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Keane and Jenny's May 2011 WDW Disney Up North, Not A December Trip Report -- Part 5 (Day 6 - Destination D:Walt Disney World 40th, Day 1 - Part 1)


Destination D
The Contemporary Hotel Atrium, from the elevator bridge South toward Wilderness Lodge.
Who: Me, Keane. The person who actually writes this drivel.
     PiC, Partner in Crime. Travelling companion and hanger on.
     BYPT Jenny. A substitute PiC, only shorter.
What: Not a December vacation
Where: Walt Disney World; Wilderness Lodge, Contemporary Resort
Why: D23 Event - Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th
When: May 9-16, 2011

1) Much of what is here is fact, mostly fact, or complete figments of my imagination remembered as fact. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
2) Yeah, this is mostly innuendo and sarcasm. Anything else is a bonus.
3) If you take something in this report seriously and get offended, I will laugh at you. I am not Disney. You will not get free park tickets, food, fastpasses or guest assistance cards.
4) Please remember to take all your personal belongings, and have a magical Disney Day!

Thank you.

Day 6, May 14:
Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th. Day 1 - Part 1.

Up at 7:30am, make coffee. Must have coffee. At AKL, I have my coffee overlooking the Savanna, here, I'm overlooking Walt Disney World. When I last saw this view, the Grand Floridian wasn't there, and all of Walt Disney World was what was around the Seven Seas Lagoon. (I don't even remember Ft. Wilderness. I don't remember a lot of things from 1977.)

The problem is, sitting on the balcony chairs, I'm just the right height that my view is blocked by the main railing, so I either have to stretch up to see MK, or slouch down. Neither one does my back any favors, but both do make me look like an idiot.

Notice: This is a Trip Report by a spectator and fan, not someone with press credentials taking notes covering the Destination D event. The events are as best as I can remember them. You were on brain overload from pretty much the first morning until the end of the event. It was like being in commando mode in the parks, except you didn't have to walk anywhere. And the information and laughter didn't stop between attractions.

Dest D opens the Fantasia Ballroom doors at 9am, so we leave around 8:45. We step out the door and are greeted with that tremendous atrium. It would be twice as impressive if it wasn't cut in half by the elevator/bridge structure in the center of the building. The resort beam is directly below us, but the express beam is visible right over the edge of the railing. We noted that morning that the monorail shakes our room very slightly when it goes through. Jenny's not sure if she likes it, I think it's cool. Below that is Chef Mickey's and the food court. Out the end of the atrium you can see the top of Wilderness Lodge.

Well, good morning to you too!

(The long panoramic below had its thumbnail trimmed, since it messed up the formatting on narrower displays. It's one of those ridiculously impractical panoramics. I still need to work on consistent color matching. It'll be corrected by the time I have the Contemporary page up...)

View from the room
201105WDW_0936P14064 201105WDW_0937P14064 201105WDW_09410980P14064 201105WDW_09831046P14064 201105WDW_1750P16063 201105WDW_1754P16063
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We elevator down to the first floor, and walk outside into the humidity for 100 yards, then back into the convention center. We will later find the bridge between the Contemp and the convention center.

We get to the ballroom at 9am, to find a line. Not just a line, but A LINE. It travels the length of the Fantasia Ballroom, turns left and goes all the way down that corridor, then enters an unused portion of the ballroom where they've utilizing the movable wall panels and ropes to create a series of switchbacks. Just like in the parks. But the line moves quickly (it's not like we're queuing for a ride vehicle), and I haven't walked enough since I've been here. Once we get into the Fantasia Ballroom, I find it's a tardis sorta thing, the inside is way bigger than it looks from the outside.

They had food for the convention, so I went out and got a bagel and a diet coke, with an extraordinary price of $7.25. I would avoid the convention food venue from then on. :-)

We sit over on the right side on the aisle, so I have a clear path in front of me for any pictures. As it turns out, we would always sit in a similar spot for the same reason, and it'll make removing the parallax in post a little easier.

Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th, actually starts with a film with Josh Turchetta (the D23 Armchair Activist), going through some of the archives that has Steven Clark's (head honcho of D23) stuff in it, as a way to introduce Clark.

We are welcomed by Steven Clark, given statistics (for instance, 46 or 47 states were represented, so he named the states that weren't there; the fact they got something like 40% or 60% response rate on the pre-show survey D23 asked you to take), asked you to renew and invite all our friends to join. He even shows the letter he got asking to renew, from Steven Clark to Steven Clark.

We are then, perhaps appropriately, introduced to Debby Dane Browne, a Disney Legend originally employed in the WDW Preview Center, and was the first resort Ambassador. As long as she stayed single until opening day.

Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th, Opening session.
201105WDW_1060P14080 201105WDW_1062P14080 201105WDW_1063P14080 201105WDW_1064P14081 201105WDW_1067P14081 201105WDW_1070P14083 201105WDW_1071P14083 201105WDW_1072P14084 201105WDW_1073P14090 201105WDW_1074P14090
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It was, in retrospect, a rather dry opening considering the rest of the event, but it was immediately plussed by a presentation of Weird Disney World. Evidently a modification or the presentation the two (Becky Cline and Paul F. Anderson) presented at Disneyland 55, it showcased the odd costumes, characters, contests and the just plain wackiness of the 70's.

It wasn't just of WDW. Their Disneyland stories were in there too. If you ever get the chance to hear the story of the time Disney decided to fly Baby New Year down Tink's wire from the Matterhorn; or the little people Disney hired to play Pinocchio on opening day on top of the Disney Theater marquee, only to have them over imbibe during lunch and moon the crowd below...

There were some hideous TV moments shown, most from those on-so-wacky '70's, such as a Grad Night promotional that makes South Park look like a high-value production. I think I could have done a better job on a fifth of bourbon. I'm sure *someone* thought it was a good idea. Maybe they were on the fifth of bourbon.

Of course, the glowing faces of those characters in SpectroMagic made the show, as did Russo's little girl chair at the Yacht/Beach club [Steve has since corrected me that it's at the Boardwalk], and even Food Rocks. Hey! What's so wrong with singing food? I'm sure this will be a repeat performance at these events for years. See it if you can.

Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th, Weird Disney World.
201105WDW_1075P14090 201105WDW_1078P14091 201105WDW_1079P14091 201105WDW_1080P14091 201105WDW_1081P14091 201105WDW_1082P14092 201105WDW_1083P14092 201105WDW_1084P14093 201105WDW_1085P14093 201105WDW_1086P14093 201105WDW_1087P14093 201105WDW_1089P14100
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The next session, "Walt Disney World: The Way We Were", was a Dave Smith presentation. There were only two spontaneous standing ovations I saw at the conference, and appropriately, Dave got one of 'em.

He presented an extensive hour-twenty minute slide show of the construction of the parks as well as the infrastructure of Walt Disney World, the opening of Disney World, and slides of the numerous venues, attractions and restaurants closed during the 40 years of operation.

One revelation that came out of this presentation, is all the white sand that line the beaches around CBR, all the monorail resorts and other places on property is actually from Bay Lake! When they drained the lake, they did have to clear all the muck off of the bottom, but when they did, they found all the sand. I was always under the impression that it was fake sand, shipped in from someplace else.

The phenomenon of applauding for your favorite attractions, both existing and not, started with this show, and would continue through the weekend.

Of course, I forget my memory cards for the camera in the room, so I have to switch to jpg only for the last third of the presentation. But I do know one thing, I'd like Dave's old job.

Destination D: Walt Disney World 40th, The Way We Were.
201105WDW_1091P14101 201105WDW_1092P14101 201105WDW_1093P14101 201105WDW_1094P14102 201105WDW_1096P14102 201105WDW_1098P14102 201105WDW_1099P14102 201105WDW_1100P14102 201105WDW_1102P14102 201105WDW_1103P14102 201105WDW_1104P14102 201105WDW_1105P14102 201105WDW_1106P14103 201105WDW_1107P14103 201105WDW_1108P14103 201105WDW_1109P14103 201105WDW_1110P14103 201105WDW_1111P14103 201105WDW_1112P14103 201105WDW_1113P14103 201105WDW_1114P14103 201105WDW_1115P14103 201105WDW_1116P14103 201105WDW_1117P14103 201105WDW_1118P14103 201105WDW_1121P14103 201105WDW_1122P14103 201105WDW_1123P14103 201105WDW_1124P14103 201105WDW_1125P14103 201105WDW_1126P14103 201105WDW_1127P14103 201105WDW_1128P14103 201105WDW_1129P14103 201105WDW_1130P14103 201105WDW_1131P14103 201105WDW_1132P14103 201105WDW_1133P14103 201105WDW_1134P14103 201105WDW_1135P14103 201105WDW_1136P14104 201105WDW_1137P14104 201105WDW_1138P14104 201105WDW_1139P14104 201105WDW_1140P14104 201105WDW_1141P14104 201105WDW_1142P14104 201105WDW_1143P14104 201105WDW_1144P14104 201105WDW_1145P14104 201105WDW_1146P14104 201105WDW_1147P14104 201105WDW_1148P14104 201105WDW_1149P14104 201105WDW_1150P14104 201105WDW_1151P14104 201105WDW_1152P14105 201105WDW_1153P14105 201105WDW_1154P14105 201105WDW_1155P14105 201105WDW_1156P14105 201105WDW_1157P14105 201105WDW_1159P14105 201105WDW_1160P14105 201105WDW_1161P14105 201105WDW_1162P14105 201105WDW_1163P14105 201105WDW_1164P14105 201105WDW_1165P14105 201105WDW_1167P14105 201105WDW_1169P14110 201105WDW_1170P14110 201105WDW_1171P14110 201105WDW_1172P14110 201105WDW_1173P14110 201105WDW_1174P14110 201105WDW_1175P14110 201105WDW_1176P14110 201105WDW_1177P14110 201105WDW_1178P14110 201105WDW_1179P14110 201105WDW_1180P14110 201105WDW_1181P14110 201105WDW_1182P14110 201105WDW_1183P14110 201105WDW_1184P14110 201105WDW_1185P14110 201105WDW_1186P14111 201105WDW_1187P14111 201105WDW_1188P14111 201105WDW_1189P14111 201105WDW_1190P14111 201105WDW_1191P14111 201105WDW_1192I14111 201105WDW_1193I14111 201105WDW_1194I14111 201105WDW_1195I14111 201105WDW_1196I14111 201105WDW_1198I14111 201105WDW_1199I14111 201105WDW_1200I14111 201105WDW_1201I14111 201105WDW_1202I14111 201105WDW_1203I14111 201105WDW_1204I14111 201105WDW_1205I14111 201105WDW_1206I14112 201105WDW_1207I14112 201105WDW_1208I14112 201105WDW_1209I14112 201105WDW_1210I14112 201105WDW_1211I14112 201105WDW_1212I14112 201105WDW_1214I14112 201105WDW_1215I14112 201105WDW_1216I14112 201105WDW_1217I14112 201105WDW_1218I14112 201105WDW_1220I14112
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During the lunch break, we go up to the room to dump my current memory card to the computer, and grab the memory cards I forgot. What to do for lunch... Jenny suggests the Kona Cafe. And it's down (then up) to the monorail! Damn. It wouldn't be hard to get used to this.

The Contemporary Atrium from the Monorail platform
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We arrive at the Polynesian, and we have a 20 minute wait. No problem. We (okay, I) can go take pictures. I'm given another one of those buzzy lighty things. I've never been here, so it's another new Disney experience. I drag Jenny around the resort. Not as impressive as the Contemporary I think. Sorry Poly and Grand Floridian fans, I think the Contemporary is an Impressive Place, the most impressive of the monorail resorts. Of course, AKL is still my favorite resort on site. Jambo or Kidani, doesn't matter to me. If only a monorail passed though AKL...

The resort is certainly themed to Disney Standards, perhaps moreso than the Contemporary. But after being in the atriums of the past few days (Wilderness Lodge and the Contemporary), the lobby in the Poly sorta pales in comparison.

As soon as I'm done taking pictures (and Jenny is remarkably patient while I do), the buzzy lighty thing goes buzzy-lighty, and we're seated for lunch. I had the Grilled Teriyaki Steak, Jenny had the Stir-fried Asian Noodles. We split a lava cake. Good thing, I think I'd be wired for the next session. I should have been doing food porn. I failed. As a matter of fact, I enter such a mind-overload condition over the next couple of days, I don't do any food porn at all. Sad...

(Okay, I've read Jenny's trip reports, and didn't even realize I was being led around like a newbie visitor. It was fun, but definitely added to the brain overload. Thanks, Jenny! It was much appreciated!)

The Polynesian Resort
201105WDW_1230P14120 201105WDW_1231P14120 201105WDW_12331237P14120 201105WDW_1238P14120 201105WDW_1239P14120 201105WDW_12401241P14120 201105WDW_1242P14121 201105WDW_1243P14121 201105WDW_1244P14121 201105WDW_1245P14121 201105WDW_1246P14121 201105WDW_1247P14121 201105WDW_1249P14121 201105WDW_1250P14121 201105WDW_12511257P14121 201105WDW_12581264P14121 201105WDW_1265P14121 201105WDW_1266P14122 201105WDW_1267P14122 201105WDW_1268P14122 201105WDW_1269P14122 201105WDW_1270P14122 201105WDW_1271P14122 201105WDW_1272P14122 201105WDW_1273P14122
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Back on the monorail to the Contemp, and go back up to the room to pick up the memory card I left downloading to my laptop, and pick up something to drink from the 'fridge. I start to confuse Jenny by getting off on the second floor, and using the bridge from the contemporary to the convention center.
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End May 2011 Trip Report - Part 5.

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