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1997 West Vacation - September 13 through 27, Part 2


My 1997 West Vacation - 14 days, 5440 miles.
Days 5 & 6, Great Sand Dunes NM to Four Corners Monument.

Great Sand Dunes National Monument - September 17

One of the places I'd thrown out from the original route was Great Sand Dunes, but it wasn't that far out of the way, and Jo suggested we take the side trip. It was worth the side trip.

We have some sand dunes on the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan, but nothing like these. Sand is carried on the prevailing winds over the San Luis valley, but is too heavy to get over the Sangre de Cristo mountains. So the sand settles out, and over 15,000 years has covered 39 square miles and formed sand dunes over 750 feet high. (That's a 75 story building for you city-folk... :-)) This place is also famous with the super-natural crowd, it's widely reported that this place is haunted. I didn't bother to stick around to find out.

Great Sand Dunes National Monument
199709Wst_140F0510 199709Wst_141P0110 199709Wst_142F0511 199709Wst_143F0512 199709Wst_144P0109 199709Wst_145J0119 199709Wst_146P0108 199709Wst_148F0514 199709Wst_150J0120 199709Wst_151F0516 199709Wst_152F0517 199709Wst_153J0121 199709Wst_154F0518 199709Wst_155J0122 199709Wst_156F0519 199709Wst_157F0520 199709Wst_158F0521 199709Wst_159F0522
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US-160 - September 17

Just past Wolf Creek Pass (the continental divide), there's an overlook that looks down a thousand foot drop-off into the valley below. It's an unexpected treat.

US-160, near Wolf Creek Pass
199709Wst_160F0523 199709Wst_162J0123 199709Wst_163F0524 199709Wst_164J0124 199709Wst_165F0602 199709Wst_166F0525 199709Wst_167J0125 199709Wst_168F0601 199709Wst_169F0604 199709Wst_170F0605
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Durango, CO - September 17

We made a brief stop here so I could pick up a hat. The sun beating down on me at Great Sand Dunes made me decide it was a necessity...

We ended the day in Cortez, CO, just outside Mesa Verde National Park

Durango, CO / Cortez, CO
199709Wst_172F0607 199709Wst_173F0608 199709Wst_174F0609 199709Wst_175J0200
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Mesa Verde National Park - September 18

Square Tower House
Square Tower House. Impressive structures, considering they were built 1,000 years ago...
Mesa Verde National Park was an interesting experience. While most other National Parks are based on some amazing geologic area or about United States history, Mesa Verde is about the Anasasi, an ancient race that vanished without a trace a millennia ago, more or less.

A few of the cliff dwellings in this park are open to the public, but many involve ladders and small crawl spaces.

In seeming inhospitable places, sometimes a hundred feet above the valley floor, are stone dwellings built for unknown reasons. Drought? War? Famine? Disease? Just more mysteries lost in the fabric of time...

Mesa Verde National Park 1
199709Wst_176F0610 199709Wst_177J0201 199709Wst_178F0611 199709Wst_179F0613 199709Wst_180F0612 199709Wst_181F0615 199709Wst_182F0614 199709Wst_183F0616 199709Wst_184F0623 199709Wst_185F0624 199709Wst_186P0113 199709Wst_187F0617 199709Wst_188F0618 199709Wst_189F0619 199709Wst_191J0202 199709Wst_192F0621 199709Wst_193P0111 199709Wst_194J0203 199709Wst_195F0622 199709Wst_196P0112 199709Wst_197F0625 199709Wst_198F0626 199709Wst_199F0627 199709Wst_200F0628 199709Wst_202F0630 199709Wst_203J0204 199709Wst_204F0631 199709Wst_205P0114 199709Wst_206J0205 199709Wst_207J0206 199709Wst_208J0207
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This is Spruce Tree House, one of the easier set of dwellings to get to. There were still a lot of switchbacks, and I was getting an early preview of what it's like trying to hike at 6000 feet when you're a flatlander.

Also pictured is Square Tower House, which is visible from the viewpoints above, but is off-limits to the public.

Mesa Verde National Park 2
199709Wst_209J0208 199709Wst_210F0632 199709Wst_211F0634 199709Wst_212F0636 199709Wst_213J0210 199709Wst_214J0214 199709Wst_215F0635 199709Wst_216J0209 199709Wst_217J0211 199709Wst_218J0212 199709Wst_219J0213 199709Wst_220F0637 199709Wst_221P0115 199709Wst_222F0633 199709Wst_223J0215 199709Wst_225F0701 199709Wst_226F0702 199709Wst_226aF0703 199709Wst_227J0216 199709Wst_228F0704 199709Wst_229P0201 199709Wst_230F0705 199709Wst_231P0202 199709Wst_233F0706 199709Wst_234J0218 199709Wst_235F0707 199709Wst_236J0219 199709Wst_237F0708 199709Wst_238F0709 199709Wst_239F0710 199709Wst_240J0220 199709Wst_241J0221 199709Wst_242F0711
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Some of the pit dwellings found here are dated to almost a thousand years before Columbus discovered America.

Also pictured here is Cliff Palace, accessible only by Ranger guided tours. If you look closely, you can see one of the ladders you have to ascend in the cracks in the rock. I'm sure it would have been interesting, but could have never done the climb...

Mesa Verde National Park 3
199709Wst_243F0712 199709Wst_244F0713 199709Wst_245F0714 199709Wst_247J0223 199709Wst_248F0715 199709Wst_249F0716 199709Wst_250F0717 199709Wst_251F0718 199709Wst_252F0719 199709Wst_253F0720 199709Wst_254F0721 199709Wst_255F0722 199709Wst_256J0224 199709Wst_257F0723 199709Wst_258F0724 199709Wst_260P0203 199709Wst_261J0302 199709Wst_262J0303 199709Wst_263F0726 199709Wst_264F0728 199709Wst_265F0729 199709Wst_266J0304 199709Wst_267J0305 199709Wst_268F0725 199709Wst_271J0307 199709Wst_272F0731 199709Wst_273F0732 199709Wst_274J0306
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Four Corners Monument, Navajo Reservation - September 18

Once US-160 turns south, you enter the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation. Once you pass the Four Corners, you're in the Navajo Indian Reservation.

Four Corners, is the only place in the US where four states meet. Not a Big Deal you say? Well, you're right. But that doesn't stop thousands of people from paying a couple of bucks to get their picture taken on that one spot...

In 2008, I found myself 5 miles from the Monument, and stopped in to get some better pictures. Back in 1997, it was all film, and you conserved it on long trips. Now, it's all digital, and you just take pictures of everything!

The Navajo Indian Reservation is a large place, and you're in it until you get to Grand Canyon National Park. There are random, fascinating rock formations that jut of from the ground throughout the journey. We stopped in a gas station/convenience store somewhere along the way, which had no phone (at least in 1997.)

Four Corners / Navajo Reservation
199709Wst_275J0308 199709Wst_276J0309 199709Wst_278J0310 199709Wst_279F0734 199709Wst_280F0735 199709Wst_281F0736 199709Wst_282F0737 199709Wst_285J0311 199709Wst_286F0800 199709Wst_287J0312 199709Wst_288J0313 199709Wst_289F0803 199709Wst_290F0804 199709Wst_291F0805 199709Wst_292F0806 199709Wst_294F0808
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End 1997 West Vacation - Part 2.

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