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December 2008 Trip Report, Part 4 - Day 7


Disney MGM...
Deep in the bowels of Disney's Hollywood Studios... I found... a "M", "G", "M". What could it mean? Is it a code?

Thursday, December 18. Day 7

We're up late again, and we're going to do DHS again. I've learned my lesson, and get breakfast at the food court.

A bus actually comes this morning, and we get to the park around 9:30, and head directly for Toy Story Midway Mania. Once more we fastpass the attraction, and get in the standby queue. I win this time with about 140,000.

We again do the Great Movie Ride and I'm in the last row in the last car. So not only did I get the Cowboy version, but being in the last row, I'm able to get the entire movie in-frame. Now, we'll have to see about putting together the video... (And the video is here.)

Disney's Hollywood Studios
200812FL_0838P18093 200812FL_0839P18093 200812FL_0841P18093 200812FL_0843P18093 200812FL_0844P18093 200812FL_0847P18093 200812FL_0849P18093 200812FL_0850P18094 200812FL_0852P18094 200812FL_0855P18094 200812FL_0857P18094 200812FL_0858P18094 200812FL_0859P18094 200812FL_0862P18094 200812FL_0863P18094 200812FL_0864P18094 200812FL_0865P18094 200812FL_0868P18094 200812FL_0869P18095 200812FL_0870P18095 200812FL_0872P18095 200812FL_0876P18095 200812FL_0880P18100 200812FL_0881P18100 200812FL_0882P18100 200812FL_0885P18100 200812FL_0888P18100 200812FL_0889P18101 200812FL_0890P18101 200812FL_08930896P18102
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We look at the schedule, and the Indiana Jones (TM) Epic Stunt Spectacular! is about to start in 20 minutes, so we go there and get a seat. Like the Lights! Motors! Action! stunt show, they've streamlined the show a bit to take a few unnecessary minutes out of the Cairo scene, but otherwise have left it alone.

We still have a few minutes to kill before our Toy Story fastpasses to become active, so we go over to RnRC and fastpass that, though we end up never using them. We're *still* a few minutes early, so we're going to go through the Toy Story character meet 'n greets across the street. They close the doors as were walking up to them, and they won't let us in. Bummer.

So instead, we then wander through One Man's Dream, since it's close to TSMM. I wonder how much foot traffic goes through this and Narnia's attraction to kill time before a Toy Store fastpass becomes active? They're the two closest attractions to Toy Story.

Finally, we're admitted to TSMM, and something becomes apparent. My arm is tired, and I can't pull the string as fast as I could this morning. Holding a camcorder through The Great Movie Ride and Indy, uses the same muscle that continually pulls the trigger in Toy Story. So that's the key! Blame the camcorder! :-)

Disney's Hollywood Studios
200812FL_0907P18120 200812FL_0908P18120 200812FL_0909P18121 200812FL_0910P18121 200812FL_0911P18121 200812FL_0912P18121 200812FL_0913P18121 200812FL_0914P18121 200812FL_0915P18121 200812FL_0916P18121 200812FL_09170926P18121 200812FL_0927P18121 200812FL_0929P18121 200812FL_0930P18121 200812FL_0931P18121 200812FL_0933P18121 200812FL_0934P18121 200812FL_0935P18122 200812FL_0936P18122 200812FL_0937P18122 200812FL_0938P18122 200812FL_0940P18122 200812FL_0941P18123 200812FL_0943P18123 200812FL_0944P18124 200812FL_0945P18124 200812FL_0948P18124 200812FL_0951P18124 200812FL_0953P18124 200812FL_0956P18124 200812FL_0958P18124 200812FL_0960P18124 200812FL_0962P18124
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As we're leaving DHS, Bruce notices an incomplete topiary of Dopey, and thinks it looks quite obscene. You can dress him up, you can wash his face, but you can't take him anywhere...

Disney's Hollywood Studios
200812FL_0963P18131 200812FL_0965P18131
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Our evening was to be spent at Epcot again. Back at the resort, we look a the dining options and decide to try to make early reservations at one of the restaurants at Epcot. For laughs, I tried Le Cellier. Nope. The second try was at Restaurant Marrakesh. I'd never eaten there, and I love Morocco's counter service place. No problem.

So, we're off to Epcot. We get to the World Showcase, and the darned boat is making it's way to Morocco, so we decide to walk. A quick stop in France to see the pastries for desert, and we walk into the Restaurant Marrakesh at almost exactly 3:30, the time of our reservations.

I order the lamb shank, Bruce orders one of the sampler platters. I looked at the samplers, and it looked like waaaaay to much food. The shank was delicious, the meat just falling off the bone. The sampler platter *was* waaaay to much food for one person. I was ready for desert, Bruce wimped out.

200812FL_0967P18151 200812FL_0968P18151 200812FL_0970P18151 200812FL_0973P18151 200812FL_0975P18151 200812FL_0979P18151 200812FL_0981P18151 200812FL_0982P18151 200812FL_0985P18151 200812FL_09880991P18151 200812FL_0994P18152 200812FL_0998P18152 200812FL_1000P18152 200812FL_1002P18152 200812FL_1003P18152 200812FL_1004P18152 200812FL_1005P18152 200812FL_1006P18152 200812FL_1010P18152 200812FL_1011P18152 200812FL_1013P18152 200812FL_1015P18152 200812FL_1018P18152 200812FL_1019P18152 200812FL_1020P18152 200812FL_1021P18152 200812FL_1022P18152 200812FL_1023P18152 200812FL_1024P18152 200812FL_1025P18152 200812FL_1027P18153 200812FL_1029P18154 200812FL_1032P18154 200812FL_1035P18154 200812FL_1039P18162 200812FL_1041P18162 200812FL_1045P18162 200812FL_1046P18162 200812FL_1047P18162 200812FL_1048P18162 200812FL_1053P18163 200812FL_1055P18163 200812FL_1056P18163 200812FL_1057P18163 200812FL_1059P18163 200812FL_1062P18163 200812FL_1063P18163 200812FL_1065P18163 200812FL_1066P18163 200812FL_1067P18163 200812FL_1069P18163
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Bruce still wants to ride a Segway, so we make the loooong trek back to Innoventions West and get in line. After a promotional video and signing away our first born, we get to ride one for a short while. It's easy and fun, but I can't imagine what I'd do with one. Maybe if Disney would allow me to use one in the parks...

Bruce rides a Segway
200812FL_1049D18163 200812FL_1050D18163 200812FL_1051D18163
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A quick walk over to Ellen's, and we get to sit down for 40 minutes. Stupid Ellen and Stupid Judy haven't changed, but the front-middle ride vehicle is missing. Where do they put it? Is there another exit from the turntable in the main theater? Seems a bit odd, but there you are. No matter, the theater is less than a quarter full as it is.

I need caffeine, and there's a coffee stand outside of Energy, where I get a double espresso. I'm not into espressos and lattes and other non-coffee coffee drinks, but all I wanted was caffeine, and Bruce suggested it was the best way to get a dose. The espresso reminds of finely ground coffee eaten raw. But it did wake me up.

I take several night pictures all the way to Norway, and find out that Bruce hasn't seen the boat ride in Mexico. So it's on to the 'Grand Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros'. Is there an attraction with a longer name? Is it an improvement over El Rio Del Tiempo? I guess it is. It has Donald in it.

200812FL_1075P18182 200812FL_1085P18182 200812FL_1086P18184 200812FL_10871091P18184 200812FL_10921097P18184 200812FL_1098P18184 200812FL_1104P18184 200812FL_1107P18184 200812FL_11101114P18184 200812FL_1116P18185 200812FL_1119P18185 200812FL_1123P18185 200812FL_1127P18185 200812FL_1131P18190 200812FL_1134P18190 200812FL_1136P18190 200812FL_1140P18190 200812FL_1145P18190 200812FL_1151P18190 200812FL_1153P18190 200812FL_1156P18190 200812FL_11581180P18191 200812FL_1181P18191 200812FL_1188P18193 200812FL_1197P18193 200812FL_1199P18194 200812FL_1201P18194 200812FL_1204P18194
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We park ourselves on the bridge just on the North side of Mexico for Illuminations. There's an older couple that quiz me on their non-functional digital camera, even though I don't own that model. Oh well. Turns out it might just be a low battery.

They're from Southern California, and Disneyland is their home park, but there here for a few days staying in Fort Wilderness. They're afraid that the Monorail will stop running, and they won't be able to get back, but I explain to them that the transportation system runs here until far into the night. Disneyland Resort is a different animal from Walt Disney World.

The Bridge is a good place to see the fireworks, but not the Earth Globe. There's a fountain between the bridge and the Globe, blocking the globe whenever the fountain is high enough. Ah, well, the best laid plans...

As I walk out of Epcot, I look around at Spaceship Earth, the lights in the sidewalks and the smiles and tired faces of the guests around me. This is what it's all about. It's the memories and experiences you take away from this place. I don't care that they've cut back in some places, I don't care that the quality might not be as high as it was years ago, I don't care that they've taken down some cherished attractions. The place is still magic to me. Just being here lifts the spirits and makes me smile a little more. Thanks, Walt.

200812FL_1221P18213 200812FL_1251P18222
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End December 2008 Trip Report - Part 4.

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