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Keane and PiC's December 2009 Florida Trip Report, Part 5


Nope, not on that list!
Who: Me (Keane). PiC (Partner In Crime). And a cast of thousands.
What: 2009 Winter Vacation.
Where: Florida. Kidani Village, Disney World; and Inn at the Beach, Venice Island.
When: Dec 2 through Dec 13.
Why: Because we *like* you. Em. Oh. You. Ess. Eee.

All disclaimers in Part 1 still applies...

Dec 9. A date with blondes.

We're actually woken by Mousekeeping, who says she'll come back later. I get up, read my mail, and reply to a couple of Usenet posts before we go to the Mara for breakfast. It's going to be 85 and mostly sunny, the nicest day we're going to have, so instead of going to a theme park, we're going to hang out by the pool.

At Mara, get breakfast, and decide to bring something back to Kidani for later. PiC chooses a yogurt parfait, I choose zebra domes. Quiz time! Which is the smarter choice? HAhahahaha...

Jambo House, Animal Kingdom Lodge
200912FL_0952P09100 200912FL_0954P09100 200912FL_0956P09101 200912FL_0959P09101 200912FL_0964P09101
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We get back to the room, I get my laptop and a book, and PiC picks up Steve's book to read. Uh-oh. Has PiC drunk the kool-aid too? :-) (I have a picture of her reading the book, but she says if I ever publish the picture, she'll never speak to me again. I'm not sure if it's because of the way she looks in the picture, or that I have proof she was reading Russo's book. However, it is good to know that I have something that will make her stop talking to me, should the need ever arise...)

I find they have WiFi here at the pool but they want to charge me another $9.95. They want my KTTK card number, but they don't do the lookup to see if I've paid for internet access in my room. Forget it.

So, PiC is reading Steve's book, and I'm typing this trip report by the pool. How sad is that.

Kidani Village, Animal Kingdom Lodge
200912FL_0971P09122 200912FL_0973P09122 200912FL_0975P09123 200912FL_0976P09123 200912FL_0977P09123 200912FL_0978P09123 200912FL_0979P09123 200912FL_0980P09123 200912FL_0981P09123 200912FL_09820988P09123 200912FL_0989P09123 200912FL_0991P09123 200912FL_0992P09123 200912FL_0993P09123 200912FL_0995P09130 200912FL_1004P09130 200912FL_1007P09130 200912FL_1008P09130 200912FL_1010P09131 200912FL_1012P09140 200912FL_1013P09140 200912FL_1014P09140
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I have a plan for tonight too. PiC is questioning why I have so many plans for someone who doesn't plan trips. You know, I have that picture of her reading Russo's book...

We're having dinner at Cape May tonight with BYPT Jenny, and her current captive helper, Jeanette.

Jenny originally wanted to see the room at Kidani, and I promised I'd put all the dirty underwear away before they came over. So we had some work to do...

About 30 minutes after getting back from the pool, Jenny calls and her party has arrived and is ready to start her WDW Vacation. She now wants to meet at Cape May, so PiC and I decide to go on over to the Beach Club and just look at the different resorts around Crescent Lake.

A couple minutes later, Jenny calls back and wants to see the studio.

Women? Blondes? Of course, I *never* stereotype...

I take a quick look at a map, and it's just a short trip up Osceola Parkway to All-Stars, and take the quick drive over. I show the guard my Kidani room card, and he doesn't care and waves me through.

Now Movies is the only All-Stars I haven't stayed at, so I drive right past the front of the resort, where I'm supposed to pick up Jenny and Jeanette. I go into the temporary lot, turn around, and make the correct turn, and pick up a couple of women like the dirty old man I am. We're back to Osceola Parkway, where I find instead of a normal intersection, it's a complete cloverleaf, and find myself heading in the wrong direction. Way to impress the ladies...

I'm still only gone from Kidani for about 15 minutes. Jenny has brought us Peaceful Pastures soap (I hope she wasn't trying to tell me something), I supply a couple of pictures. We talk and watch the animals for a while, take a couple of pictures, and take off to Beach Club.

Me and three blondes...
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Discussing ways to get there from Kidani. I originally thought a bus to DHS, then the boat back, but there's a Animal Kingdom bus right there when we get to the bus stop. So Animal Kingdom it is!

We get to Animal Kingdom, and literally right across the bus station is a bus to the Swan, Dolphin, Yacht Club, Beach Club and Boardwalk. I point out to PiC the place we go under the waterway the boat takes. Only at Disney. We get to Beach Club at 5PM, waaay faster than I thought we would. That's okay, I spend some time taking video and pictures of the Gingerbread/Chocolate displays. PiC and I pick up some gingerbread from... The Gingerbread House, of course!

As I'm taking pictures of the carousel, I overhear a couple saying they couldn't find the hidden Mickey's, so I point a few of them out, and give them a whole new perspective. No, the little figure of Mickey isn't a hidden Mickey...

Beach Club Christmas Display
200912FL_1029P09161 200912FL_1034P09162 200912FL_1024P09161 200912FL_1026P09161 200912FL_1027P09161 200912FL_1023P09161 200912FL_1036P09162 200912FL_1052P09163 200912FL_1037P09162 200912FL_1038P09162 200912FL_1047P09163 200912FL_1044P09163 200912FL_1048P09163 200912FL_1049P09163 200912FL_1050P09163 200912FL_1053P09163 200912FL_1020P09161 200912FL_1017P09160 200912FL_1018P09160 200912FL_1028P09161 200912FL_1031P09161
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Dinner at Cape May is way fun, if a little messy. You start with the stuff you have to work for, like the crab legs, then move onto stuff you can just eat. Good food (Mahi Mahi, Roast Beef, steamed clams, mussels, pastas, salads, etc.), odd conversation, and more food and desert. Flan. It was a little more pudding like and less like the egg custard they have around here, but that doesn't mean it was bad... PiC and I decided we would do it again...

We part ways, we go out to beach and I take some pics and video of the Boardwalk at night. Coincidentally, they're starting up the movie on the beach (which is at the pool at Kidani and Jambo). Snow Dogs. James Coburn. A long way from playing the knife guy in The Magnificent Seven. So instead of going to Epcot, we end up watching a movie on the beach. Well, yeah, it's a predictable and stupid in places, but it has it's laughs and it's mindless entertainment on the beach overlooking the Boardwalk at night... And neither one of us has seen it. What's the problem here?

The problem arises when we go to leave. It's 9:00pm, and none of the boats go to the Studios anymore. Going to Epcot means PiC has to use a day just to get across Epcot. So the only choices are to Downtown Disney or Magic Kingdom. The <bleep> with it. There's a Taxi right at the bus stop, and we hop in and ride (in admittedly more comfort than a bus, :-)) back to Kidani.

It's then she realizes she no longer has the bag that had the gingerbread, and is convinced she left it in the bathroom at the Beach Club. She calls, and is somehow transferred to the Grand Floridian, back to the Beach Club, to lost and found, and when nobody answers, she's transferred to housekeeping...

Say Goodnight, Gracie. They're gone...

Crescent Lake at night
200912FL_1127P09184 200912FL_1129P09184 200912FL_1135P09184 200912FL_11231126P09184 200912FL_11011108P09183 200912FL_11451156P09200 200912FL_10681082P09182
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Dec 10. Venice Island.

Before I get to this, I have to say it's 73 degrees here right now. In Chicago, you can remove the '7', with a wind-chill in the negative high-upper teens.

Does anyone from Florida want to adopt me? I'll be a good kid. Honest. I even promise to get a job...

Anyway, time to pack up and go!

There's a nice little sunrise over the Sunset Savanna this morning.

Sunrise, Kidani Village, Animal Kingdom Lodge
200912FL_1161P10063 200912FL_1165P10063 200912FL_1168P10063
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I put out a call to RADP, if anyone's going to the Beach Club, I need a favor. Something about Gingerbread... :-)

Pack the room. It was very sad taking down the Christmas decorations. Not only am I leaving WDW, but it's like I'm killing Christmas at the same time. This turns out not to be true, and by the time I leave Venice Island, I'm ready to call it a year on Christmas Carols.

Three trips to the car. On the last trip down, PiC gets a call. A heating pipe burst over her desk, and floods out everything. Could this be that Disney Karma I talk about?

We decide to go to the Mara for breakfast. There was talk about doing Boma for breakfast, but we're not hungry enough after stuffing ourselves at Cape May last night. As we're eating, it starts to drizzle. We're done with breakfast, and get to the car. For laughs, we decide to take a trip to Beach Club, and see if they have the gingerbread cookies.

She goes to the front desk and she asks, and the front desk calls lost & found. No one answers, so they call housekeeping, and housekeeping transfers the call back to...The Front Desk! So it's not only Disney giving PiC the run-around, it's Disney giving Disney the run-around. Disney is willing to replace the cookies, but we won't be there when the Gingerbread House is open. So they offer to refund the money, but we have to go back to AKL to get it done. PiC chalks it up to a lesson learned...

While I'm waiting for PiC in the car in front of Beach Club, it begins to rain. Hard. We're off property on I-4, and it start POURING! I find it doesn't matter if I'm leaving Disneyworld via the Turnpike or I-4, it's depressing. I pass the Mouse power pole, and once again, I say goodbye to the World...

Leaving Disney World
200912FL_1189P10093 200912FL_1190P10101 200912FL_1192P10101
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It's just past noon, when we get to Venice. We check in, and the room is ready. It's a nice place. We have one of two rooms that has a balcony that overlooks the gulf. They're tiny rooms, but we don't need a lot of room. The room is probably half the size of the Studio at Kidani. Still, the room is clean, with all the amenities I'd want, check-in was pleasant, and (real) free coffee is always offered in the lobby.

Inn at the Beach, Venice, Florida
200912FL_1194P10102 200912FL_1297P10164 200912FL_1301P11083 200912FL_1302P11083 200912FL_1227P10123 200912FL_1202P10123 200912FL_1226P10123 200912FL_1196P10123 200912FL_1198P10123 200912FL_1200P10123 200912FL_1197P10123 200912FL_1214P10123 200912FL_1225P10123 200912FL_1213P10123 200912FL_1203P10123 200912FL_1195P10123 200912FL_1212P10123 200912FL_1206P10123 200912FL_1207P10123 200912FL_1210P10123 200912FL_1216P10123 200912FL_1403P11154 200912FL_1405P11155 200912FL_1217P10123 200912FL_12181221P10123 200912FL_1222P10123 200912FL_1223P10123 200912FL_1224P10123 200912FL_1237P10154 200912FL_1238P10154 200912FL_1240P10154
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There's a problem with my HSIA. I get a very strong wireless signal, but I can't get to a name server. The front desk isn't helpful.

We take a look at the local propaganda, and decide to eat at Gold Rush BBQ. Problem is, it's not really BBQ. The meat is slow cooked, but it's not hard-wood smoked. They claim it's hickory smoked, but there's no smoke line or very smoky flavor. Food is okay, but I'm disappointed. On the other hand, it's Florida. How many hardwood trees do I see around here?

On the way, we notice the local public bus system is named "SCAT". I refrain from further comment. (Sarasota County Area Transit. I forgot to ask the locals if it describes the service as well... Crap. I commented.) They also have some interesting trees in the median. They're Banyan trees, a strangler fig. They're quite old, and quite large.

Around Venice
200912FL_1230P10130 200912FL_1232P10130 200912FL_1236P10130 200912FL_1372P11114 200912FL_1374P11114
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Do some window shopping along the main streets. Typical shops, with a more real estate offices than you'd think could be supported in a small place like this. You might think Disney's shops have become cheezy, but come on over here and take a look... Everything from a Christmas tree that blows fake snow out of the top so it looks like...snow is falling on the Christmas tree (which was actually pretty cool), to shells, shark's teeth, alligator heads and everything else you'd think you'd find in a tourist trap on the ocean... There's even a shop with everything Mermaid. I like places like this. About once every couple of years...

Walk the beach and collect some shells, take pictures of the sea birds. After walking around WDW for a week, walking on sand is a joy (not.) Still, walking on a near deserted beach on the Gulf has it's moments. It isn't sunny, but then too it's not raining. The sun is setting, but there're to many clouds. It turns out to be a crappy sunset, but with some cool cloud patterns. PiC comments as she watches me stop the camera down, making the sunset look way better than it actually does. She stopped believing in photos as evidence a looong time ago...

Venice Beach, Venice, Florida
200912FL_1241P10154 200912FL_1242P10154 200912FL_1243P10154 200912FL_1245P10154 200912FL_1247P10154 200912FL_1253P10155 200912FL_1254P10155 200912FL_1255P10155 200912FL_1267P10161 200912FL_1256P10160 200912FL_1257P10160 200912FL_1258P10160 200912FL_1271P10162 200912FL_1274P10162 200912FL_1275P10162 200912FL_1276P10162 200912FL_1277P10162 200912FL_1279P10162 200912FL_1281P10162 200912FL_1284P10163 200912FL_1287P10163 200912FL_1290P10164 200912FL_1294P10164
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We get back to the room, and I have limited connectivity. Look up some restaurants in Venice, and try a local pizza joint named Scamotz. I've actually found pretty good pizza in Florida, but it takes 50 minutes to get a medium thin crust, which should have taken 15 minutes on the outside. Worse, they only has Sinatra tunes on. Not that I have a problem with Frank, but it was wall-to-wall Sinatra for the hour we were there. Is there a problem with Tony? Dean? Alice?

We get back to the hotel, and I have mail from Steve, and the great gingerbread adventure II begins...
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End December 2009 Trip Report - Part 5.

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