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2003 Florida Vacation - October 22 through November 1


Road Trip Map
My 2003 (Southern) Florida Vacation. 11 days, 3675 miles.

Background / Planning

Well, it was late October, it was vacation time, and it was too late to go West. Snow, doncha know. So let's go someplace warm. Let's go South.

So, we went way South. All the way to Key West. Just to say I was there. Just to drive the Overseas Highway.

Yes, there was a visit to Disney World on the way to Southern Florida, and a stop at Universal Orlando on the way back. When you have annual passes, it's not that expensive. :-)

Sunrise the day we left WDW...
200310FL_154C27063 200310FL_155C27063 200310FL_156C27063
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Everglades Airboat Swamp Tour - October 27

In 2002, I did the tourist thing to do and did a swamp tour in New Orleans . This year, I was in the everglades. The thing to do was an airboat ride! They're loud, crude, and an amazingly fun machine. You sit elevated above the water, with no roof, glass or A or B pillar. It's probably the closest I've come to flying without a plane. A genuine E ticket ride, with alligators.

You're taken through the cypress swamps, and to open tidal areas within the Everglades, a fun and informative tour...

Everglades Airboat Swamp Tour...
200310FL_161C27130 200310FL_162C27130 200310FL_163C27140 200310FL_164C27140 200310FL_165C27140 200310FL_166C27141 200310FL_167C27141 200310FL_169C27141 200310FL_171C27141 200310FL_174C27142 200310FL_176C27142 200310FL_177C27142 200310FL_178C27142 200310FL_179C27143 200310FL_180C27143 200310FL_181C27143 200310FL_183C27144 200310FL_185C27145
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Marco Island - October 27

Jo had a thing about the Gulf Coast beaches, so on the way down South we stopped for the night On Marco Island. In 2009, we would visit Venice and Siesta Key.

I do have to admit, a sunset over the Gulf is a wondrous sight...

Marco Island
200310FL_187C27162 200310FL_188C27162 200310FL_189C27162 200310FL_190C27162 200310FL_191C27162 200310FL_192C27162 200310FL_193C27162 200310FL_194C27162 200310FL_196C27163 200310FL_197C27164 200310FL_198C27164 200310FL_200aC27164 200310FL_201C27164 200310FL_202C27165 200310FL_203C27170 200310FL_204C27172 200310FL_205C27174 200310FL_206C27174 200310FL_207C27174 200310FL_211C27174 200310FL_212C27174 200310FL_209C27174 200310FL_215C27175 200310FL_216C27175 200310FL_217223C27175 200310FL_224C28085 200310FL_225C28085
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Everglades National Park - October 28

To quote from The Complete Guide to America's National Parks,
"Mosquitoes and other biting insects make camping and backcountry use during the summer rainy season virtually unbearable by all but the most dedicated outdoors person."

How's that for a rousing endorsement? True, it wasn't the summer rainy season, but there isn't a season down here that doesn't have mosquitoes. I was out of the car for maybe a minute taking the panoramic below, and some damned mosquito dined on my leg. In October. Go figure.

The Everglades National Park covers 1.5 million acres of southern Florida. I think there are 1.5 million mosquitoes per acre. You do the math.

There are two types of places. Areas with trees, and open flat areas. The park is so flat, that there aren't any areas higher than 8 feet above sea level. Oh, them skeeters are worse in the tree area.

Am I obsessing over mosquitoes?

Everglades National Park
200310FL_242C28124 200310FL_226C28103 200310FL_227C28103 200310FL_228C28103 200310FL_229C28103 200310FL_240C28115 200310FL_230C28112 200310FL_231C28112 200310FL_232C28112 200310FL_233C28113 200310FL_234C28114 200310FL_235238C28114 200310FL_239C28115 200310FL_241C28122
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Overseas Highway (US-1) - October 28

On January 21, 1912, a guy named Henry Flagler completed the Overseas Railroad from South Florida to Key West. Henry assumed that the steamships coming out of the soon-to-be completed Panama Canal would need to refill their coal bins at Key West.

Unfortunately for Henry, this thing called oil became the fuel of choice, and the need to stop for frequent refueling was eliminated. As was Henry's fortune.

When a category 5 hurricane blew through the keys on September 2nd, 1935, it destroyed some 40 miles of railroad track, ensuring that the railroad, already in receivership, wouldn't run again. The government decided instead, to build a highway. For cars.

The 119 mile Overseas Highway was officially completed on March 29, 1938, completing the 2200 mile road named US-1. By 1982, the road and all bridges were upgraded, the old bridges left behind as walking trails and fishing bridges.

Today, some 42,000 cars per day travel the Overseas Highway. There are 51 bridges, and 20% of the road is over water. The crowning achievement of the highway, is the Seven Mile Bridge. It's 35,000 feet (6.7 miles) long, and reaches a height of 65 feet.

Overseas Highway (US-1)
200310FL_244I28140 200310FL_245I28144 200310FL_246I28144 200310FL_247I28144 200310FL_248I28144 200310FL_249I28144
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Key West, Florida - October 28

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. Key West, Florida
Key West was fun. Our hotel was on the East side of the Island, and we decided to take the shuttle and go to Mallory Square for the evening, where the performance artists hang out. Saw a beautiful sunset, had an excellent dinner at a Cuban restaurant that served some very good pig, then a Papa Doublas at Sloppy Joes, which really isn't the real Sloppy Joes, but there you are. Didn't care for the Key Lime Pie.

Oh, and the cats roam freely, and the chickens are a protected species. Really. Actually all birds on the Island are protected, and the chickens happened to be loopholed in...

Conch Republic (aka Key West, Florida)
200310FL_250C28174 200310FL_251C28174 200310FL_252C28174 200310FL_254C28175 200310FL_255C28175 200310FL_257C28180 200310FL_258C28180 200310FL_259C28192 200310FL_260C28192 200310FL_262C28193 200310FL_263C28193 200310FL_264C28202 200310FL_265C28202 200310FL_266N29074
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On the road home... - October 31

We left the next morning, taking the Overseas Highway East in much better weather. We got on the Florida Turnpike at its start, and took it all the way to Universal Orlando for a couple of days at the theme parks.

Then I got sick. Probably some darn kid at Disney World gave me a cold. Anyway, we got a pretty good Sunset over Chattanooga, and some fall colors through Tennessee.

On the road home...
200310FL_302C31180 200310FL_303305C31180 200311FL_306C01072 200311FL_307C01073 200311FL_308C01074 200311FL_309C01095 200311FL_310C01103 200311FL_311C01103 200311FL_313C01103 200311FL_314C01131
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Final Thoughts

Having grown up on brown sand beaches, the white beaches of Florida was sort of startling. However, I have to add that I've only experienced the Florida beaches during the off-season. I might have a completely different view of them when there are a bazillion tourists there.

I really should get back down to Key West and explore the rest of the island, if nothing else but to get a picture of me next to the Southernmost Point of the US sign...

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