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2008 West Vacation - Southern Utah and Colorado, Part 5


My 2008 West Vacation. 16 days, 4596.3 miles.
Day 9, Glen Canyon Dam to Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Day 9. Hotel: Lake Powell Resort, Page, Arizona.

Lake Powell Resort, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area - September 20

Sunrise happens about 6:15am local time. Very nice, better than our sunset. It does get bright in a hurry though.

We have a 8:15am date with the dam, and at 7:45, we're out the door and to the dam.

200809SW_1540P20081 200809SW_1542P20081 200809SW_15431551P20081 200809SW_1552P20081 200809SW_1553P20082 200809SW_15541558P20082 200809SW_15591561P20082 200809SW_1562P20082 200809SW_1563P20082 200809SW_1564P20094
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Glen Canyon Dam and Tour - September 20

Even with a stop to take some pictures of the up-river side of the dam, we get there a couple minutes before the visitor center opens.

A lot has probably changed since 9/11, they have metal detectors at the door, and don't allow any sort of bag into the facility. We pass muster and are allowed in. We have time, so we look at the exhibits, and browse the bookstore.

Our tour starts at 8:30am (check in at 8:15), and it takes one hour. And it's "free". It's a damn good dam tour. (Had to fit that in somewhere...) The first elevator takes you to the top of the dam, and a second elevator to the power generators. No stairs. I like that. (A few levels below that is where they're keeping the Decepticon. The Hoover Dam thing was to make it all sound ridiculous.)

If you want to take the tour, go there first thing to get a reservation. There aren't that many tours per day, and 20 people per tour means they only take 160 to 200 people per day.

Glen Canyon Dam
200809SW_15661570P20094 200809SW_1571P20094 200809SW_1572P20094 200809SW_1573P20101 200809SW_1574P20101 200809SW_1575P20101 200809SW_1576P20103 200809SW_1577P20103 200809SW_1578P20103 200809SW_1579P20103 200809SW_1580P20103 200809SW_1581P20103 200809SW_1582P20103 200809SW_1584P20104 200809SW_1585P20104 200809SW_1586P20104 200809SW_15881591P20104 200809SW_1592P20104 200809SW_1599P20104 200809SW_1600P20105 200809SW_1601P20105 200809SW_16021605P20110 200809SW_16061610P20110 200809SW_16111617P20110 200809SW_1618D20110 200809SW_16191624P20110 200809SW_1625P20110 200809SW_1627P20110 200809SW_1629P20111 200809SW_1630P20111 200809SW_16321638P20111 200809SW_1639P20111 200809SW_1640P20111 200809SW_1642P20111 200809SW_1643P20112
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US-89 - September 20

Dam tour over, we head South on US-89 to the Lee's Ferry unit of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

It's only about 8 miles as the crow flies from the Dam to Lees Ferry, probably double that in river miles, which would make a nice afternoon float trip. But it's over 40 miles if you drive.

First you have to make your way South to Antelope Pass, which is one of the two places where you can cross the Echo Cliffs. (The other, is at a place called "The Gap" 26 miles to the South.)

NOTE: If you are somehow using this information to plan a route or a vacation, you should know that there was a collapse of US-89 that travels up the Echo Cliffs to Antelope Pass in February 2013. The road from The Gap to Page has been paved, and is called US-89T (for temporary). This becomes a problem if say, you're going from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to the North Rim. What was a 50 mile (round trip) detour to Page for lodging and seeing Lake Powell, now becomes a 100 mile detour.
Once through Antelope Pass, you descend down into the valley and turn right on US-89A, which used to be US-89 until the bridge by the Glen Canyon Dam was completed. On US-89A, you cross the river at Marble Canyon, which is only 12 miles from the bridge at Glen Canyon dam, but the next time a road crosses the Colorado River is near Las Vegas. (There is a ferry 55 miles up-river from the Glen Canyon Dam, but the next road to cross the Colorado is at White Canyon, 90 miles from US-89.

It's one of the main reasons there are only so many routes you can take through the area...

200809SW_1646P20114 200809SW_1650P20114 200809SW_1651P20114 200809SW_1652P20115 200809SW_1653P20115 200809SW_1655P20115 200809SW_1656P20115 200809SW_1657P20115 200809SW_1660P20120 200809SW_1662P20120 200809SW_1664P20121 200809SW_1666P20121 200809SW_1667P20121
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Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, AZ / Lees Ferry Unit - September 20

We find the rock we took pictures on in 1997, and...take some pictures. We then head for the boat launch, and to John D. Lee's house when he ran the ferry. Before he was shot by a firing squad. But that's another website.

Went out to the balanced rocks, then sped back to Lake Powell Resort, where we had a date with a boat to Rainbow Bridge.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area / Lees Ferry
200809SW_1668P20121 200809SW_1669P20122 200809SW_1670P20122 200809SW_1671P20122 200809SW_16721680P20122 200809SW_1687P20123 200809SW_1689P20123 200809SW_1692P20123 200809SW_16961701P20123 200809SW_1702P20123 200809SW_17051711P20124 200809SW_1712P20124 200809SW_1713P20124 200809SW_1715P20124 200809SW_1716P20124 200809SW_1719P20125 200809SW_1721P20125 200809SW_1722P20125 200809SW_1729P20125 200809SW_1730P20125 200809SW_1731P20125 200809SW_17331738P20125 200809SW_1739P20125 200809SW_1740P20130 200809SW_1742P20131
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Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, UT / Lake Powell - September 20

The Boat was a large tour boat, which slows down when passing houseboats due to the wake. Having been on a houseboat for a week on Lake Kentucky, I can see how it's appreciated, but it makes for slow going close to the resort. Water levels are up, so we can go through "The Cut" which saves a bunch of river miles, but the lake is still 70 inches below full.

We get some amazing views from the boat of what was Glen Canyon, but is now Lake Powell. Believe it or not, we will travel 50 river miles to get to Rainbow Bridge. What we didn't know, was this was the nice leg of the trip.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Day 2) / Lake Powell
200809SW_1754P20132 200809SW_1759P20134 200809SW_1761P20134 200809SW_17621767P20141 200809SW_1768P20143 200809SW_1769P20144 200809SW_17701774P20144 200809SW_1775P20145 200809SW_1777P20151 200809SW_1778P20151 200809SW_1779P20151 200809SW_1780P20151 200809SW_17821784P20152 200809SW_1785P20152 200809SW_1787P20152 200809SW_1788P20152 200809SW_1789P20152 200809SW_1790P20152 200809SW_17911794P20153 200809SW_1795P20153 200809SW_1796P20153 200809SW_1797P20154 200809SW_1798P20154 200809SW_1799P20154 200809SW_1800P20155 200809SW_1801P20155 200809SW_1802P20155 200809SW_1803P20155 200809SW_1805P20160 200809SW_1807P20160 200809SW_1808P20161 200809SW_1809P20161 200809SW_1810P20162
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Rainbow Bridge
HDR photo of Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Rainbow Bridge National Monument - September 20

Rainbow Bridge, is BIG. 290' high, 275' span. I studied Google satellite maps to determine when we should go there, and the way the bridge is situated, we should go in the afternoon. Even though it was a mostly sunny day, it was cloudy when we were there. Go figure. When the hell does it get cloudy in Southern Utah?

The walk from the boat dock to the Bridge wasn't too bad, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of a mile. You can see how the walk could get up to a mile when the water level is really low.

After doing your normal stupid human tricks and talking with the Ranger with the T-Rex, we notice most of our group is gone, and we head back to the boat.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument
200809SW_1811P20163 200809SW_1814P20164 200809SW_1815P20164 200809SW_1816P20164 200809SW_1817P20164 200809SW_1819P20164 200809SW_1820P20164 200809SW_1821P20164 200809SW_1822P20165 200809SW_1823P20165 200809SW_1824P20165 200809SW_1825P20165 200809SW_1826P20165 200809SW_1827P20165 200809SW_1829P20170 200809SW_1831P20170 200809SW_1832P20170 200809SW_1835P20170 200809SW_1836P20170 200809SW_18371842P20171 200809SW_1843P20171 200809SW_1845P20171 200809SW_1846P20171 200809SW_18471852P20171 200809SW_1855P20171 200809SW_1856P20171 200809SW_18581863P20171 200809SW_1864P20171 200809SW_1866P20172 200809SW_1867P20172 200809SW_1874P20172 200809SW_1875P20172 200809SW_1876P20173 200809SW_1878P20173 200809SW_1880P20173 200809SW_1882P20174 200809SW_1885P20175 200809SW_1886P20175 200809SW_1887P20175 200809SW_1888P20175 200809SW_1889P20175 200809SW_1890P20175 200809SW_1891P20175 200809SW_1892P20175 200809SW_1893P20180 200809SW_1894P20180 200809SW_1895P20180
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Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, UT / Lake Powell, Return Trip

Boat trip on the way back was miserable. High winds, with the sun in your face most of the time. Clouds were a blessing. Jo was beat up by her hair. Well, I did offer her my hat, and she turned me down. Well, too bad. I can only be chivalrous once per day. My hat has a chin strap, or it would have been long gone...

We were pretty tired when we got back, we decide to go to the pizza and pasta joint right next door. Pretty good., but question all the taxes added on. We'd find the big whammy tomorrow when we left, and I could examine the bill.

The boat ride really fatigued us, more than we imagined it would. Probably from fighting the wind, trying to keep your body level on a moving boat, and just having the sun beating on you most of the day. (There was a lower level on the boat, which would have put us out of the sun and the wind, but you lost the majesty of the views...

Long day, we're beat, and the shower is mediocre. Oh well. Moon rise is 9:48 tonight. We didn't last that long.

Return Trip to Resort
200809SW_1896P20181 200809SW_1897P20181 200809SW_1898P20184 200809SW_1900P20184 200809SW_1902P20184 200809SW_1903P20184 200809SW_1905P20184 200809SW_1907P20185 200809SW_1908P20185 200809SW_1910P20185 200809SW_19111917P20185 200809SW_1918P20190 200809SW_1923P20192 200809SW_1925P20192 200809SW_1927P20193 200809SW_1928P20194 200809SW_1930P20194 200809SW_1931P20195
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End 2008 Southwest Vacation - Part 5.

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