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1996 Western Illinois Vacation - June 7 through 9


My 1996 Western Illinois Vacation. 3 days, 700 miles.
All right, so I was being impatient and wanted to break-in my new car. So one weekend, we decided to just take a trip around Illinois' backroads, and put a few hundred miles on the new auto...

We decided to go out and follow Ol' Man River, for no particular reason.

Mississippi River
199606WIL_0001F0102MisRiv 199606WIL_02F0103MisRiv 199606WIL_03F0104MisRiv
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Purely by accident, we ran across Nauvoo, IL, my first real encounter with the Mormons. I was pretty ignorant of their history in 1996, and if I were to go back today, I'd be more interested in the historical aspects of the city.

The Mormons have a very interesting history, persecuted and made scapegoats due to the religious intolerance at the time. When they were run out of the US in the mid-1850's, they pioneered to what is now Utah, outside of the reaches of the United States.

How ironic that years after being run out of the US, that they'd find themselves at the meeting of the iron road that made America the continental nation it is today...

Nauvoo, IL
199606WIL_04F0106Nauvoo 199606WIL_05F0107Nauvoo 199606WIL_06F0108Nauvoo 199606WIL_07F0110Nauvoo 199606WIL_08F0111Nauvoo 199606WIL_09F0112Nauvoo 199606WIL_10F0113Nauvoo 199606WIL_11F0114Nauvoo 199606WIL_12F0116Quincy
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Home to one of the greatest humorists of our time, Hannibal, Missouri was eventually our final destination. It'd been years since I read Tom Sawyer, but here we were, looking at the buildings and landmarks that were used to make Sam Clemens's characters come alive.

Hannibal, MO
199606WIL_13F0117HannMO 199606WIL_14F0118HannMO 199606WIL_15F0119HannMO 199606WIL_16F0120HannMO 199606WIL_17F0121HannMO 199606WIL_1820F0122HannMO 199606WIL_21F0125HannMO 199606WIL_22F0126HannMO 199606WIL_23F0127HannMO 199606WIL_24F0128HannMO 199606WIL_25F0129HannMO 199606WIL_26F0130HannMO 199606WIL_27F0131HannMO 199606WIL_28F0132HannMO 199606WIL_29F0133HannMO
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