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2009 Florida Vacation - Venice, Florida


My 2009 Florida Vacation. 3 (12) days, 2789.3 miles.
Well, I was in Central Florida. Of course the trip would involve going to Disney World, as most of my Southern or Southeastern vacations do, but you can read all about that (and more on Venice with a slightly different perspective) in my December 2009 Florida Trip Report.

I was afraid Venice was one of those insane tourist towns, but (at least when I was there) parking was never a problem, and I found it a comfortable place to visit.

Inn at the Beach - December 10 to 12

We lodged in Venice at Inn at the Beach, a two story hotel right on the Gulf. We found the hotel via TripAdvisor. Jo called rather than using the online booking options, and found there are rooms they have that aren't listed on-line. These rooms face the Gulf, and the first floor rooms are called "Beach View" rooms, and the second floor rooms are the "Gulf View" rooms.

We had one of the "Gulf View" rooms, and one of two rooms on property that had a private balcony that faced the Gulf. The room itself was pretty tiny, but had every amenity that you'd want, from a fridge/microwave/coffee maker, to a HDTV. The extra space on the balcony helps. There are two closets to put bulky things like suitcases. The small desk next to the TV is a perfect place for your laptop. I got a very strong wireless signal, and internet connectivity was without complaint.

The premises is exceptionally clean and well maintained and the staff friendly. Perks like the availability of coffee in the lobby, a decent selection of items for breakfast, free shark tooth basket loners, even free bottled water.

Venice beach is a walk across the street, and through the public Venice Beach parking lot. It's a very nice place. I wouldn't hesitate staying here again.

Of course nicer weather would have been nice, but I'm not sure I can blame that on the management...

Inn At The Beach
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Venice, Florida - December 10 & 11

Venice, Florida is about 20 miles South of Sarasota, and about 135 miles from Disney World. Much of the city is literally an island, separated from the mainland by an intercoastal waterway.

I don't have any pictures of the business area, a charming collection of shops, mostly your typical Coastal tourist traps, not that there's anything wrong with that... Since we were there around Christmas, we got to see the light topiaries in front of City Hall...

Venice, Florida
200912FL_1230P10130 200912FL_1232P10130 200912FL_1236P10130 200912FL_1372P11114 200912FL_1374P11114 200912FL_1485P11174 200912FL_1488P11174 200912FL_1492P11175 200912FL_1495P11175 200912FL_1497P11175 200912FL_1499P11175 200912FL_1500P11175 200912FL_1502P11175 200912FL_1505P11175 200912FL_1507P11175 200912FL_1509P11175 200912FL_1511P11175 200912FL_1513P11175 200912FL_1515P11175 200912FL_1516P11175
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Venice Beach - December 10

Venice Beach got the short end of the sand stick, since the sand here is the brown variety, not the white sands of Marco, Siesta or Pensacola. Still, it's a nice beach, and doesn't have wall-to-wall condos and hotels that line the beaches like other Gulf Coast beaches...

Venice Beach
200912FL_1241P10154 200912FL_1242P10154 200912FL_1243P10154 200912FL_1245P10154 200912FL_1247P10154 200912FL_1253P10155 200912FL_1254P10155 200912FL_1255P10155 200912FL_1267P10161 200912FL_1256P10160 200912FL_1257P10160 200912FL_1258P10160 200912FL_1271P10162 200912FL_1274P10162 200912FL_1275P10162 200912FL_1276P10162 200912FL_1277P10162 200912FL_1279P10162 200912FL_1281P10162 200912FL_1284P10163 200912FL_1287P10163 200912FL_1290P10164 200912FL_1294P10164
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Casey's Pass - December 11

One of the entrances to the intercoastal waterway that makes Venice and Island, is Casey's Pass. I'm sure it's a lot prettier when the darned sun is out...

Casey's Pass
200912FL_1305P11084 200912FL_1303P11084 200912FL_1306P11084 200912FL_1308P11084 200912FL_1310P11085 200912FL_1311P11085 200912FL_1312P11085 200912FL_1313P11085 200912FL_1314P11085 200912FL_13151327P11085 200912FL_1328P11085 200912FL_1330P11090 200912FL_1332P11090 200912FL_1335P11090
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Capersen Beach - December 11

Though I was skeptical, we got over a dozen fossilized shark teeth. Capersen Beach, Sarasota County, Florida
Venice is known as the "Shark Tooth Capitol of the World", where you can just go to the beach, drag the sand a bit, and come up with fossilized sharks teeth. These can be brown to black, depending on where it's spent its life for the last thousand years.

However, talking with the locals, Venice Beach is a bad place to look, since the beach is replenished with sand, and buries the teeth.

We were told Capersen Beach is the place to go. Because of its location between the intercoastal waterway and the Gulf, it's a natural, undeveloped beach.

I was skeptical. But on the first drag of the Gulf, Jo comes up with a tooth. We end up with over a dozen complete teeth, the largest about an inch. No big deal, but it's a fun way to spend an afternoon...

Capersen Beach
200912FL_1401P11135 200912FL_13761383P11122 200912FL_1375P11122 200912FL_1384P11122 200912FL_1385P11123 200912FL_1386P11123 200912FL_1387P11123 200912FL_1388P11123 200912FL_1389P11131 200912FL_1390P11131 200912FL_1392P11131 200912FL_1393P11132 200912FL_1395P11132 200912FL_1396P11132 200912FL_1400P11133 200912FL_1402P11135
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Venice Pier - December 11

We decided to go to Sharky's on the Pier for dinner (and thus, Venice Pier, since Sharky's is...on the Pier) took a walk to the end of it. We waited for the sunset, even with the heavy cloud cover. Dinner was okay. The frozen drinks were mediocre, but the food was pretty good, decent quantity, and a nice ambiance. Eat inside, the menu's better...

Venice Pier
200912FL_1407P11160 200912FL_1463P11163 200912FL_1411P11160 200912FL_1412P11160 200912FL_1413P11161 200912FL_14161421P11161 200912FL_1430P11161 200912FL_14331435P11161 200912FL_1437P11161 200912FL_1441P11161 200912FL_1446P11162 200912FL_1448P11162 200912FL_1449P11162 200912FL_1450P11162 200912FL_1456P11163 200912FL_1462P11163 200912FL_1464P11163 200912FL_14671470P11163 200912FL_1473P11163 200912FL_1475P11163 200912FL_1481P11170 200912FL_1482P11170
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Siesta Key - December 11

One of the early choices when planning the vacation, was to stay at Siesta Key. Of course we finally decided on Venice, and I'm really, really glad we did. After visiting Casey's Pass, we decided to take a drive up there and see if we made the right choice.

Siesta Key is one of those little strips of land one the Gulf, that's insanely over-developed. Because it really is a strip of land, there's one road that goes down the middle of it, and it's lined by hotels and condos on both sides. Not a place I'd find fun, but the Beach was okay, and that might be the whole point of this place.

This part of Siesta Key has that white sand the Gulf is famous for. It was highly packed, and you can see the tracks of the vehicle that graded the beach dwindle to infinity. But the birds don't seem to notice the difference, and there's still a lot of shells close to the water...

I still think I'd make Siesta Key a day trip, and stay somewhere else...

Siesta Key, Florida
200912FL_1365P11100 200912FL_1366P11100 200912FL_1336P11093 200912FL_1338P11094 200912FL_1339P11094 200912FL_1342P11094 200912FL_1343P11094 200912FL_1344P11094 200912FL_1346P11094 200912FL_1347P11094 200912FL_1349P11095 200912FL_1351P11095 200912FL_1352P11095 200912FL_1353P11095 200912FL_1354P11095 200912FL_1355P11095 200912FL_1356P11095 200912FL_1357P11095 200912FL_1358P11100 200912FL_1359P11100 200912FL_1360P11100 200912FL_1361P11100 200912FL_1362P11100 200912FL_1363P11100 200912FL_1364P11100 200912FL_1369P11101
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