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Disneyland Park (1969)

Tomorrowland in 1969.jpg
Tomorrowland in 1969.
The following are scanned images from the pictures my dad took on our 1969 vacation. The most interesting pics are the last two, that shows the monorail heading toward the Disneyland Hotel. It looks *nothing* like it does today. Well, okay, most of the pictures look nothing like Disneyland does today.

Disneyland, 1969
196907DL_01 196907DL_02 196907DL_03 196907DL_04 196907DL_05 196907DL_06 196907DL_07 196907DL_08 196907DL_09 196907DL_10 196907DL_11 196907DL_12 196907DL_13 196907DL_14 196907DL_15 196907DL_16 196907DL_17 196907DL_18 196907DL_19 196907DL_20 196907DL_21 196907DL_22 196907DL_23 196907DL_24 196907DL_25 196907DL_26 196907DL_27 196907DL_28 196907DL_29 196907DL_30 196907DL_31 196907DL_32 196907DL_33 196907DL_34 196907DL_35 196907DL_36 196907DL_37 196907DL_38 196907DL_39 196907DL_40 196907DL_41 196907DL_42 196907DL_43 196907DL_44 196907DL_45 196907DL_46 196907DL_47 196907DL_48 196907DL_49 196907DL_50 196907DL_51 196907DL_52 196907DL_53 196907DL_54 196907DL_55 196907DL_56 196907DL_57 196907DL_58 196907DL_59 196907DL_60
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400px Map
Reprint of Disneyland's 1955 map given as part of the 50th anniversary event. Click on it to get a larger image. (1250px x 1600px, 544K.) Map © Copyright, 1955, by Disneyland, Inc.
The next four pictures were in a slide box I found. I'm pretty sure they were the rejects from a trip to California my Dad made in 1985. Not only did he go to California without me, but he was at Disneyland's 30th anniversary. I'm not sure I'm gonna forgive him for that. Anyway, they look like rejects. That means I have some Disneyland 30th Anniversary pictures someplace, but I'll be darned if I know where. The fact I was at Disneyland for it's fiftieth anniversary isn't lost on me...

196907DL_61 196907DL_62 196907DL_63 196907DL_64
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