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Keane and PiC's December 2009 Florida Trip Report, Part 3a


Kidani Village lobby at Christmas.
Who: Me (Keane). PiC (Partner In Crime). And a cast of thousands.
What: 2009 Winter Vacation.
Where: Florida. Kidani Village, Disney World; and Inn at the Beach, Venice Island.
When: Dec 2 through Dec 13.
Why: Because we *like* you. Em. Oh. You. Ess. Eee.

All disclaimers in Part 1 still applies...

Dec 7 (continued) Kidani Village, Part 2.

(This is still a continuation of the timeline, but is all situated in Kidani Village...)

Arrived back at Kidani at about 1:30p, and walked around Kidani before getting back to the room. Investigated the pool area (we decide we're going to come back later for a drink), Pembe savanna, bought a coffee cup and a shot glass at the gift shop, and toured the animal viewing area in Sunset Savanna.

Kidani Village, Animal Kingdom Lodge
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On the way to the elevators, we took a look at the menu and decided to eat at Sanaa for lunch.

We were one of three parties in Sanaa, and we each got our own window into the Sunset Savanna. It's quite obvious that the animals get paid more to hang out around Sanaa and the animal viewing area. We had the appetizers for two. PiC didn't like the Samosas (too spicy, she's a wimp), but the lamb meatballs (aka the Kefta) and cauliflower were pretty good, especially with their accompanying sauces. PiC had the tandoori chicken, and I had the grilled pork chop, both very good. I'd eat there again.

Kidani Village, Animal Kingdom Lodge
200912FL_0665P07140 200912FL_0659P07132 200912FL_0662P07132 200912FL_0663P07132 200912FL_0664P07132 200912FL_0666P07140 200912FL_0667P07140 200912FL_0668P07140 200912FL_0320P05171 200912FL_0321P05171 200912FL_0322P05171 200912FL_0323P05171 200912FL_0324P05171 200912FL_0669P07142 200912FL_06700675P07142 200912FL_06760681P07142 200912FL_0682D07154
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Back to room, watched Up. You know the movie. Enjoyed it until it got stupid. If you've seen it, then you know where. If you haven't, watch it, and you'll say, "Boy, that's stupid." (No spoilers, please.) We were supposed to meet with Russo today, but it's the only day he can get out to MK to see the Castle Lights, so we reschedule for Tuesday. I let Laura know.

The sun's set, and we walk out to the pool again, got a couple of Adult Beverages. Upon reflection I should have brought my coffee cup with some scotch, but then I'd have an empty coffee cup, and I just can't deal with whiskey from a plastic cup yet. 'Cars' is the pool movie tonight. As I'm ordering the drinks, my favorite scene appears on the screen, backwards, since it's a rear projection set-up, and we're in the rear...

Samawati Spring Pool Area, Kidani Village, Animal Kingdom Lodge
200912FL_0690P07184 200912FL_0691P07184 200912FL_06930699P07184
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Took night pictures around Kidani. Went into the children's play area, even though we didn't have a kid with us. Bad guests. Up the stairs, and out the CM gate. Bad guests again. Although from the kid's area, there's a sign for the bathroom that points up the stairs, and there's nothing to indicate the gate is CM's only until you're on the other side. Took pics of the entrance, the lobby and the animal viewing area. Went back to the room. Tuesday's okay with Laura, so I set a time to meet, and invite Jack. And we called it an early night...

Kidani Village at night
200912FL_0702P07185 200912FL_0705P07185 200912FL_0707P07185 200912FL_0708P07185 200912FL_0712P07185 200912FL_0714P07185 200912FL_0717P07190 200912FL_0719P07190 200912FL_0721P07190 200912FL_0298P05170 200912FL_0303P05170 200912FL_0725P07190 200912FL_0310P05170 200912FL_0314P05170 200912FL_0319P05171 200912FL_0730P07190 200912FL_0734P07190 200912FL_0735P07190 200912FL_0738P07190 200912FL_0741P07191 200912FL_0742P07191
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End December 2009 Trip Report - Part 3a.

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