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2002 New Orleans Vacation - September 7 to 13, Part 1


Road Trip Map
My 2002 Orlando / New Orleans Vacation. 15 days, 3530 miles.
[Note: All picture time stamps are -5 hours off. They may have been based on GMT in the Eastern Time Zone, where I was just before this trip. It was after this trip that all times were standardized to my home time.]

Well, yes, this trip started out in Orlando. I was in Disneyworld, but more importantly I was taking a photo record of Universal Orlando with my brand new G2. But that's another page.

Now, none of this would normally have any import, but starting someplace in Alabama or Mississippi, I met up the remnants of Tropical Storm Edouard. What fun that was.

Why New Orleans? I wanted to see it before nature claimed it back. Let's face it. The Crescent City is on the Mississippi delta, which every year deposits more and more of the Midwest around it. So every year, New Orleans seems to sink.

And more to the point, New Orleans had been lucky in that a major hurricane hadn't come their way. Texas and Florida certainly has had their share of major catastrophes, and they weren't below sea level. So in 2005, Katrina didn't surprise me. But I was there before that event.

Oh, and if you ever go there, bring your antacids. You can't get away without eating all sorts of wonderful, tasty, fried foods...

Jo flew into the Louis Armstrong Airport about 8pm on the 7th. We were based in Slidell, a suburb of New Orleans.

200209FNO_625C07192 200209FNO_627C07193
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French Quarter - September 8

We picked up a transportation pass, and Jo decided she wanted to do the lunch cruise on the Riverboat Natchez. We had some time to kill before the steamboat left, so we took a walk down Decatur Street.

French Quarter
200209FNO_632C08163 200209FNO_630C08163 200209FNO_633C08163 200209FNO_634C08164 200209FNO_635C08164 200209FNO_636C08171 200209FNO_637C08172 200209FNO_639C08172 200209FNO_640C08172 200209FNO_641C08172 200209FNO_642C08172 200209FNO_643C08172 200209FNO_644C08172 200209FNO_646C08174
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Steamboat Natchez - September 8

The Steamboat Natchez is a state of the art, honest-to-god paddleboat. It took us a dozen miles or more up the Mississippi, a nice ride. The lunch they served left a little to be desired, though. While the ride on a real steamboat was okay, I probably wouldn't do a meal cruise again...

It would have been interesting to see the Mississippi a hundred years ago when these were the main vessels on Ol' Muddy...

Steamboat Natchez
200209FNO_647C08175 200209FNO_648C08175 200209FNO_650C08175 200209FNO_652C08180 200209FNO_653C08184 200209FNO_654C08184 200209FNO_655C08185 200209FNO_656C08185 200209FNO_657C08185 200209FNO_658C08185 200209FNO_659C08190 200209FNO_660C08190 200209FNO_661C08190 200209FNO_662C08190 200209FNO_663C08190 200209FNO_664C08191 200209FNO_665C08191 200209FNO_666C08191 200209FNO_667C08191 200209FNO_668C08191 200209FNO_669C08195 200209FNO_671C08195 200209FNO_673C08200 200209FNO_674C08200 200209FNO_675C08200 200209FNO_676C08200 200209FNO_677C08200 200209FNO_679C08200 200209FNO_680C08200 200209FNO_681C08200 200209FNO_682C08201 200209FNO_684C08201 200209FNO_686687C08202
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We took a walk down the riverfront, to the Aquarium of the Americas, but only took video inside. Then we did a short walking tour of the French Quarter.

Riverfront / French Quarter
200209FNO_688C08205 200209FNO_689C08205 200209FNO_690C08205 200209FNO_691C08205 200209FNO_694N08222 200209FNO_695C08224 200209FNO_696C08224 200209FNO_697C08233 200209FNO_698C08233 200209FNO_699C08234 200209FNO_700C09000 200209FNO_701C09000 200209FNO_702C09000
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Honey Island Swamp Tour - September 9

This is one of the pictures that convinced me it would be okay to go digital and abandon film. Too bad it was a defective dragonfly. Taken near the Pearl River, Slidell, Louisiana.
The Honey Island Swamp is a 150 square mile swamp, one of the most pristine river swamp areas left in the country. It's supposed to be inhabited by a Big Foot/Yeti type creature named the Honey Island Swamp Monster. I didn't see it.

I don't know why we took a swamp tour, but it turned out to be a very good tour with an excellent guide. He also had an excellent recommendation for dinner...

Of course, all this was pre-Katrina. The Pearl River was right in the way of the hurricane...

Honey Island Swamp Tour
200209FNO_703C09155 200209FNO_705C09155 200209FNO_707C09155 200209FNO_708C09161 200209FNO_709C09161 200209FNO_711C09161 200209FNO_712C09162 200209FNO_713C09163 200209FNO_714C09163 200209FNO_715C09163 200209FNO_717C09164 200209FNO_718C09164 200209FNO_719C09164 200209FNO_720C09165 200209FNO_721C09165 200209FNO_723C09165 200209FNO_726C09165 200209FNO_727C09170 200209FNO_728C09170 200209FNO_730C09170 200209FNO_731C09171 200209FNO_732C09172 200209FNO_733C09172 200209FNO_734C09174 200209FNO_736C09175
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Fort Pike State Historic Site - September 9

After the swamp tour, we decided to take a visit to Fort Pike, a Louisiana State Historic Site just up the road from our tour.

Fort Pike was one of those Forts built after the war of 1812 to protect America's coastline from invaders.

It all seemed to be a pretty good idea until the rifled bore cannon was invented in the 1860's, which could take apart these brick structures in no time, with no effort. Oh well.

Fort Pike was completed in 1826. It was seized by the confederacy in 1861, and was taken back by the Union in 1862. Most of these forts were abandoned after 1880, some of which became landmarks, like Ft. Sumter and Ft. Pulaski, and other's became state historic sites like this one.

Fort Pike State Historic Site
200209FNO_737C09202 200209FNO_738C09202 200209FNO_739C09202 200209FNO_741C09202 200209FNO_742C09203 200209FNO_740C09202 200209FNO_743C09203 200209FNO_744C09203 200209FNO_745C09203 200209FNO_746C09203 200209FNO_747C09203 200209FNO_748C09203 200209FNO_749C09203 200209FNO_750C09203 200209FNO_751C09204 200209FNO_752C09204 200209FNO_753C09204 200209FNO_754C09204 200209FNO_755C09204 200209FNO_756C09204 200209FNO_757C09204 200209FNO_758C09204 200209FNO_760C09204 200209FNO_761C09204 200209FNO_762C09204 200209FNO_763C09204 200209FNO_764C09205 200209FNO_765C09205 200209FNO_775N09220 200209FNO_776N09220 200209FNO_767C09205 200209FNO_770C09211 200209FNO_771C09212 200209FNO_773C09212
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End 2002 New Orleans Vacation - Part 1 of 2.

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