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1997 West Vacation - September 13 through 27, Part 5


My 1997 West Vacation - 14 days, 5440 miles.
Day 10 (continued) & 11, Scenic Route 12 (Red Canyon) to Utah-24 (toward I-70)

Scenic Route 12 - September 22

Around 40 miles East of Cedar Breaks, is the Highway 12 Scenic Byway. It's a 120 mile road of some of the most diverse and beautiful country in the country. No exaggeration. On Highway 12, you'll encounter a national monument, 2 national parks, 3 state parks, and dozens of photo opportunities. You can easily spend a week exploring the hostile and amazing areas on or near this road.

I had a day. But I spent a couple more days on this road in 2008, and ate some of the best food, ever.

Scenic Utah-12
199709Wst_598F1411 199709Wst_599P0314 199709Wst_600F1412 199709Wst_601F1413 199709Wst_602F1414
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Bryce Canyon National Park - September 22

Bryce Canyon National Park
The hoodoos of Swamp Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park.
Bryce Canyon, *is* a canyon, but Bryce Canyon National Park is several amphitheaters showcasing some of the most amazing rock formations in southern Utah. The original Canyon was named after Ebenezer Bryce around 1875, a Mormon who helped settle Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Bryce has been a National Park since 1928.

Bryce is one of those places that surprised me back in 1997. It's a beautiful place, someplace where the scenery can certainly be described as spectacular. The Hoodoos (the 'columns' of sandstone) stand in rows like some failed engineering feat, or half carved figures eroded over a millennium. Of course, it's erosion. They get 18 inches of rain here, but it's mostly frost erosion that forms the hoodoos.

This is one of those places I came back to in 2008 specifically so I could take some panoramics.

Bryce Canyon National Park 1
199709Wst_603F1415 199709Wst_604F1416 199709Wst_605F1417 199709Wst_606F1418 199709Wst_607F1419 199709Wst_608F1420 199709Wst_609F1421 199709Wst_610P0315 199709Wst_611J0620 199709Wst_612F1422 199709Wst_613F1423 199709Wst_614J0621 199709Wst_615F1424 199709Wst_617J0623 199709Wst_618F1425 199709Wst_619J0624 199709Wst_620F1501 199709Wst_621J0625 199709Wst_622F1502 199709Wst_623F1503 199709Wst_624F1504 199709Wst_625J0626 199709Wst_626F1505 199709Wst_627P0401 199709Wst_628F1506 199709Wst_629J0627 199709Wst_630J0628 199709Wst_631F1507 199709Wst_632F1508 199709Wst_633J0629 199709Wst_634F1509 199709Wst_635F1510 199709Wst_636J0630 199709Wst_637F1511
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Bryce Canyon National Park 2
199709Wst_638J0632 199709Wst_639P0402 199709Wst_640F1512 199709Wst_641J0631 199709Wst_642F1513 199709Wst_643J0633 199709Wst_646P0403 199709Wst_647F1515 199709Wst_648F1516 199709Wst_649J0635 199709Wst_650J0636 199709Wst_651J0701 199709Wst_652F1517 199709Wst_653F1518 199709Wst_654F1519 199709Wst_655P0404 199709Wst_656F1520 199709Wst_657F1521 199709Wst_658F1522 199709Wst_659J0702 199709Wst_660F1523 199709Wst_661F1524 199709Wst_662F1525 199709Wst_663P0405 199709Wst_664J0703 199709Wst_665F1601 199709Wst_666J0704 199709Wst_667F1602 199709Wst_668F1603 199709Wst_668J0705
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Scenic Route 12 - September 22

Scenic Utah-12 is sort of a misnomer, since every road that goes through this area is scenic. They are also desolate, and unforgiving. Two hundred years ago, this area would have scared me to death, but today it's someplace I want to go back to...

Scenic Utah-12
199709Wst_670F1604 199709Wst_671F1605 199709Wst_672F1606 199709Wst_673F1607 199709Wst_674F1608 199709Wst_675F1609 199709Wst_676F1610 199709Wst_677F1611 199709Wst_678F1612 199709Wst_680F1614
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Capitol Reef National Park - September 22 & 23

Capitol Reef would be our 10th National Park Service venue this trip, quite overwhelming when you think about it. 1997 was an odd year, they had quite a lot of rain in the desert. Unfortunately, one of the casualties, was Capitol Reef National Park. The areas around Utah-24 were open, but the park road had been washed away.

So I really only got to see the Waterpocket Fold around Route 24 and Route 12. One day I'll go back to see the rest of the park...

And that was in 2008, when I finally got back here and saw the rest of the park.

I stayed the night in Torrey, Utah.

Capitol Reef National Park
199709Wst_681F1616 199709Wst_682F1615 199709Wst_683F1618 199709Wst_684F1617 199709Wst_685F1619 199709Wst_686F1620 199709Wst_687F1621 199709Wst_688F1622 199709Wst_689F1623 199709Wst_690F1624 199709Wst_691F1625 199709Wst_692P0407 199709Wst_693P0406 199709Wst_694F1701 199709Wst_695J0706 199709Wst_696J0707 199709Wst_697F1702 199709Wst_698F1703 199709Wst_699F1704 199709Wst_700F1705 199709Wst_701F1706 199709Wst_702F1707 199709Wst_703F1708 199709Wst_705F1710 199709Wst_706F1711 199709Wst_707F1712 199709Wst_708F1713 199709Wst_709J0708 199709Wst_710J0709 199709Wst_711F1714 199709Wst_712F1715 199709Wst_713F1716 199709Wst_714F1717 199709Wst_715F1718 199709Wst_716F1719 199709Wst_717F1720 199709Wst_718F1721 199709Wst_719F1722 199709Wst_720P0408
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Utah 24 - September 23

Utah 24 starts up just off I-70 in Central Utah, travels South about 40 miles, then East some 50 miles, then travels Northeast where it meets back up with I-70. It was probably the road you had to take through the mountains until I-70 was built.

Today, it's the road you have to take to get to Capitol Reef National Park, if you're approaching from the East or the West. We took Utah 24 from Capitol Reef to I-70 through the San Rafael Desert, once the bottom of a vast inland sea.

The road was so desolate and deserted, that I stopped in the middle of the road, and took the panoramic below. In January of 2000, that picture got me $50 and a nice hooded sweatshirt as a prize for one of the Top 10 Straight Roads in Car and Driver Magazine. They even spelled my name right. :-)

I also drove this road in 2008, with a stop in Goblin Valley State Park.

Utah 24
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End 1997 West Vacation - Part 5.

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