199609MNW_392J0415BLNP 199609MNW_393F1113BLNP 199609MNW_394P0212BLNP 199609MNW_395F1114BLNP 199609MNW_396F1115BLNP 199609MNW_397aJ0416BLNP 199609MNW_397F1116BLNP 199609MNW_398P0213BLNP 199609MNW_399F1117BLNP 199609MNW_400F1118BLNP 199609MNW_401F1119BLNP 199609MNW_402F1120BLNP 199609MNW_404J0417BLNP 199609MNW_405F1121BLNP 199609MNW_406F1122BLNP 199609MNW_407P0214BLNP 199609MNW_408F1123BLNP 199609MNW_409F1124BLNP 199609MNW_410J0418BLNP 199609MNW_411F1125BLNP 199609MNW_412F1201BLNP 199609MNW_413F1202BLNP 199609MNW_415F1203BLNP 199609MNW_416F1204BLNP 199609MNW_418J0420BLNP 199609MNW_419J0421BLNP 199609MNW_420F1206BLNP 199609MNW_421P0215BLNP 199609MNW_422F1207BLNP 199609MNW_423FJ0422BLNP 199609MNW_424F1208BLNP 199609MNW_425F1209BLNP 199609MNW_426J0423BLNP 199609MNW_427F1210BLNP
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Here's a perspective of just how large those hay rolls you see are. When you see them in an open field, you just don't realize how big they are... :-)

OTR Home
199609MNW_428F1211ChmbSD 199609MNW_429F1212ChmbSD 199609MNW_434K0122 199609MNW_432F1215ChmbSD 199609MNW_435K0123 199609MNW_431F1214ChmbSD 199609MNW_430F1213ChmbSD 199609MNW_433K0121 199609MNW_438F1216I94 199609MNW_439F1217I94
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We stopped overnight in a Comfort Inn, in Wisconsin Dells, just because we were tired. It would be a quick 3 or 4 hour drive home the next morning, avoiding most of the Chicago traffic.

My 1996 trip out West, started a travel bug in me that continues to this day. It showed me a different America from the Midwest and the East. It showed me places that seemed so far away on the travel shows, but when the rubber hits the road they're actually within reach. So over the next few years, I did some reaching...

Keane's 1996 West Trip:
Days: 7
Miles: 2381 miles
Miles/Day: 340 miles/day
Gas (Gallons): 96.65
Cost (gas): $129.31
Miles/Gallon: 24.64
Cost (lodging): $382.26
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End 1996 West Trip - Part 2 of 2.

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