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Limited Edition Jessie Doll Introduction with Joan Cusack (Toy Story 3 tie-in), June 2010

Me and Joan Cusack
Getting my Certificate of Authenticity autographed
On June 3rd, D23 made an announcement: The first forty D23 members that send in e-mail to an address that would be posted on June 7th, would be guaranteed a Limited Edition Jessie Doll...uh...action figure, specifically made for Toy Story 3. Only 2010 dolls would be produced.

Here's the Press Release on the same event.

So I took a shot. Sent in the e-mail, and was one of the first 40.

The event was to take place at the Disney Store in Chicago, at 717 N Michigan Avenue. PiC (a friend of mine) works 2 blocks from that store, so we decided to go there together. (She has paid parking near there, which saved me $20 in parking...)

We arrived at about 9:20am, 70 minutes before the signing. So I walked around the Disney Store and took some pictures.

In the back of the store, was a roped off area where Joan would meet the press, and do the signing. The backdrop would be a whole boatload of Toy Story 3 toys.

The line of guests waiting went out the door onto Michigan Avenue. We had a CM playing Jessie (who was actually from the Harlem & Irving Disney Store, but was here for the event.) Amusing at first, but after a while... The kids still liked her, though.

The press event happened at 10:15, and it was meant for the press, not for the guests. There were so many reporters, camera guys and sound guys around, no one could see it from behind the rope. I guess you could get a picture if you held the camera way above your head. I didn't.

The line started moving about 10:45, about 15 minutes late. Joan would spend as much time with you as you wanted, and was very friendly. She looked more reserved with the press than the conversations with the fans. She told me she's seen the movie, and it's great, and it's a Toy Story movie. I can't wait to see it.

The Certificate of Authenticity is a glossy affair, and some guests had the ink from the Sharpie she used, smear. We were warned not to put it away until the ink dried.

Talking with a CM, they sold 85 dolls. The press release said they'd have 75 dolls. I don't know which was correct. Joan signed the box or CoA on all 75 (or 85) dolls. Right now it's a Chicago Exclusive. I have no idea where the other 1925 dolls will go, or when they'll be sold. By the way, the doll's voice is supposedly voiced by Joan.

So, this really wasn't a D23 event (as a matter of fact, the announcement on the D23 page has disappeared), and other than the Press Release, the D23 announcement and the signs in the store, I don't think this event was advertised.

Still, it was fun to meet Ms. Cusack. And I have my autographed Jessie...action figure. What more could you ask for?

D23 / Toy Story 3 Joan Cusack - Jessie Action Figure event
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