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1998 West Vacation - September 8 through 19, Part 5 of 5


My 1998 West Vacation - 11 days, 4315 miles.
Days 8 (continued) to 11, Yellowstone National Park to Home.

Cody, Wyoming - September 15 & 16

Cody, WY
199809NW_660J0617 199809NW_661J0618 199809NW_663J0620 199809NW_664J0621 199809NW_665J0622 199809NW_666J0623 199809NW_667J0624 199809NW_668J0625 199809NW_669J0700 199809NW_670J0701 199809NW_671J0702 199809NW_672J0703 199809NW_673J0704 199809NW_674P0213 199809NW_675P0214 199809NW_676J0705 199809NW_677J0706
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Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area - September 16

We were told by a local that the best way to get to I-90 from Cody was to take Alternate US-14. It was newly repaved, and some of the views from Alt-14 were inspiring. And it was true. I'm sure US-14 from Cody to I-90 is nice road. I should drive it one day.

I was back in this area in 2006 coming out of Yellowstone again, and didn't take US-14 again.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area
199809NW_678F1724 199809NW_679J0707 199809NW_681P0215 199809NW_682F1801 199809NW_683F1802 199809NW_684J0708 199809NW_685F1803 199809NW_686F1804 199809NW_687J0709 199809NW_688J0710 199809NW_689J0711 199809NW_690F1805 199809NW_691J0712 199809NW_692J0713 199809NW_693F1806
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Devils Tower National Monument - September 17

Devils Tower NM
Admit it, when you saw this picture, you thought "Close Encounters". Devils Tower National Monument."
Had I actually realized Devils Tower was so close to the Black Hills, I would have visited it in 1996. But there you are. (It was only after my 1996 trip did I start acquiring the resources to do proper Road Trips.)

After reviewing the video tape and photos I had of Devils Tower, I realized I had more pictures of prairie dogs than I did of the monument. How discouraging.

I vowed to go back and correct that situation. I was supposed to do it in 2001, but didn't get around to it until 2006. Me, Jo and a thousand bikers. But I digress, and that's another page.

Devils Tower National Monument
199809NW_694F1808 199809NW_695F1809 199809NW_696F1810 199809NW_697F1811 199809NW_698F1812 199809NW_699F1813 199809NW_700F1814 199809NW_701J0714 199809NW_702F1815 199809NW_703F1816 199809NW_704J0715 199809NW_708F1820 199809NW_710J0717 199809NW_711F1821 199809NW_712F1822 199809NW_713J0718 199809NW_714F1823 199809NW_715F1824
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Custer State Park, South Dakota - September 17

If Yellowstone is my favorite National Park, Custer is my favorite State Park. We did all the usual things: Drove Needles Highway and took pictures of the Bighorn Sheep and the Needles Eye and said hello to the burros. And of course, Jo would find a cat to pet.

I think it's also the last time I slept in a tent. I'm getting to old to do that stuff...

There are more pictures in my 1996 and 2006 road trips.

Custer State Park
199809NW_716F1825 199809NW_718F1903 199809NW_720F1905 199809NW_722F1907 199809NW_723F1908 199809NW_724F1909 199809NW_725F1910 199809NW_726F1911 199809NW_727F1912 199809NW_728F1913 199809NW_729F1914 199809NW_730J0719 199809NW_731J0720 199809NW_733J0722 199809NW_734J0723 199809NW_735J0724 199809NW_737F1916 199809NW_738F1917 199809NW_739F1918 199809NW_740F1919 199809NW_741J0800 199809NW_742J0801 199809NW_743F1920 199809NW_744J0802 199809NW_745F1921 199809NW_746F1922 199809NW_747F1923 199809NW_748F1924 199809NW_749J0803
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Badlands National Park - September 18

Near here is where the culmination of the Ghost Dance occurred, where once again faith and beliefs were no match against bullets and cannon fire. It was the last hope the Native Americans had before their way of life was changed completely.

It's right off of I-90, so I tend to stop in whenever I'm out near the Northwest. We did it a little differently, taking the back roads to the West side to the park.

More pictures can be found in my 1996 trip and some nice panoramics in my 2006 trip.

Badlands National Park
199809NW_750J0804 199809NW_751J0805 199809NW_752F1925 199809NW_753F1926 199809NW_754F1927 199809NW_755J0806 199809NW_756F1936 199809NW_757F1928 199809NW_758J0807 199809NW_759P0301 199809NW_760P0302 199809NW_761P0303 199809NW_762J0808 199809NW_763J0809 199809NW_764J0810 199809NW_765F1929 199809NW_766F1930 199809NW_767P0304 199809NW_768P0305 199809NW_769J0811 199809NW_771P0306 199809NW_772F1931 199809NW_773F1932 199809NW_774J0813 199809NW_775J0814 199809NW_776J0815 199809NW_777J0816 199809NW_778F1933 199809NW_779F1934 199809NW_780F1935 199809NW_781J0817 199809NW_782F1937 199809NW_783J0818 199809NW_784J0819
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By the end of the trip, I was more convinced than ever that the West was a place I wanted to see again. The wonders of Yellowstone, the promise of returning to the Tetons, and other portions of the Rocky Mountain Chain were wonders to be investigated. That would happen in 2001, but it was to be a trip of mixed emotions and events.

Keane's 1998 West Trip:
Days: 11
Miles: 4315 miles
Miles/Day: 392 miles/day
Gas (Gallons): 156.06
Cost (gas): $181.33
Miles/Gallon: 27.64
Cost (lodging): $674.95

End 1998 West Vacation - Part 5 of 5.

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