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2008 West Vacation - Southern Utah and Colorado, Part 3


My 2008 West Vacation. 16 days, 4596.3 miles.
Day 7, Kodachrome Basin State Park to Bryce Canyon National Park

Day 7. End of day miles: 2072. Hotel: Ruby's Inn, Utah.

Scenic Route 12, Part 3 - September 18

We leave Escalante early, still on Rt. 12. Still have amazing views, but there's a flat bottom as the road turns West. Eventually, the farmland / grazing land gives way to stepping down the staircase once again.

Scenic Route 12 - Escalante to Cannonville
200809SW_0922P18092 200809SW_0923P18093 200809SW_09240932P18093 200809SW_0931P18093 200809SW_0933P18094 200809SW_0934P18095 200809SW_0936P18095 200809SW_0938P18100 200809SW_0939P18100
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Kodachrome Basin State Park - September 18

At Cannonville (once called Gun Shot by the residents who claimed it was too small to qualify as a cannon) we turn left onto Cottonwood Road toward Kodachrome Basin State Park. The red sandstone spires against the forever blue sky prompted the National Geographic Society (with Kodak's blessing) to name this park after the slide film in 1949. Kodachrome today is no longer produced, and can command big bucks by enthusiasts. At least it will until the last lab in the country stops developing the film...

This was one of the parks that were deleted from my 1997 trip, again due to bad information. Besides, we rushed through Route-12 so fast we wouldn't have had time to stop, not to mention it was an overcast day. But not today.

Not only is it a state park, but there is lodging here as well. I suppose you could even use this place as a base camp when visiting Bryce Canyon. I'll bet it's pretty quiet here at night.

Anyway, they have some very cool natural rock formations, and was a very well maintained park. We walked a few trails, admired Mother Nature's sense of humor, then took off for Bryce.

Kodachrome Basin State Park
200809SW_0995P18113 200809SW_09400943P18102 200809SW_0944P18102 200809SW_0945P18102 200809SW_0946P18103 200809SW_0947P18103 200809SW_0948P18103 200809SW_0949P18103 200809SW_0950P18103 200809SW_09510960P18103 200809SW_0961P18103 200809SW_0964P18104 200809SW_0965P18104 200809SW_0966P18104 200809SW_0967P18104 200809SW_0968P18104 200809SW_0970971P18105 200809SW_0972P18105 200809SW_0973P18105 200809SW_0974P18105 200809SW_0975P18110 200809SW_0976P18110 200809SW_0977P18110 200809SW_0978P18110 200809SW_0979P18110 200809SW_0980P18110 200809SW_0981P18110 200809SW_0982P18110 200809SW_0984P18110 200809SW_0985P18111 200809SW_0986P18111 200809SW_0987P18111 200809SW_09890992P18112 200809SW_0993P18112 200809SW_0994P18113 200809SW_0998P18113 200809SW_0999P18114 200809SW_1000P18114 200809SW_1001P18114
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Just another postcard picture opportunity in Utah...

Bryce Canyon National Park, Day 1 - September 18

We turned into the Mossy Cave entrance of Bryce, someplace I'd never been before. We didn't actually take the time to walk the entire trail, since I wanted to get into the park, and Jo wanted to go horseback riding. But there are some cool hoodoos here.

Truth in advertising says the entry sign below doesn't exist at the Mossy Cave Entrance. It's the main entrance sign...

Bryce Canyon National Park, Mossy Cave Trail Entrance
200809SW_1236P19103 200809SW_1003P18115 200809SW_10041009P18120 200809SW_1010P18120 200809SW_1011P18120 200809SW_1012P18120 200809SW_1013P18120 200809SW_1014P18120 200809SW_10171020P18120
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Bryce Canyon National Park, Day 1 Part 1

Stopped at the Rubys Inn Best Western. Jo's going horseback riding, I'm going into Bryce. Not knowing how it all works, we stop in first at the Old Bryce Town Shops, and darned if there isn't a Trabant there. That's two that I know of in the United States, and the other is on federal land. (Pictures at the end of the page...) But her horse riding guys aren't there.

We then went across the street to the main hotel lobby, and Jo found her horse riding outfit, I found they didn't have a room ready yet. We did have time for lunch, and ate at the Cowboy's Buffet & Steak Room, the main in-house restaurant. I had the buffet, Jo the grilled chicken salad. Mediocre food, but hardy and lots of it. We will meet up again after her horseback ride, and go tour the gift shops.

Jo leaves via van, and I head into the park, where it proceeds to rain, then hail, then rain, then stop. I wonder if Jo is getting this. (Nope.)

Plan is to go all the way out to Rainbow Point, and make my way back, but that plan is ruined when I get to some proscribed fires at Agua Canyon. After taking a few pictures, I realize I should stick to my original plan and drive out to Rainbow, and then every viewpoint on the way back, something we really didn't have the time to do in 1997. The smoke around Agua is terrible, makes Bryce hazy. Busses full of geriatrics are a several viewpoints, many Europeans and Asians. I may fit into two of those categories, but I'm not in a bus...

Bryce Canyon National Park, Day 1 Part 1
200809SW_1036P18144 200809SW_1038P18145 200809SW_1039P18145 200809SW_10401046P18145 200809SW_1047P18145 200809SW_10501055P18150 200809SW_1056P18151 200809SW_1057P18151 200809SW_1058P18151 200809SW_10591063P18151 200809SW_1064P18152 200809SW_1065P18152 200809SW_1066P18152 200809SW_1067P18153 200809SW_10681076P18153 200809SW_1078P18153 200809SW_1080P18154 200809SW_1082P18154 200809SW_10831088P18154 200809SW_10891092P18155 200809SW_1093P18155 200809SW_10941100P18155 200809SW_1101P18160 200809SW_11021107P18160 200809SW_1108P18160
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Bryce Canyon National Park, Day 1 Part 2

Now Bryce Canyon is a canyon, but Bryce Canyon National Park is a series of amphitheaters from a ridge looking East. The most gorgeous viewpoints are probably the first 5 or 6 in the park, mostly due to the lower elevation closer to the sandstone that creates the uniquely shaped hoodoos.

But there is a Bryce Canyon overlook, and it's one of the most scenic in the park. However, there's a rise of about 50 feet you have to walk from the parking lot to the viewpoint, reminding me that 8300 feet above sea level is way more than I'm used to. I am shamed by the octogenarians who don't seem to have the same problem I do. Heh.

Still, this is better than getting your ass beat up on a horse. :-)

Bryce Canyon National Park, Day 1 Part 2
200809SW_1109P18160 200809SW_1110P18160 200809SW_1111P18161 200809SW_1112P18161 200809SW_1114P18161 200809SW_11161121P18161 200809SW_1122P18162 200809SW_1123P18162 200809SW_1124P18162 200809SW_1126P18163 200809SW_1128P18163 200809SW_1130P18163 200809SW_11311149P18163 200809SW_1150P18164 200809SW_1151P18164 200809SW_1152P18164 200809SW_1154P18164 200809SW_1155P18165 200809SW_11561159P18165 200809SW_11601174P18165 200809SW_1175P18170 200809SW_11761182P18170 200809SW_1183P18171 200809SW_1184P18171
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Red Canyon, Scenic Route 12, UT - September 18

Jo's ass, on the other hand, is getting beat up by a horse.

They went riding through Red Canyon, a place we'll pass by when we leave Bryce...

Jo goes horseback riding
200809SW_1185I18150 200809SW_1186I18151 200809SW_1187I18151 200809SW_1188I18151 200809SW_1189I18151 200809SW_1190I18151 200809SW_1193I18151 200809SW_1194I18151 200809SW_1195I18151 200809SW_1196I18151 200809SW_1197I18151 200809SW_1198I18151 200809SW_1199I18152 200809SW_1201I18152 200809SW_1202I18153 200809SW_1203I18153 200809SW_1204I18153 200809SW_1205I18155 200809SW_1206I18155 200809SW_1207I18163 200809SW_1209I18172 200809SW_1210I18172 200809SW_1211I18172 200809SW_1212I18172
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Ruby's Inn, Bryce Canyon, UT - September 18

Jo should be getting back to the hotel soon, so I bypass the last 4 major viewpoints, and get back to Ruby's Inn to check in. The people in check-in are a little curt, room's in the back, and have a nice day. (Though I did find other employees very warm and friendly.) I drive to the back, and find a parking space right next to the door I have to use, and the room is only 20 feet from there.

It's a nice room, with Jacuzzi and widescreen TV. Rough life. It's in the pool atrium, and you can walk indoor corridors all the way to the lobby and gift/grocery shop. Cell service pretty much sucks here, so trying to find Jo is a hassle, but it allows me to canvas both of the souvenir stores and the grocery store.

We finally find each other, and pick up a few cold beverages and a 12-pack of Coke Zero (for Jo) before heading back to the room. Once there, I back-up all the picture data.

We decide to grab a pizza at The Canyon Diner for dinner, and it's...only okay, if that.

Talking to the employees, we find the entire area is owned by the same people, the Syretts. The hotel, the diner, the two gas stations, the stores across the street, the new hotel being built across the street... I'd wouldn't be surprised if the street was owned by the Syretts. But let's be fair, Ruby Syrett had permission to set up a lodge at the rim 5 years before the Feds grabbed it as their own and created Bryce Canyon National Monument. He just had to move to his ranch, where the current Ruby's Inn is today. (I do wonder if the Syretts "Ranch" has anything to do with the lack of hotel and restaurant competition outside the park.)

Shower was good, room was excellent. 10/10. But remember, I had one of the new, upscale rooms. There are still some definitely unmodern rooms here.

Ruby's Inn, UT
200809SW_1226P18175 200809SW_1232P18194 200809SW_1229P18175 200809SW_1228P18175 200809SW_1025P18122 200809SW_1026P18122 200809SW_1027P18122 200809SW_1029P18122 200809SW_1032P18133 200809SW_1033P18133 200809SW_1223P18175 200809SW_1225P18175 200809SW_1219P18174 200809SW_1220P18174 200809SW_1221P18174 200809SW_1222P18174 200809SW_1214P18173 200809SW_1215P18173 200809SW_1216P18173 200809SW_1230P18175 200809SW_1231P18175 200809SW_1233P18194 200809SW_1234P18200 200809SW_1023P18122 200809SW_1024P18122
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End 2008 Southwest Vacation - Part 3.

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